Bearing vs Vegan Gains

Bearing has tried to conflate veganism with left wing SJW ideology along with attempting to refute the ideological principals of veganism itself.

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Research referenced:
Vegan/vegetarian health outcomes:

Vegetarian diets and diabetes:

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Vegetarian diets and incidence of cancer:

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Bearing vs Vegan Gains

Bearing has tried to conflate veganism with left wing SJW ideology along with attempting to refute the ideological principals of veganism itself.

Bearing's video:
Vegan Apparel:
Discount code: Gains10
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Research referenced:
Vegan/vegetarian health outcomes:
Vegetarian diets and diabetes:
Dietary lipids and causes of atherosclerosis:
Alzheimer disease a vascular disorder:
Vegetarian diets and incidence of cancer:
livestalk and food resources:
Diets of early hominids and brain development:

90 thoughts on “Bearing vs Vegan Gains

    1. +ubbgn See that is not an intelligent response if you really know what your talking about then back it up you just sound like your trying to get out of a debate with a really immature and unfounded insult.
      No offense please don’t get all pissed off and sassy with me aswell I hate when people do that instead of have calm and rational debates ,gah

    2. +ubbgn So you have no logical arguments. I have nothing against people who eat meat, but you still haven’t given any facts as to why VG is wrong in this debate other than making “edgy” comments calling everyone who uses facts and evidence snowflakes as an attempt to avoid having to use facts to justify yourself.

    1. +Harambe Stop picking up useless defenses to justify the fact that you won’t give up a habit of yours. I hope you one day strive to be mature and respectful.

    2. Haramble, we mainly focus on what we have in common with them. The desire to live, and not feel pain, and to be respect it are a few examples. Just because a cow has four legs and a tail and doesn’t communicate the same way we do doesn’t give us the right to take his/her life away.

    1. [Kokorov] [Kokorov] pointing out double standards? what double standards? oh, you mean the point Bearing made about sex that was clearly sarcasm?

      for fucks sake, all you talk about is how he uses a fake gun and makes DIRECT threats to people as “hypotheticals”. that’s insanely misguided. as I’ve said it many times. threats on YouTube CAN and HAVE been treated as real, even if they are just “hypotheticals “. so, again, how is this any different? threats are threats. period.

    2. Misanthropic_Asshole he also used his grandpa’s death to “prove a point” about veganism.
      stand up guy, huh?

    3. Misanthropic_Asshole oh! maybe if I make a threat in person, then say it’s “to make a point” about gun violence or something, it’ll be ok. it’s the exact same thing as vegan fucks does, right?

  1. 1) We are omnivores. we can, do, and need to, digest both plant and animal biomatter.
    2) Eating animals is how I celebrate my superiority and dominion over lesser life-forms. Be thankful I don’t eat you.

    1. WebCamParrots, For anaemia doctors might prescribe iron supplements along with vitamin C. The heme iron from meat is easily absorbed but it is unregulated, sometimes the excessive iron load is detrimental to our body so our kidneys dump them so people get the deficiency again. Iron from plant sources are not well absorbed they are regulated but with an increase in vitamin C from fruits increases the absorption of non-heme iron. Osteoporosis is common among Inuit population many will say they don’t get enough sun but that is not the case they do get vitamin D from meat but the thing is the acid load causes loss of calcium, after intestinal absorption calcium of diet is excreted out in urine because of excess calcium overload our kidney dumps them, our body tries to maintain pH of the blood and stomach. You can separate harmful substances from water usually through a water purifier, but you can’t separate carcinogens from cooked meat and naturally found in meat. Pollutants are mostly found in meat compared to plants.

    2. Do you have any idea how much iron you have to eat in order for the kidneys to filter all that iron or for it to lead to an overdose? It’s more meat than any normal person can even fit into their stomach unless they are eating human or ape meat. This dumping of iron tends to occur when someone is given iron supplements and then they also increase their consumption of iron rich foods like meat or spinach after the doctor has told them not to. Which is why a lot of practitioners have moved to the dietary change procedure instead or prescribing supplements. Inuits do tend to suffer Osteroperosis at an increased rate but the jury is very much still out on that being linked to their meat heavy diets because this trend tends to continue even when the go and live in places like new york.

