Bearing vs VeganGains Round 2 (Live)

Bearing fails once again to refute the ideological principals of veganism.

Bearing vs VeganGains Round 2 (Live)

Bearing fails once again to refute the ideological principals of veganism.

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    1. @vhanla if you’re considering going vegan then my advice is to get stuck in and do it as soon as possible, I’m three years in and my only regret is not doing it sooner. There’s a massive support network out there to help you and answer any questions you might have. Get started, stop buying animal products, and check out some movies like Vegucated, Cowspiracy and Earthlings.

    2. +Veganism is a moral imperative​ I don’t harm anything if its not needed whether plant or animal. I just don’t use the word vegan because its a trigger word for lots of people. When I tell people I eat a whole food plant based diet they are much more reseptive to ask questions and willing to listen to the nutritional information I have. where if I tell them I’m vegan they just get closed off to the idea.

    3. Sure you are. We believe you. Anyway congrats on joining the first world, mass-suffering causing vegans who kill the most just *not for food*.

    1. No.
      Richard needs to stop.
      He is obessed with people he doesnt like.
      I thought he would stop talking about Bearing but he brought it up for no reason.

    1. sp awn you do realize these people made videos about this topic. VG isn’t just asking random people to debate him, they make videos claiming they know about this.

    2. Jimmy Russles and again. he only challenges people with no education. Its like challenging a kid in a wheelchair to a fight.

  1. Everyone does have problems. I guess bearing’s argument is invalid because he likes profiting off of stolen avatars.

    1. Sinecurist Are you arguing that logical fallacies are valid arguments? If you’re not capable of understanding these concepts, don’t bother engaging in a debate.

  2. i like gains but he’s gotta stop with the low hanging fruit of retards like bearing, no bullshit, roaming… they’re too fucking stupid put together a worthy argument

    1. +Caesar – Leader of the Apes It is not slavery, slavery is forcing someone to work without paying them. Nike and Apple give them the option and pay them, which is why they take them usually, its inhumane labor in the short term but in the long term is what is helping China and Mexico regain economic stability. I’m not justifying slavery I’m explaining why Free trade is actually employing people and increasing economic growth in developing countries. The work has low standards and low wages but that if they were higher prices would sky rocket. Free trade policies give people an option and encourage investment in developing countries. And at the end of the day even if you were to fix this and made it so that these workers had high working standards, and high salaries ([Somehow] since in this day and age it is very very unlikely) that still does not justify unnecessarily killing animals. I’ve studied macroeconomics, that’s simply how it works. And when I said that meat is not ethical, I was talking about in the context of animal agriculture, obviously killing animals to put them out of their misery, eating road-kill, or for self defense is perfectly understandable and ethically acceptable.

    2. I totally agree!! It’s so aggravating. I’m sure he’s just responding to people who have made videos on veganism. The thing is, I don’t think it there really is any reasoning that justifies eating meat….so we will see lol. But at least if he can discuss this with a logical person, the debate will be much shorter and less excruciating haha

    1. Just go vegan homie, you’re gonna love it. xD

      Meat eater 29 years of my life, vegan 2 years. Vegan is boss.

    2. +N I K E Oreos are good and well but seriously the best vegan cookies are
      *Banana oat cookies*
      -Banana 1 – Finely mashed
      -Oats 1/2 a cup
      -Add extras; cheap cooking chocolate (often accidentally vegan), dried fruit or nuts
      Place on baking paper so you don’t have a tray to clean.
      Bake for about 15-20 minutes or until just firm.
      Eat immediately.

      Sooo f*ing good.

  3. Vegan Gains has NEVER and I repeat NEVER took an L. He’s Fucking Floyd Mayweather of this YouTube shyt.

    1. I don’t think Sargon has a problem with vegans. He probably respects their choice and probably does think it is something to debate over.

    2. Ok I deeply dislike third-wave feminists and once I saw one debate Sargon and I still thought she won. He sucks at debates. He needs to edit videos where he shows the weakest side of the position he’s arguing against (like some SJW retards). That’s what he excels at.

  4. >Meat is healthy
    Says I don’t care.

    >Makes ad hominem attacks
    Says I don’t care.

    >Shows articles supporting meat without science.
    Says I don’t care.

    1. Nah I’m not discouraging citing sources, it just doesn’t make sense to do that. I’m just saying that there are some people you just can’t convince because they don’t care enough to change

    2. Anon Anon – That brings us back to my point. Just because the people you debate refuse to change doesn’t mean that no one in the opposition’s community will change or even consider their actions afterwards. Because of this, debates do encourage change and open-mindedness. It is vital for vegans to have debates and influence other communities into recognizing that their actions and arguments are wrong.

