How Do I Lose Weight?

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heart-disease - How Do I Lose Weight?

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I often get asked "How Do I Lose Weight?" I think most people know the answer to that question.

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How Do I Lose Weight?

I often get asked "How Do I Lose Weight?" I think most people know the answer to that question.

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20 thoughts on “How Do I Lose Weight?

  1. Thanks Richard. I’m about 50lbs overweight and this helps me find that motivation. I’m going to the gym tonight. Keep making those vegan gains!

  2. If he says do a vegan diet then I’m out. I know many fat vegans, overall weight is not really about what you eat, overall health is about what you eat. You can lose weight eating McDonald’s, will be hard but you can do it, but it doesn’t mean you are healthy

  3. Respect this is legit info. Calories in calories out.. people like to believe lies and hope that there could possibly be an easy way.

  4. A calorie isnt a calorie because of the mechanism of the body.
    100 calories from Milk will fatten you, there are estrogens that will cause weight gain, it has IGF-1 in it that will cause weight gain, its full of fat which will cause weight gain.
    100 calories of Watermelon will slim you, its easily digested, hydrating, no hormones, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, your body can instantly use the natural sugars.
    Cmon people…

  5. Anti vegan debate here with someone I couldn’t win against and I need help- they claim animals don’t have emotions, can’t feel pain, claims deforestation isn’t a problem as co2 produced gets solved over night from all the trees, blames diabetes on obesity and not saturated fat and cholesterol.

  6. Hey Richard.. I’d really like to see a series of you prepping for an all natural show.. I don’t know how much your life would have to change to do train for something like that, but there could be some inspiring pieces from it.. I believe you’d have the focus to do something like that

  7. Here’s the answer:
    1) Try the ketogenic diet, takes about 3 days to get into ketosis (if you do it correctly), then stay in ketosis for 30 days-45 days and I guarantee you will lose at least 5lbs. I lost about 2lbs a week, some weeks 1.5, belly fat waist line shrunk significantly. Went from size 40 down to 34. You only eat fibrous carbs from green leafy veggies: brocolli, kale, spinach, lettuce, celery, cabbage, cauliflower, etc. NO fruits, breads, pastas, sugary veggies or high carb veggies/low fiber. You will eat tons of healthy fats from nuts (almonds, peanuts, walnuts, macademias, pecans), olive oil, moderate protein, and total of 20-25g of fibrous carbs a day. If you eat too much you wont get into ketosis.
    Your body is basically running on ketones, ie. triglycerides from within your fat cells.
    2) Move around throughout the day, dont sit or sleep on bed all day. Go for 5000 steps on average, try to hit 10,000 steps a day, the numbers dont matter, but MOVE THROUGHOUT THE DAY. Dont sit in a chair for 12 hours then decide to do 10,000 steps at the end of the day….no….
    3) First week, do cardio one day a week for 30 minutes along with 3-4 days weightlifting: upper-lower-upper-lower making sure to utilize compound movements such as: bench press (incline & flat), deadlift (make sure correct form to not injure lower back), squats, and pull-ups/chin-ups.
    4) Second week, add a second session of cardio, third week add third session of cardio, and fourth week you would want to be doing 15-30 min cardio session after weight lifting session.
    On average, for most people, you should lose about 10 lbs, probably 7lbs of fat and 3lbs of water weight/glycogen reserves empty. Once you eat carbs again and break the ketosis state, glucose will flush into your glycogen reserves and inside your muscles which will add about 3lbs and water weight. So you could say you lost 7lbs of fat in 30-45 days.
    It’s not easy, you have to dedicate yourself and not be tempted to break. Carbs are the most addictive food group behind tobacco, opioids, and alcohol.

    Goodluck, it worked for me and thousands of others. You shouldnt be in ketosis for many months, I would say 1-3 months then reset. you could even reset and eat carbs every month, then get back into ketosis.

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