      Your last point about filtering water completely misses the point. Here’s another example. Eating meat for your entire life has connections to cancer comparable to a 5 hour plane journey. It’s not really a big risk or even a risk at all and again plants are prayed with chemicals that are more carcinogenic anyway.

    1. Danny Borke You know chocolate is technically poison in fact chocolate is worse for you than milk but we eat it anyway because it’s delicious and we drink milk because not only does it symbolise the glory of white race but it pisses butthurt vegans such as yourself off

    2. chibi, I don’t believe most vegans are pissed at non-vegans. I like to believe (could be fairy-tale land on my part) that they’re just trying to provide information about their lifestyle, which is often misunderstood. I drink milk, not often, but don’t do so to piss anyone off either. I’d prefer to find a good plant-based milk, so I could drink lots of “milk” and not worry about any possible side effects, from large consumption or the unlikely possibility of a new lactose intolerant reaction later in life.

      Sometimes a good salad is called for, other times, you just need a good thick steak. Both at the same meal is also good.

  2. Dude Bearing provided links to peer-reviewed and well researched scientific arguments. You waved a gun around and misquoted him. Way to represent your side.

    1. Jeff Forrester is he *still* denying that the American *Cancer* Society (an organization that actively *does* research and funds others research via grants. More than 4.5 *billion* since 1946) has a better grasp on cancer than him?

      Reminds me of something Tim Minchin once said:

      “Science adjusts its views based on what’s observed. *Faith* is the denial of observation so that belief can be preserved.”

      Sounds like someone has a little too much *faith* that he knows best.. Someone should remind him that isn’t how science works. Like I said. It’s *possible*. Likely? No. But it can.

      I wonder if he also denies global warming.. or if he waited until he saw the *etched in stone* research before believing the world isn’t flat.

      So lets see, what have we learned:

      Siegfried can only eat raw vegetables. No baking. No broiling. No searing. No frying. No boiling. No steaming. No bread, no pasta(sometimes is dried when made *at* 120 degrees. Facts are fun), no rice, no pre-made dried foods.. Just.. raw.. vegetables.

      Yeah. I’m sure that’s *exactly* what he does. >.> ..Especially when he has already *admitted* he doesn’t.

    2. Appeal to authority and they don’t say it forms any acrylamide. They’re just being cautious. Again that’s not a study. You couldn’t differentiate an article from a study for a million dollars. lol

    3. there u have it folks stinkfried fartwanker thinks he knows more then the fda and acs on cancer newsflash dumbass u don’t need to be cautious if there is no RISK! ur wrong u just don’t wanna admit it u rather cry insted

    4. Jeff Forrester.. Just ignore him. He is obviously just a bored troll. If he wants to *pretend* that there isn’t anything wrong with his vegetables (even though it has been *empirically* proven otherwise to him).. let him. The American Cancer Society and the FDA have concluded that there is based on actual research performed. They realized that while no acrylamide was formed in the lab, that environmental as well situational occurrences can happen that would cause it to form (like a potato touching the pot boiling that will almost be *guaranteed* to be *well* above 120 degrees) including in some of the foods he has specifically admitted to consuming (pasta, for one is a *sterling* example: plenty of it is made *at* 120 degrees.) which would, empirically, introduce into his diet that which he ignorantly proclaims isn’t. As he is all about “sources and data”.. Where is the data that there isn’t any in *his* diet (which includes *more* than just *boiling*? Oh wait, there is none? Fancy that. How… “convenient”.

      Trolls gonna troll. Siegfried ignores reality. Water is wet.

      These are facts.

    5. Jeff Forrester is an English name, yet you don’t speak English. This once more confirms my point that you’re too dumb to read your source.

    1. yet there is a difference between ”being” and ”acting”. He puts disclaimers for parody on most of his vids, so I guess you can’t read well or something. Besides, that is still an anecdotal evidence that veganism is bad, because most vegans aren’t ”acting” like psychopaths.

    2. +firedrive45 there lies the problem that he wants his arguments to be taken seriously, or at least his fans want them to be.

    3. +Steve Steven still waiting for these awesome arguments. Honestly man, you actually take the vegan brain shrinking thing literally?

