Heart Attack Warning Signs

This video from the American Heart Association talks about the warning signs of a heart attack. It's a must watch! For more information on heart attack warning signs, visit www.heart.org/warningsigns.

Heart Attack Warning Signs

This video from the American Heart Association talks about the warning signs of a heart attack. It's a must watch! For more information on heart attack warning signs, visit www.heart.org/warningsigns.

34 thoughts on “Heart Attack Warning Signs

  1. My aunt, who is still alive today, said that in 1971 her husband had a
    heart attack while driving. He drove off the road and hit a tree, he passed
    away. She doesn’t remember him ever having symptoms prior.

    1. Hello Nathaniel. We appreciate and understand your concern for your beloved
      neighbor, and extend our deepest sympathy. However, only a medical examiner
      or coroner can determine someone’s cause of death. We strongly encourage
      you to reach out your local police department if you suspect other motives
      were involved in your neighbor’s passing. Please visit our website at
      http://spr.ly/6055xOVt to understand more about heart disease and the risk
      factors associate with a heart attack.

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  2. Altight everyone who is worrying… I had chest pains in my chest like a
    year ago, (2013) and I told my mom… I went to my physician and he said
    that I should just go see a doctor. ( because of my family’s history. ) and
    when I went to the cardiologist ( Heart Doctor ) he said there’s nothing
    wrong with my heart, but he said that if you even just bend wrong you can
    strain your chest MUSCLES… So it wasn’t my heart. I hope this made you
    feel a little better about the pain in your chest. 🙂 oh and if you play
    football or something like that or you were in a car crash, then if
    something slams your chest then you can get a Bruised Sternum. ( I had one.
    :-/ ) So… Don’t worry. But if it’s really bothering 

  3. Then go ahead and go to your doctor. 🙂 oh and by the way I was only 12 at
    the time when I had these sythoms. ( well now I’m 13 😀 ) so I guess you
    can have chest pains at any age. :-/ 

  4. These all happened to me and I got rushed to the ER. Turned out it was just
    a random severe anxiety attack. Something that in it’s self is very rare
    for me. But it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  5. I thought I was going to have one 45 minutes ago.
    But ok now, but I will watch out for it. I was lying down and I felt a
    slight discomfort fighting of the chest and my heart was pounding hard and

    1. i get that around 2-330 am, when im still up. happens out of nowhere.
      this cant be cool. even for a non-idiot, i mean uh, smoker like me, this
      cant be a good sign of great health. i don’t thinl this is funny or good.
      im only 40, but i was a dummy fro0m a very early age so i deserve it, and
      have worked hard at earning it. the wages of sin is death. now i
      know what jesus meant by that phrase.

    1. According to http://www.doctorbing.com, A great number of heart attacks come about
      as the result of Atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a disease that is
      notable for the progressive accumulation of plaque in the arterial walls.
      As time passes, this make up will induce hardening of the arterial walls
      which will hence lessen the room available for blood to flow through the
      arteries. As a result, the blood flow will be limited as the disease
      worsens. This will then lead to the reduced functioning of the organ that
      is affected and the circulatory system in entirety. If atherosclerosis
      manifests in the legs the reduction of blood flow will usually cause leg
      pains when walking or exercising, leg ulcers, or a prominent decline in the
      ability for wounds to heal in that region.

  6. Well maybe you guys can help me. I’ve been having a lot of chest pain in
    the centre of my chest. And sorta to the left to. It’s like a sharp
    shooting pain that’s there for a few seconds but then happens all over
    again. I’ve had nausea every morning. And I’ve fainted twice in the past
    couple of months. I went to the doctor he says it’s due to my scoliosis but
    I don’t see how that could effect other things that have been going on. So
    I got x Rays and blood tests but the results are not in yet. However today
    my chest pains have only gotten worse and I’m having more of them.

  7. Shortness of breath and chest discomfort is my symptom. Deep breathing
    helps but the remedy is to live in a much warmer climate, I should think. ”
    Cold kills more people than does heat. “

  8. Thanks for the video , i learned so much of Heart Attack Signs.The first
    thing to do is not calling 911 but trying to save him buy making pressure
    on his heart with two hands and strat pumping 15 Times.

  9. What do they mean by: uncomfortable pressure, and chest discomfort.., and
    what if the shortness of breath is a psychosomatic symptom, would it anyway
    cause heart attack?

  10. Hard Work causes heart attacks.This is why we all need WELFARE! Your Job
    will kill you,,But being on Welfare doesn’t cause you get stress cause
    you’re not being told what to do by your supervisor or boss. You’re your
    own boss when you’re on welfare! Let the Government give you free
    money,Food Stamps and free housing and you’ll live well and you wont be in
    the hospital often.

    1. +Steve D our heart is a muscle and if we do a bunch of strenuous physical
      work the heart enlarges, inflamation, the heart doesn,t like that

    2. +LOVE THE LORD THY GOD Thats right..Thats why America is better off as a
      socialist nation. We the voters who put Barrack Obama in office cause we
      voted for socialism.

    3. +Steve D Now I’m scared my mom is going to have a heart attack cause she

    4. +Gabrielle Freeman XxYoutuberGirlxX
      Its True mate,,,The Rich live longer than the poor and middle class. The
      Rich don’t have to work hard like the rest of us do. Thats why Democrats
      are right. Food Stamps,,Public Housing and free everything VOTE BERNIE!!
      Feel the Bern!

  11. Mine was mild pain in my chest but all my gums of my teeth were they ever
    sore, extreme it was, they said I almost died, then in the second hospital
    the nurse said I was knocking on deaths door twice, even though the chest
    pain, the heart attach pain wasn,t so bad, It sounds like it almost killed
    me, My blood pressure was all over the board it went into the 50,s they
    were all worried but I felt fine

  12. Here’s a very strange occurrence that I’m very curious about and maybe even
    a little nervous. I’ve began having tiny random broken blood vessels on my
    fingers and hands. They are not from the normal wear and tear of hard work
    or having my fingers pinched , they literally appear every morning ( maybe
    2-3 new ones ) and take awhile to heal up. They are not a great source of
    pain , but when they are new they hurt much like a sliver would.
    My question is : Are these random broken blood vessels some form of a
    warning sign of a problem with my heart.?? I should say that I’m in my
    early 40’s and I do believe I have high blood pressure. I’ve always hated
    going to the doctor and am wondering if these broken blood vessels are some
    serious sign and if so , I’ll definitely go see my Dr. Any thoughts..??

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