Cold Laser Scam

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There's a good chance that you've never heard of cold laser therapy because it's a garbage scam. Years ago I almost fell for this scam after I injured my knee.

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Effects of laser and LED light on wound healing:

Power of placebo:

Cold Laser Scam

There's a good chance that you've never heard of cold laser therapy because it's a garbage scam. Years ago I almost fell for this scam after I injured my knee.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Effects of laser and LED light on wound healing:
Power of placebo:

79 thoughts on “Cold Laser Scam

  1. hey richard i finally converted myself to veganism, do you have any pro tips for bodybuidling on a vegan diet?

    1. SANITYISFORTHEWEAK there is no evidence needed since most vegans are not deficient in b12. The father of someone I know is vegan for 60 years. sometimes he eats his veggies with dirt on it and he has never been deficient. He never in his like took a supplement. You can spread nonsense all you want but I know for a fact that veganism is the healthiest lifestyle. Not only from personal experience but also world renowned vegan doctors and scientists. i see that you get refuted on every argument yet few posts later you make the same arguments in hoping to discredit veganism. You won’t succed. Not gonna respond to you again since all you do is slander and repeat yourself. You are one dumb motherfucker. bye

    2. generally just shitty people, youre the one generelazing.
      meat offers no nutritional value as of calories intake
      meat threathens global failure due to beef and dairy being heavy on cows being the leader in pollution of methan gas.
      there is something called ketogenic diet where you live on high fat diets (youre the one mentioning people can live on only meat)
      .youre the type of guy who would bring this argument up
      what is glucose?
      the human has an RDI (recommended daily intake of nutritents)
      go on and look at ur meat nutritional intake daily of nutrients compared to plant based whole foods.
      theres a reason vegans live longer. you moron
      saying that protein adapts to your body size
      no it dosent protein shouldnt be overdosed on like weightling more is NOT better

    1. Vegan Gains yes please keep uploading, I always watch all of your videos! Always interesting and entertaining content 🙂

    1. It can be proven wrong. You don’t need to have video footage of him not flying to prove it wrong, you just need basic physics. For him to fly, the air pressure in his head would have to be a lot higher than the air pressure in his feet. That means that he’d need to be spining his head like an helicopter. That’s how stupid his “miracles” actually are when you look at it from a realistic point of view.

    2. @Nuno Coelho — So because you think we have reached an apex in scientific knowledge, you’ll be able to prove a man who was considered a miracle 2,000 years ago could not fly. In your realistic point of view, you seem to be omitting many possibilities. What if I tell you that there are people who flown without the use of any man made equipment. Would you believe me or are you too narrow minded?

    3. @Nuno Coelho — See, I can say for sure your mind is not as opened as you might think on this case. Man has been flying by the sole force of wind since I don’t know why. Most die but a tiny number of them lived to tell. So basically you omitted tornadoes (or very strong winds) in the equation of the flying bearded man. He didn’t need to spin his head at alluring speeds. Another possibility is teleportation or other means of transportation that deconstruct and reconstruct matter through frequencies. It could be all fake like you say (the probability is much higher I agree but it’s not 100%). It might be 99.99997% but that 0.00003% becomes 100% when its achieved.

    1. You have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t believe in laser treatment myself, however, moving vertebrae and other joints back into alignment is not “pseudoscience”. You’ve obviously never had a pinched nerve or a back that was out of alignment because you’d know how bad it can hurt.
      If you’re going to say it’s pseudoscience then present proof.

    2. +Hola Joseph​ Vertebral subluxation has no scientific basis. Spinal manipulation has never been proven to be effective​ treatment for anything. The notion of innate intelligence is baseless hogwash.

    3. +truthsetsyou4ree​ I drink purified and distilled water only. If you’re implying that I’m autistic because I’m vaccinated, that it a testament to your ignorance. How about you rely on EMB as opposed to junk articles from hippie websites.

  2. I have heard about these clinics, thank you for bringing this scam to the attention of others! I just uploaded a Vegan Song called “Vegan Batman” on my Channel, I’d love to hear some feedback! Have a great day!

    1. He talked about someone with blue light, and mistake it with with LLLT. LLLT is Red to infra red light. and he says he went to someone with BLUE LIGHT. Yes it was scam.

    2. If you look into the right type of laser, it can actually speed up the healing process by increasing cellular ATP. Mitochondria have chromophores that absorb the light from the laser and convert the light energy to chemical energy. Numerous studies have shown that the lasers decrease inflammation and apoptosis. Most people operating the lasers do not understand the science behind it or buy an LED as opposed to an actual laser diode.

  3. *Chiropractic IS quackery.*
    I find so funny how they introduce themselves as doctors,trying to mislead people to think that they are medical doctors, specially using the who jargon like ” my patients” , “my clinic”, ” I diagnosed such and such condition”. Here in Brazil , As soon as I got into Med school I wanted to become an orthopedist , so I dealt a lot of them, I don’t know how it works there, in canada, but here in my country 98% of chiropractors are outright conmen or are doing guesswork having no idea about anything at all, which amounts to scheme also, and the other 2% are just practicing a glorified pseudoscience. If you’re in pain : *go to a fucking doctor*, then he’ll lay down the best options for your case, based on a accurate diagnose.

    1. Rehabilitative physio should be performed by actual *physio*therapists not Quakers.

      Your average doctor will just shrug and prescribe surgery or antibiotics etc. <- Well, would rather run out of quakery or doctors? But that is besides the point. What I really wanted to argue originally was : 1º - A lot of chiropractors , not all, are schemers intentionally or not. 2º- They don't practice science, and if you take a quick look into the actual scientific data, Chiropractic in itself may even be dangerous.Those spinal adjustments, for instance,which is their biggest claim to fame, *have no solid data to back up their efficacy*, besides a few studies on lower back pain.

  4. hey vegan, who cares man? nobody is interested in this cold laser topic, forget about it. we want more Islam vids.

    1. humongusvico No we don’t, buddy. We love his, “The Worst of the Fitness Industry” videos. They’re GRRRRRREAT!

    1. You’re quite honestly talking bullshit in this video, you’re very uninformed on laser therapy and what it can do. Too bad you had to go and spread your misinformation with everyone else just because you had an idea for a video.

    2. Again these big meta analysis only analyzed skin wounds and there are only very small studies on deeper tissue. These deeper tissue studies that are placebo controlled also found similar results in the placebo group and the results are mixed from study to study. So again I think there is legitimate science in the use of cold laser therapy for treatment of skin wounds, but for deep tissue there isn’t any strong evidence it has a benefit outside of placebo. Thanks for posting this though, I like how you gave me a link to more science.

    3. +Vegan Gains Richard, I don’t think you looked at the full list of studies I attached (first link). It specifically says neck pain and other types of pain, so no it doesn’t confirm what you says in your video…quite the opposite. I’m not here to argue, I just wanted to point out what you might have missed.

    1. +Morena w Excuse my language, I should have simply said “hot”. I simply said what everyone else was thinking.

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