Furious Pete Losing To Cancer

Furious Pete still has cancer and he has resorted to going through chemotherapy to try to finally rid himself of cancer.
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outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Furious Pete Losing To Cancer

Furious Pete still has cancer and he has resorted to going through chemotherapy to try to finally rid himself of cancer.
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Furious Pete's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0d37JP1vZk8
outro: Beef by KRS-One
Intro: Puritania by Dimmu Borgir
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71 thoughts on “Furious Pete Losing To Cancer

    1. +Mathew Frazier
      Just curious because ive seen this so much, why is it that when your generation takes selfies they look down at their screen instead of looking at the camera lens? Retardation of the brain?

    2. Sir_Smash you don’t know my age but have you noticed that the phone is in the picture? It’s a mirror pic so it’s weird to try and bounce my gaze off then mirror towards the lens. Anyway, i wanted to make sure it was framed right and had my arm in and all that bc I was happy with the progress I had made at the time. Good enough explanation?

  1. I may not be fond of Vegan Gains’ harsh way of expressing himself, but let’s be honest, if we put emotions aside, he’s right 9 times out of 10. And this video is one of those cases IMO.

    1. I agree with the vegan message however that is no reason to mock Pete
      for his vulnerable emotions. There is enough expectations from males to
      not express themselves in this way and Richard is just reinforcing the
      idea that males need to suppress their emotions which is creating a
      toxic expression of masculinity.

    2. Silva Gorilla fair point. I think it was appropriate for VG to focus on meat and dairy in this video as the main cause of FPs cancer.

    3. Silva Gorilla If you’re talking about cows’ milk, then yes, there are about 244 grams of sugar (as lactose) per cup. But if Pete were drinking unsweetened nut milk (coconut, cashew, almond, hemp, etc) then there would be very little sugar. But you’re right — I should have clarified and said — “Pete eats more meat and dairy”, not just meat. My point being, none of these animal products are healthy for him.

    4. zxy atiywariii it’s moderation , you can eat meat as you can sugar in moderation with exercise and so and live a long healthy life ..

  2. Him getting cancer the first time i can understand. He didn’t know.

    But anything else after that… Good lord get a fucking clue Pete.

    1. Dan Sullivan: Overdose is a different thing. And veganism does not protect you from a samurai cutting your head off neither. I just symbolized a constant toxic impact on the body with a drug addiction. The reason I’m using this form of presentation is because the diet is a way of detoxing yourself, so if your diet is bad, you are intoxicating yourself AND decreasing the ability of detoxication at the same time. But if your diet is good, then you CAN be better off with still having another form of intoxication, because your detox abilities are doing quite well because of the diet.

    2. You will laugh but in an extent it is true. Research is available showing that the vegan diet is better for oxigen, better for immune system and everything. But of course, That was not the point and I’m sorry. I just meant a constant non diet related toxication, lets say heroin using with steril needles and proper dosing and not with extremely just averagely toxic collateral substances.

    3. Dan Sullivan: Oh come on… you are the one who is biased and restricted by your beliefsystems. I’m not in my teenage years, I’m well educated, and I’m one of the most evolved and most intelligent 0,00001% of the population.

      The reason you think that vegans are biased because there are so many arguments which can defeat the diet including animal products that it SOUNDS LIKE it’s biased. The people who don’t realize the significance and power of the plant based diet just does not know enough yet. It’s plain simple. Everyone will be plant based nutritionally, wether it’s 50 years or 500 years from now, but EVERYONE will. Every single human being. And that’s because it is very well supported by every angle of causes in terms of nutritional science or moral or environmental issues. That is why it SOUNDS like it is biased.

    1. +Da Rijo​
      Non Vegans are brainwashed into this “Milk” label.

      At least vegans drink properly labeled milks. Almond, soy, cashew, rice, hemp, etc. All on the label. Almondmilk, Soymilk, etc.
      Non Vegans are lied to. They would never know that udders are the cow’s breasts.

      Why do Vegans know more about non Vegan “food” than the non Vegans do?

  3. OMG, things that Freelee said in her vid about Pete over 2 years ago has come true. She said without a overhaul in his diet, likely the cancer will come back and doctors will rush him into chemotherapy and give him radiation. Doctors have a “burn it” and “cut it out” approach to cancer which doesn’t work as they don’t address the root cause of the problem. Freelee was genuinely trying to help him. I recommend people watch her vid.

    1. +sam som
      But there is evidence that it did come back because he didn’t listen to freelee. See the pattern? Eat meat, get cancer.

      Meat is a carcinogen, like cigarettes.

    1. +Tropfen Regen We are no where near having clear data, the human race will not spend the money it needs to on diet and health, we are still wondering in the dark.

    2. +Bert “We are no where near having clear data” Are you able to back this up?
      “the human race will not spend the money it needs to on diet and health” Then why are we spending billions of dollars on pills and medication instead of healthy eating?

    3. Type 1 diabetes is genetics, but 90% of diabetics are Type 2, self inflicted. (It’s also coming to light that type 1 diabeetus could be caused by diet from the mother).

  4. Vegans thinking diet is solely down to whether you get cancer or not.

    Honestly, you people are as bad, if not worse, than religious nuts.

    1. +Vegan Gains actually its not a straw man, u ARE implying that if he was vegan this wouldnt have happens. ur implying it! testicular cancer isnt based on diet soley if at all! its most common cancer in men 15-30 yrs old. u arent a physician

    2. The head lines should run tomorrow *Furious petes friend’s claim he is a genetic spastic and it spontaneously at the hand of god ,  is now happening ,  his nut’s are genetically mutating to kill him . Because god hate’s his fucking gut’s . Furious pete friend’s claim God hate’s furious petes fucking gut’s , waves his magic wand and sparkley dust fell from heaven  and furius pete’s ball’s are eating him alive. God bless America*

    3. Braveheart Physique my whole family smokes same with my relatives which all have smoked and live till there 80s and even 90s does that mean we should all start smoking cigs now even though there a class one carcinogen

    1. All I can say to that is that grandma built an immunity to poison, just as rats do. It is nothing to be proud of and boast about, as I guarantee that most humans that were put on a similar diet to grandma would not fair well….boasting about the one who got away is ridiculous!

    1. Alex4Lolz unlike you normal human beings have compassion” says the one who probably commits a to the slavery, torture, rape and murder of billions of animals every year. You’re either vegan or an animal exploited and that doesn’t seem at all compassionate

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