    4. You are ignorant if you believe the validity of logic is affected by the
      person saying it. It’s logic, just like math, the person who writes it
      doesn’t give validity or remove it, the soundness of a statement lays in
      the facts that constitute it, not the person’s personality. A trisomic
      person could give you the Schrodinger’s equations and they would still
      be valid, even though the person has no credibility.

  3. You don’t care about animals other than humans killing their prey to eat, but when we do it it’s something I should cry over? How pathetic can you get?

    1. Stew I realize now that you are just to blind to see that I’ve completely debunked your flawed arguments. You are a true example of the Dunning Krueger Effect in that you’re just to stupid to know that your stupid. I’ve addressed, deconstructed, debunked, and refuted the framework of your arguments.

      Stewie I hope you learn from your experience with debating vegans in that every single anti-vegan argument that exists is flawed/weak. And with that I bid you adieu.

    2. +Robert Reed aww poor you. Can’t provide citations/quotations/evidence of you debunking me.

      All you did was misrepresent my words.

      Instead of proving me wrong after I told you that you misrepresented me. You just make the assumption that you are correct in everything you’ve said, failing to see it from your opponent’s perspective. Not only that, you ignore your opponent when he claims that he has been misrepresented.

      Put yourself in a position where someone misrepresents your words and who then proceeds to claim that he is right without providing any evidence to you…

    3. “We do? Nonetheless, does it even matter if we do have different sorts of moral agencies?”

      Do you doubt that humans and animals have different agency? Or do you doubt that we all at least think this?
      Why wouldn’t it matter? Do you fault, equally, a toddler who breaks your $2,000 Mac and an adult who does the same? What exactly are you asking?

      “A lion knows exactly what it is biologically programmed to do, hunt to kill and eat. Very simple concept”

      Lol, wut? A lion has no idea what biology is. A lion knows nothing of programming. A lion has instinct. It’s instinct drives it to eat by hunting and killing. And the argument they are all CLEARLY making is that other animals function based off nothing but instinct.

      *do you?*

      “Vegan Gains is an overly emotional thinker. Who thinks he’s really rational when in fact all he does is change people’s words to fit his own agenda and thus argument. Since you’re his follower, you WANT him to be right, therefore the confirmation bias will make you defend him no matter which is exactly what you are doing here.”


    1. Thats really all VG does when talking to people who openly disagree with him. He went as far to threaten to kill another youtuber for honest criticizing

    2. +calvin Vegan gains recommend that in the email, bearing still didn’t respond , it’s for the best xD bearing doesn’t know much about veganism

  4. Funny how all the Bearing fans come here seriously expressing Bearing had the better arguments. My guess would be they just appreciate that someone confirms their habits.

    1. “if you cant speak english, perhaps you should read a book or two… or if you suck at wordplay, perhaps you should go play with children while the adults talk 😉 ” Only just realised you literally can’t read. You misread my entire comment and just came up with your own interpretation.

      I’m going to stop bullying the disabled kid and stop commenting.

    2. stop projecting you fucking snowflake, go live your silly fucking vegan life and leave me alone you fucking moron…

      if you want a fight, go join a fightclub you dry cumstain 😉

    3. You can’t read can you? I’m not vegan, like i said you’re outraged for the sake of being outraged not because you have a point.

    4. Jesus Christ did your ugly mother drop you at birth or are you just intentionally fucking stupid?! how many times do i have to tell you the same thing over and over and over again?! seriously for a guy who pretends to be smart, youre pretty fucking stupid…

  5. Vegan Gains I feel your frustration. There are so many fucking retards in this world. You literally used pure logic and these dumbasses still think your arguments are invalid. We should start eating idiots. We would fix overpopulation and would prevent the “stupid gene” from spreading anymore than it already has.

    1. Because meat eaters is trying to say that vegan diet isnt better than omnivore diet although it is proven that they are more healthier, but butt hurt omnivores still trys to denying it.

    2. TheLethalKnife
      WOW!! Genocide? First you become angry with anyone who has differing opinions than yourself. Very SJW of you. Then cannibalism which would defeat your whole vegan ideology, and finally genocide with those who disagree with your ideology.. Yup.. Your a full blown Vegan Nazi Lunatic!

