DoctorRandomercam vs VeganGains

Bearing re uploaded a video made by DoctorRandomercam where he attempted to justify the animal agriculture industry.

DoctorRandomercam vs VeganGains

Bearing re uploaded a video made by DoctorRandomercam where he attempted to justify the animal agriculture industry.

66 thoughts on “DoctorRandomercam vs VeganGains

  1. Watch NEW documentary


    On Netflix

    they expose the entire animal food products industry and why they want you to be sick long enough to buy pills and die.

    Meat eaters are arguing for their own demise it’s so sad they’re thoroughly convinced to argue for disease and death.
    I grew up eating meat in a typical black American family

    If I can give up fried chicken y’all can give up bacon.
    I keep in my watermelon tho

    No But foreal they’re killing our parents and grand parents on purpose and making a lot of money.

    Fight the power.

    1. The documentary makes some interesting points but it can be misleading in certain areas. It’s mostly vegan propaganda, but it was interesting to reinforce my understanding of the medical system. The major gripe was against processed meat not entirely meat altogether. The argument for milk was weak quite frankly imo. Animals and people aren’t the same so I can’t agree with the egregious comparisons that some come up with. The documentary was interesting, to say the least though. Didn’t really give people an option of what they SHOULD eat, but just bashes meat. The information on legumes isn’t really that promising, to begin with, and I’m not sure I know a lot of impressive bodybuilders’s who get their protein from plants as suggested in the documentary.

    2. I just saw it yesterday on YouTube. I’m headed down to a whole world of hurt if I keep my habits up for the next 30 or 40 years.

  2. For some reason my comment didn’t come out in the super chat so here it is. Less anti SJW content and more vegan debates where they resort to jellyfish, green crabs, and “i don’t give a f*ck” ?

  3. Ive got a hunch… I bet Bearing is some 40 y/o fat slob living in his parents basement, spewing autistic rants onto the interwebs whilst having incestuel relations with his brother, who happens to be a farm animal

  4. Evolutionarily, we have evolved to eat starches. That’s why we have developed the AMY-1 gene that is what makes our mouth water by secreting amylase (the carbohydrate digesting enzyme) into your saliva. IT’S NOT THE MEAT THAT MAKES YOUR MOUTH SALIVATE, IT’S THE MASHEDPOTATOES NEXT TO IT! :O NOW YOU KNOW THE TRUTH!

    1. KaleBer
      no it’s the saturated fat and plant-based seasoning that makes your mouth water

      my dog goes absolute batshit over liquid smoke, more than he ever would with meat.

    1. Amber Kincaid so he wouldn’t argue against veganism. Because he’s a logical,conscious man who’d choose right from wrong and stay true to what’s correct and coherent.

  5. A lot of the skeptic community really don’t get how to tackle this subject. They think it is like basic SJW stuff, where you can walk up an quickly dismantle an argument not made to be question using basic logic.

    Instead it is a philosophy that has been rigorously scrutinized to develop all these arguments and counter arguments. Maybe they are wrong, but they exist and many have walked down the same path before. So it quickly becomes very clear when someone hasn’t gone the full way on a point and is still exploring ideas.

    Throwing out a few random ideas with a bottle of wine in hand won’t do you much good, you are just gonna end up looking uneducated even compared to someone with basic knowledge on the subject.

    1. coming from someone that has no point, your opinion means nothing. Veganism is a religion, and it is wrong, incorrect, and illogical. You are a basic SJW, nothing else to it. You’re a virtue signaling, triggered, uneducated, and indoctrinated, fool.

  6. Richard my cousin wants a debate with you on why it is okay to eat meat and why it is justified to eat meat in today’s society, he is one of the smartest people that i have ever met and probably will ever meet, and he will actually put up a good debate rather than all these retards you are debating that don’t know what they are talking about. Everyone like this so Richard sees this and then there’s more of a chance the debate will happen, will definitely be a challenge and it will be the best debate to date on his channel.

    1. Ask Yourself won’t debate him because he only debates people with a significant social media presence. In regards to Richard I have no idea.

    2. Also name those reasons that he used to “refute” veganism. If they can’t get past us jamoke’s here in the comments section I doubt Richard would have any problem refuting them.

    3. Jack Burns Official just asked you for a point that he made that you couldn’t refute that’s all

    4. If he really wants to debate and he is that smart he can put together a short video challenging vegan gains to a debate. If he can’t even do that he is not serious or very intelligent or both. Either way it’s silly to expect him to care about this second hand, not even primary, challenge to a debate.

    1. You can’t just make up morals to impose on everybody. Some animals are food for other animals, get over it.

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