Bearing Chickens Out of Debate

Over a week ago Bearing challenged me to a live debate but it seems that he is no longer interested.

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Bearing Chickens Out of Debate

Over a week ago Bearing challenged me to a live debate but it seems that he is no longer interested.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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68 thoughts on “Bearing Chickens Out of Debate

    1. +synergy xsin again, why should anyone have to “justify” their homecooked BBQ pork ribs to anyone? LOL 🙂

    2. +Femsplainer not to mention their vegan “tofu” has been known to increase the growth of cancer cells, according to scientific studies…FACT

    3. IamCancer624 veganism isn’t about perfect but about reducing harm in as many ways as you possibly can ….. FACT.

      and if you know that veggies feel pain why do you eat them also ? and why does it take more veggies and soy to feed land animals that it does people … fact ?

      why does it take more crops and land to farm animals… fact .

      why are you calling me out on plants when you eat both plants and animals ….fact.

    4. +sinergy xsin so you admit vegans abd veganism is just pointlessly musing to one’s self about how “enlightened” they are? thee equivalent to masturbating by yourself and telling your have good you are at sex while accomplishing nothing? I eat meat deal with it…FACT

    1. Hitler was in no way even a vegetarian, that was part of the “image” Goebbels created, the idea being that Hitler was a near ascetic, like a fighting monk for Germany. Some credence is lent to the legend because Hitler for a time eschewed red meat due to a digestive problem, but that was only temporary.

      Even if he was a vegan, what about Franco, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, the Ayatollah Khomeini, Idi Amin, Pinochet? All meat eaters.

    2. +adamaj Those numbers are not entirely accurate, as it does not include the fact that animals eat the entire plant-mass, where as humans only eat certain parts. The animals then digest the food and produce superb fertilizer without need for processing, which is used to grow more crops. And “if everyone was vegan less life would die”, captain obvious strikes again. In the end we are animals, and omnivores, built to eat meat. Do we eat too much meat? Probably, but that is not for you or this psychopath, vegan gains, to decide.

    1. +LogankiDoesGaming I am open minded, that’s why I subscribe to People Like vegan gains as well as bearing, I don’t wear the Blinders of the fanboy sheep mentality, unlike some people

    2. Bearing’s part of the “skeptic community”? In general, I’ve found the “skeptic community” to ironically contain a lot of disingenuous, intellectually dishonest people.

    3. +V Zirimis “disingenuous, intellectually dishonest people” so basically like every single community on YouTube, we all have our bad apples..

    1. +MultiDEVILMAYCRY123
      No, his response was referring everyone to ThinkAboutThis’ deconstruction of Grade’s video. He said there was no point in beating a dead horse. ThinkAboutThis proved Grade wrong for Gains, so either debunk ThinkAboutThis using Grade’s claims or shut your mouth. Lol. You just spout nonsense.

      He is the subject now because you made a baseless claim and thought Grade would suffice. After being refuted, you surrender your point and head back to a baseless claim. More baseless generalizations. You sound really interested in his penis, homo. Maybe the Vegan Gains cum has killed your brain cells?

    1. Jeff me
      So I guess #vegangainssteaknight was him “trying to be more informed”? He sounded very immature, and only he cowarded out when he realized he would lose the debate like he did when he went after Jack Green.

    2. I mean I suppose we can agree that both bearing and VG are pretty edgy people, that’s kind of their personas. I mean him waving a pellet gun around acting hard was pretty childish too lol.

  1. I just wish he would have enough personality to admit he’s wrong and simply go vegan. Why the heck is this such a big deal for a civilized western human being nowadays, anyway? Millions have successfully done it, and – as he seemingly found out now – there are no valid reasons against going vegan.
    Since he apparently likes logic, the ONLY logical thing to do would be admitting that he was wrong, led on an unhealthy and immoral way by society (like most vegans before they educated themselves).
    Go vegan bearing. Just get over your ego and help the planet and everyone on it.

    1. *_Wolf von Versweber 1 day ago_*
      _With idiots like you every moral behavior you don’t like is just “signalling of the virtue”. That’s not an argument it’s just an rightwing sjw way of dismissing moral actions out of hand._

      _The very point of moral behavior is that you don’t do it just for your own benefits._

      *_Oh, you don’t think I should steal or murder people? Is that some kind of religion? Stop your virtue signalling! It’s ok if you don’t murder people if you get some kind of benefit from that, but if I want to murder someone … so what?_*

      +Wolf von Versweber
      What is it with you people and going straight to ‘murder’ (and I’ll give you props for also including stealing…but still) as the argument?
      I thought meat eaters were supposed to be the aggressive ones.

    1. Themis he is definitely the type of narcissistic, egomaniac that would create many dummy and bot accounts in order to make it look as though he has genuine supporters.

  2. Even if humans don’t need to eat meat, your dog sure does (please don’t mistreat your doggo anymore, please feed it right.)

    1. +Gerff I understand the argument. You’re saying that because there are biased studies saying that marijuana kills, there are also biased studies that show dogs live longer on a vegan diet. Which is a fallacy, because those things don’t go hand in hand.
      Either way I recognize the possibility that some of the veganism related studies can be biased, but I have yet to see you provide any evidence for this.

      So please go on.

    2. ThatGuy i not referring to mary jane. I havn’t seen such studies. Im purely referring to plant based diet benefits on humans and dogs alike. Cats are different though. Sorry for the confusion though i wasn’t mixing the 2 totally different things up. Smoking is bad whatever it is.

    3. I will search for the study i read again and get back to you when i get a chance. I read it approx 8 months ago so trying to remember where it is.

    4. ThatGuy ah no i know where it is cited. Go to “mic the vegan” on youtube and search for his video on feeding animal a vegan diet there’s some resource links there but they also link to the other ones i read. I hope it helps. Drugs are baaaad!!????

  3. he probably didn’t want to debate you because you are a fucking psychopath who tried to kill your dog by putting it on a vegan diet. I mean seriously, you are out of your fucking mind and need serious help.

  4. Vegan Gains, you are mentally unstable and clearly an unhappy individual. You need therapy before it’s too late. Please get help.

    1. +Famine2k Haha you know your feelings are hurt when you attempt to deny it. If you really didn’t feel that way, I doubt you would have made the claim that VG is “unstable” because he tends to be aggressive in his videos. Good try though, but I can see through your obvious lie. Lol, fucking loser.

    2. I am unhappy because there are fucktards and nutjobs who claim killing animals is ok because god said so (happened today total nutjob, thinks his actions don´t have consequenzes and when the world is used up god is making him another one… and someone like this is at university…) or because ah you know the ridicolous reasons some people claim

    3. davvader animals don’t feel morality, they do not care if another one of them dies and they will willingly kill and eat their babies, we feel morality.

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