    3. You fuckers sound like hard line christian evangelicals and fire and brimstone preaching. Lmao. You do know how crazy you fuckers sound when you talk about this? It is as bad as people screaming murder outside of abortion clinics.

      Anon anon is the only one here who seems reasonable.

    4. Anon Anon If some people can’t change, why bother at all? And you’re a vegan… I don’t even know what to say. Regardless, natural selection is still happening.

    5. Sp Wr – Thank you. Finally someone who understood the point I was attempting to emphasize throughout this conversation. What is the point in being vegan if you aren’t interested in making SOME change?

  5. Richard, I’m having a hard time watching your debates. The retardation of these fucking idiots hurts my brain, and it ends up stressing me out.

    1. You have a hard time watching retards… yet you watch Vegan Gains. Who tries to argue logic into subjective beliefs. Does not compute.

    2. Joker is Vegan yep there’s times when I’m speaking with meattards and I actually feel my brain being damaged. like I can actually feel myself getting stressed and dumber

  6. Unfortunately I can’t avoid killing (indirectly) animals. I have carnivorous pets, there’s nothing I can do to give them a vegan diet.

    1. Paulius Petkūnas I can’t release animals, not to mention predators, that aren’t native to my area. There’s no telling what the consequences would be

    1. Nutzietheclown ok let’s take racism just for example, racism will never go away using things like “it’s 2017 come on guys” won’t fix the problem. let’s say Richard spencer walks in and says “I agree with segregation” and you say “it’s 2017 and you still have these old racist beliefs?” that could easily be switched around saying “it’s 2017 their are still capitalist omg that system is so old” just because it’s not the year 1812 doesn’t mean the idea loses credibility.

    2. Andrew Davis In the terms of racism I would say in comparison from the 1940’s to 2017 that racism does in fact lose its credibility and looking at it from a basic point of view history shows that, Also racism does not support a valid argument in the terms of veganism because racism does not have victims since they are merely words (yes there are extremely rare cases of racist related murders) but in terms of this argument I would say it’s invalid. Well putting that same argument into this context, I would still say ‘It’s 2017 though’ is still a valid argument simply because we have medical research to prove that we can live healthy and better off on a vegan diet and if you add the environmental issues into the equation than it only makes the argument that much more valid with agriculture being the number 1 contributor to global warming also with 60% of our grain goes to feeding the livestock for slaughter. When supply and demand for meat goes down, the entire agriculture industry will fall slowly. All you need to do is look at this from an outsiders perspective, do you agree that animals feel suffering and pain? Also in your eyes would you personally be able to kill and slaughter an animal yourself? The old saying is if everyone had to kill and slaughter their own animals 75% of the world would be vegetarian.

    3. Nutzietheclown I 100 percent agree with what vegans promote tho the meat eaters population is actually rising which means u.s meat industry won’t stop producing meat however we can regulate such as putting regulation on how much land they consume or putting a sales tax on it tho not to high because I believe in a free market really regulating anything slows down the economy so I want as few regulations as possible but i think some are necessary, but anyways, meat eaters will always remain a majority even if they weren’t the majority that’s still millions of people who still like that product and animals are in a lot of things that could be replaced with tofu but companies will always go with the cheaper alternative but the u.s already produces so much food having enough to feed 800 million people won’t help no one because the farmer can’t sell over supply of food/crops tho less drinking water being used would be nice, I’m willing to admit I lack moral character for using and eating animal products. I think the best we can do to the meat industry is regulate the land being taken up by it and implement a sales tax, vegans don’t save animals lives they prevent animals from being born and tortured but never saved it’s a noble cause has many health benifits and maybe I’ll try it one day.

      p.s saying it’s the current year It doesn’t debunk anything the opposing view point says just a statement if you ask me.

    4. Nutzietheclown I don’t like identity politics but are you more right wing or left wing I consider myself independent but I think I rank more right.

    5. when the WHO says meat causes cancer and you still think it’s healthy yea then you are just not informed

  7. vegain gainz, why cant you discuss calm. you never try to understand the others positions. i´m vegan too, but you are way to extreme, calm down.

    1. I understand their positions perfectly, it’s just that their either logical fallacies or double standards.

    2. but your agression towards them won´t change their opinion on ethics. i would rather go back to your “health argumentation”

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