Huge Deadlift PR Lower Body Workout

I'm making great progress on my deadlift and I'm adding in some accessory movements to accelerate progress.

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Huge Deadlift PR Lower Body Workout

I'm making great progress on my deadlift and I'm adding in some accessory movements to accelerate progress.

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Discount Code: Gains10
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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70 thoughts on “Huge Deadlift PR Lower Body Workout

    1. Adolfo 12 to answer your question: he’s medicated to calm his schizophrenia and so he’s in a tranquil(izer) state.

    1. +Jonathan Reyes If you don’t have the patience to read like 10 sentences, then how do you expect to ever have a civil debate with someone? If you read my comment and you would not have responded the way you did.

    1. he’s not gonna “burn out” his CNS from doing one maximum attempt. However, not much point to it in the middle of a strength/hypertrophy block

    1. That’s called hip drive, and you’re supposed to do that. You’d know this if you actually lifted instead of shitposting about form on the internet.

    2. it’s not far from flawless, it’s quite good, he just needs to stop thrusting his hip too much that’s really it.

    1. He streches all the time…corn, oatmeal…even drinks strech protein that probably tastes worse that those toe shoes or whatever he is wearing in this workout like the complete ‘father of twats’…

    1. “stupid lies” according to you. if they were just stupid lies, why not reply to them or ignore them?
      this is blatant censorship, nothing more. silencing any criticism against you, because you know they’re valid.
      just keep destroying your integrity like this, soon you will have none left.

    1. Lacceh “you have done nothing so far but… talk about… nothing”

      That really speaks to your low comprehension skills, or maybe it’s a memory retention issue.

    1. +Mighty Mouse he doesn’t seem like the type of guy to deceive people, but his arms and chest do look a little oversized on camera.

    1. +John Constantin I guess you better stop eating before you go to the gym. Sleeping too. Concentrating before you do your reps. All of that is helping you know.

      Also to clarify, you shouldn’t use EITHER until you actually need them. I see dudes using straps to do lat pull downs that are lighter than their body weight. A good rule of thumb I’ve heard is don’t use them until you are lifting over your body weight. I only use chalk when I get to 275+. Before that, nothing, but I use them on monkey bars cause ummm, I can’t go down and back with out chalk. Only down and turn around, then perspiration wins. Also, if your gym polishes the bars (which I swear they must do cause their is always some type of oil on them at my gym) then adding chalk only evens it up.

      That being said, I decided 3 days ago to not renew my membership because of this and a guy deadlifting 95lbs in the power rack. Power racks should have 135lbs attached already as a warm up. I’ve heard of a unicorn gym with no AC and the dudes there actually lift and it’s like half the price for the membership.

    2. truth be told: i hardly ever used straps in my life, not advising against them (actually i think straps have their place in training because straps make you go double overgrip which is the best way to train back power in deadlift), but i just always felt i would develop a weak grip from using them regularly. always felt straps were like having a security blanket. a bad habit… the more the better for forearms you know? besides my back was always the lagging factor in DL as i approached 500. i arm wrestled for years so grip was never an issue in DL as long as i maintain it by for-going the straps. nothing is worse than a failed lift in DL because of grip or legs. if your back is the first muscle group to fail in DL then you are doing it right. thats the whole point of straps. when i resume training and assess how much ive de-trained i probably will use some straps for the first 2 weeks.

    1. thats a myth and been debunked, it came from the story about olympics where many russians used steroids.

      when if we look closely, almost all blacks use steroid regardless the sport.
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    2. dominickd16 because the whites were way More advanced, and blacks are strong because slavery made them work a lot so of course there gonna be strong

    3. mark c some officers is north Carolina are in no way representative of “blacks”. they are very different from people from Burundi let’s say.

  1. Vegan Gains, why don’t you just release the dog in the wild? That way you won’t have to support the meat industry.

    1. It’s actually extremely harmful for the enviroment so mcu hso that it is now legal to kill feral animals in aus. So much suffering and desth because of an unwanted pet

  2. VG have you heard of Clarence Kennedy? A fucking beast at lifting and according to him 100% plant-based. Don’t know if he’s vegan though. He’s on YT. Check him out.

    1. He’s been vegan for about 11 months, and has stated that it’s for ethical reasons. In fact, he’s said that one of his favorite vegan channels is Ask Yourself, who argues philosophically for veganism.

  3. Vegan gains, I’ve had your back like no other.. devoted tons of my time to shedding light on your situation regarding the vegan shitah. I think you’ll feel much better if you devote one last video to him, i know he’s trolling you, but trolls cause damage. It is just my suggestion you make one final video addressing all the things he has said to denounce you. Yes he owes you a debate, but theres always new crops of people who won’t know about the debate, and will think he has called you out and silenced you.
    I’m telling you bro, if you don’t make one last vid to him, you’ll never hear the end of it. Kill the cancer!

    1. Rusty Shackleford “I’m actually not fully vegan”

      Play by your own rules and stay quiet, since (according to you) hypocrites aren’t allowed to criticize others. You’re the one devouring animal suffering.

    2. Laphius

      Richie is the one who supports it by buying meat. No way to talk himself out of it.
      The transport & abuse stuff isn’t compatible with veganism either. This also can’t be denied.

      Unless you’re some kind if part time umbrella vegan, meaning that veganism is “flexible” for you. See, it isn’t.

    3. Vlad Tepes Plenty of vegans have cats and dogs. You morons are pretending that VG is the only one because you think you can excuse your own unethical choices by pointing at someone else.

    4. Vlad Tepes And animal abuse? Let me quote what Cocaine and Chicken Ramen said about VG:

      “If you’re throwing things at the wall, and scaring the animal, what makes you think that’s not animal abuse?”

      My Verdict: So, if you scare an animal, you’re an animal abuser. When you scare the dog by turning on the vacuum cleaner, you’re an animal abuser. The mail man is an animal abuser. Your sudden fart in the middle of the night that startled the pets makes you an animal abuser. Asking your dog if she wants to go “on a ride” when she knows damn well that you mean “go to the vet” makes you an animal abuser. Dog afraid of water, but you make it take a bath? Animal abuser. The whole filthy lot of you.

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