  6. Great video VG! You totally destroyed this guy, every argument against veganism is such bullshit! Here are some reasons to go vegan:

    1. Improve your health big time!
    2. Help prevent all major diseases
    3. Save the planet (stop the #1 cause of pollution in the world, animal agriculture)
    4. Stop paying for the unnecassary suffering of innocent animals
    5. Improve athletic performance
    6. Better cleaner muscle gains

    and the list goes on and on and on


    1. You just don’t care about anything, you don’t care at all about your health, animals being tortured, the planet dying…

    2. You want to die sooner, get fat, have acne, get cancer, diabetes, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, heart disease…

    1. I said lions don’t have the capacity to understand what they do to their prey, and while that may have been a poor choice of words, that isn’t saying they can’t care about other members of their pride at all, is it?

      I’m not saying they don’t understand death, I’m saying there’s no room for them to think about how they’re terrorizing say, a zebra, before mauling it, and think about how it had family too? If they do understand it, which if it seems I said they didn’t, that’s not what I meant, they don’t empathize. But thank you for implying I don’t have a grasp of death having dealt with multiple early deaths in my family.

      Have you ever seen a house cat? Do you think the house cat is at all concerned with what it’s taken away from a mouse it plays with the corpse of when it’s already well fed. House cats often get fat in part because they don’t understand that food isn’t scarce in the owner’s house. Related to this…

      No choice: As in, the lions hunt and kill, or they starve? As in, they don’t know if they’ll get to eat on a given day because they might not actually find anything to eat? Are you actually suggesting this isn’t the case?

    2. I almost forgot! Even humans have it completely evaporate from their minds that other people are in fact people who matter to other people, and have aspirations. People who kill other people and regret it tend to realize things like this. My point here is if even humans can just forget or ignore something like this, why would you expect a lion to keep it in mind?

  7. Eating high quality fresh meat is perfectly healthy. I have a chronic disease in which a ketogenic diet high in meats is the only things that helps me feel better. You totally misused the tradition fallacy. Evolving with a particular diet is not just an arbitrary tradition like putting up a christmans tree in december.

    1. Im not a “carnist”. I believe in a balanced omnivore diet. Believe it or not but I put veggies in my omelette

    2. Never mind, Ben. You’re too dumb to read so what point is it to argue?
      1. You ignore science in favor of unverifiable personal anecdotes.
      2. You ignore my arguments because you don’t have a response.

      It shows vegans have much lower cholesterol in general.
      By the way a questionnaire is not bad in this context because it looks at patterns not specific foods. Without a doubt trans-fats, saturated fat and dietary cholesterol raise LDL-C.
      Seems like you simply gave up.

    1. +pr0xy I love okami it’s my fav game!! But no vegan men have a higher testosterone levels
      Like 13 percent higher , makes sense seeing they don’t drink breast milk. In fact chicken and beef also has estrogen in it man made compounds put into animal feed to stimulate appetite and weight gain contain synthetic estrogen.
      And vegan men protect vulnerable and defenseless animals. They also tend to have higher libidos and better blood flow to their cummmmmcumbers xD
      But really what is manly about harming animals who are vulnerable ? The egg industry grinds up lil baby chicks that is not cool those people are bullies to do that do baby birds!

    2. Tell a vegen he has a vagina and they rally up to defend their mighty majestic penisis. You all make it too easy. lmao

    3. +proxy (= Just stating the facts is all…You can all talk about your penis’s if you like ..I don’t mind xD
      Gotta love dem big vegan cucumbers xD #veganmen 😉

    1. mfentruck1 your a socialist ha stupid millennials, socialism is inherently incompatible with human beings. Thats why capitalism rules the world humans are competitive creatures.

    2. +Adelle Ramcharan “logical health based vegan ” what do you mean? By “right wing” what do you mean?
      Veganism can be right wing or left wing but above all it still opposes unnecessary exploitation and cruelty to other sentient beings unless being “right wing” believes in unnecessary suffering and oppression witch I doubt.. Veganism is not just a diet about health it is a lifestyle against the unnecessary suffering of other earthlings and destruction of the planet X_X

    3. right wing means economically conservative, support capitalism, and support the morality of Christianity. Jesus taught non violence and peace. We are just extending this non violence to animals as well.

    4. +J. Bingo Alrighty then (= I think I’m somewhere in-between I’d need to research more on polities but that’s awesome to have a sense of ethics that expand to animals ! . I’m not religious but I agree that no God would want humans to harm his babies ! (=

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