Full Day of PlantBased Dieting

I'm dieting for summer and I thought I'd share what I eat to slim down.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Full Day of PlantBased Dieting

I'm dieting for summer and I thought I'd share what I eat to slim down.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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77 thoughts on “Full Day of PlantBased Dieting

    1. He and his buddy delivered my new wash machine last Saturday. Rich carried the 200 pound thing in the second floor. Just easy.

    2. I’m here to spread the light and expose vegan gains explore my channel for the truth! and my 8 hour natural arm work outs proved to be more effective for the natural bodybuilder only my channel !

    1. Ya, at least for now it seems to be working but it could be purely coincidental. Add placements were normal yesterday and it’s been normal today so far as well.

    2. +Vegan Gains so probably not a conspiracy to destroy the success of vegan channels as to hinder the vegan movements progress then?

    3. I doubt it and again I’m not even sure if it’s a black listed word. This could entirely just be a coincidence. One reason for the blacklist is many food companies wouldn’t want to advertise on vegan videos. Words like atheism have also been black listed as well so this whole thing is very strange.

    4. no creo que sea una coincidencia porque Ășltimamente he visto muchos comerciales de huevo y leche al principio de videos criticĂĄndolos, sobre todo en los de “mic the vegan” :/ perdĂłn, mi inglĂ©s no es bueno

    1. @Rocio Guzman — Jesus P Christ, you make more mistakes than a convict. U shoold go bak too skool hand get edukationated.

  1. I’m on a fruit diet, this is my plan to get lean. I’ve finally started making fruit smoothies for better gym training montage. Just watch out Richard, I’ll surpass you soon, like Goku did vegata.

    1. Well Goku has always been one step ahead of Vegeta, so he never really needed to surpass him. Im pretty sure the only time Goku was beaten by him was when Vegeta was cursed, and that was only because he snuck up behind him.

      Sorry Im kind of a fucking weeb

  2. Thanks vegangains for videos man, since watching you, I have cut down on meat about 85% and started a plant base diet.

    1. Nunya Bizness I was the same way with cheese. you have to willfully give it up and the craving goes away after a few weeks

    2. Derozie cheese has opioids in it, that’s why it’s hard to give up. it’s literally addicting. watch mic the vegan’s video in cheese

    1. Fancy seeing you here Chelsea! I assume you’re familiar with the troll lvl on a VG vid. It’s well over 9000.

    2. ChelseaLifts please make me shoot my cum all over my tummy, then rub the cum into my fat rolls and lick the spunk off me like a dog

    1. @ltnd5 — Nutrition is a vital part of a professional athlete equation of performance. Beside training, it’s the most important one. Professional athletes have access to a wide variety of health professionals to help them make the right decision to stay healthy and not get injured. Professional athlete are another bread of humans and when a team invests in them, they put a lot of money to keep that investment safe and perform. So no, professional athletes have some of the best diets and some of the best discipline and focus.

      I do not impute my weakness compared to other players to my diet. I could’ve gone eating 5 to 6 full meals a day like many did but I’m naturally thin and can’t gain weight easily. The most I weight was about 240 lbs on the vegan diet but ever since I was wounded I lost about 25 lbs and can’t go above 215.

      As for the meat, I’ve tried 3 times in 2 years to go vegetarian after my surgeries and failed every time with serious side effects even if my diet was planned by a nutritionist. The supplements I took (iron, zinc, multivitamins…) didn’t have the expected effect on the long term and meat helped providing those nutriment plus stabilizing my reticulocyte and ferritin levels. My hemoglobin levels have been on the normal range for the past 18 months. So yeah red meat is not magical but it’s what does the trick for me with all the internal scar tissues that are still healing after all those years.

      I had the same fears many have with red meat with the bad cholesterol but so far so good. I always had clean living habits, never smoked, drank little alcohol, exercise regularly (not now obviously), played sport, worked, studied so that all did help me not die and limit the loss of morticity and strength to 15%.

  3. Your girlfriend’s voice is so annoying. I’m surprised you haven’t converted to Islam just as an excuse to beat her

    1. Somregularguy Congratulations for contributing to unnecessary animal suffering and to the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, deforestation, green house gas emissions, water pollution etc.

  4. Lmao vegans always trying to act like the world is against them. Nobody cares if you’re vegan. Especially Youtube.

    1. +TheRandomBikers I think the business’s do it wouldn’t surprise me they rely a lot on media to not only adverse but keep info as advertiser friendly it’s not that youtube cares who is vegan they just block anything that could be advertiser unfriendly I think even LGBT words are effected too. Besides what’s wrong with questioning it does it really make vegan gain’s “too sensitive” for changing his tags ? I don’t see the big deal =p
      . LOL good point on adblock but I don’t think there is adblocks for phone youtube apps and I don’t think youtube thinks about that or should I say the people who pay youtube to advertise. …

  5. I’m not even vegan and I watch the videos. However I want to try to be vegan for a year or at the least a month

    1. I also watched Freelee for 3 years, then tried vegan for some weeks, and it worked really well with weight lifting and running, over 1 year now.

  6. Good. If YouTube is actively blocking “Vegan” then we know that the message is getting across. Won’t take long for the Vegan youtubers to spread the word and then the backlash on Google will be massive due to them restricting the most logical and rational movement.

  7. They are definitely blacklisting the vegan topic. Every topic that was on the original propornot blacklist are considered non-advertiser friendly content.. AKA Russian Propaganda.
    prepping, vegan diet, bigfoot, aliens, ufos, alex jones, alt right, homesteading, farming, anti GMO, guns and other topics are all blacklisted by the mainstream Exxon, CNN, Monsanto, Pfizer advertisers who use their ads to bribe and control media, rather than to reach people.

    1. Stephanie Braganza It was promoted at the end of the election cycle along with snopes to combat “Russian Propaganda” and “fake news” before these terms were turned against the MSM. propornot.org may still have the list. They originally had nutritionfacts.org on the list. That is perhaps the most reputable source of peer reviewed vegan info on the net. Happy healthy vegan did a video on it. I knew many of the sites on their blacklist, I would use it as a source to explore great websites rather than blacklisting them.

    1. +dolly foster I understand that. I only wonder what’s the point of claiming to hate animals suffering, yet buy your pet meat.

      They still gotta slaughter those animals for dogs

      Just don’t have a pet at all

    1. where in my response do you see “me being triggered”….? but ok, here’s my psychic feeling. you were getting banged by three guys at the same time while typing that response….was i accurate?

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