I Got A PO Box – Send Me Stuff

I just opened up a PO Box and you can send me anything you want from fan mail, to costumes and props and products for review.
PO Box:
suite# 251
Unit-1, 3096 Danforth Avenue
Toronto Ontario M1L 1B1

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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I Got A PO Box - Send Me Stuff

I just opened up a PO Box and you can send me anything you want from fan mail, to costumes and props and products for review.
PO Box:
suite# 251
Unit-1, 3096 Danforth Avenue
Toronto Ontario M1L 1B1

outro: Beef by KRS-One
Vegan Apparel: http://henchherbivore.com/shop/
Discount Code: Gains10
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72 thoughts on “I Got A PO Box – Send Me Stuff

    1. SpecialEdd For my age, no further than that. Weight training is going well for me at the moment, I guarantee I will be Vegan Gains size at maybe 20 years of age. Lots of hard work though.

    1. Omar Rincon
      Don’t listen to that guy. He’s an idiot who’s been brainwashed and is now unfortunately on his way to holding extreme viewpoints

    2. Omar Rincon Omar Rincon You are considered a goy to them. They want 2,800 goyim slaves each in the future. They are killing whites off first since we have always been their biggest threat for constantly kicking them out. They are targeting other races as well with many depopulation techniques, immigration, vasectemies, porn, race mixing, etc. Jews have more power than any other race. They have been expelled 109 times in history but they write the history books so people are not aware. They are behind feminism. They are behind immigration laws. Thry own all of Hollywood. They control the adult industry. They own the majority of banks. They own 92%+ of the usa media. They are the reason vegan gains focuses on Islam when Islam immigration is a Jewish plot. They control all presidents including Trump. Benjamin Franklen called them vampires. The richest family in the world that owns the central banking systems in all countries except two ( north korea and iran hence why they want war with them) is the rothchilds who are jewish. They are the root of almost all issues. Every leader who has stood up to them has been demonized, lied about, and slandered. For example Hitler and Gadaffi were the two best leaders in the last century and the most lied about because they stood up against the bankers. Central banking which enslaves the world has always been led by Jews. The last 6 federal reserve chairmen in usa are jewish. Trump is surrounded by Jews who use to work at Goldman Sachs. His kids are married to jews. The person controlling his foreign policy and monetary policy are jews. His parents died in Jewish hospitals. Every congress member in usa has to sign a pledge of allegiance to Israel. They own Facebook and Google and the majority of the largest websites in the world. They have always been the worlds enemy. Watch the most censored documentary in the world “The greatest story never told” if you want to learn some true history that has been supressed heavily.

    3. Peter S My first comment was factual. The Talmud says they will have 2,800 slaves each and teaches non jews are animals. They have been expelled 109 times. What did I say that is incorrect? Do you want sources spoon fed to you or can you take two minutes to educate yourself?

    1. Daniel Urribarri every episode would just be plants and tofu, that’s somehow more boring than the content he makes now

    2. Hate Love that just shows how ignorant you are about the vegan diet/lifestyle. And if his content is so boring, why waste your time watching and commenting?

    3. Monika Beuzet that shows how ignorant you are of reality. And I was talking about the specific kind of video the original commenter was talking about, not his videos in general. Learn how to read.

  1. good fucking morning. i will send you some test and tren god dammit. time to grow. it’s vegan btw! derived from soya. keep making em vegans gains brotha.

  2. beware of any books you get, heard a story of some maniac sending a famous person a bomb that would detonate once you open the book

    1. tess A Hey bro i suggest you to check out micha janiec and Jon Venus , you’ll thank me for it

      both vegan lifters and talk about about food sources and proiten .

    2. tess A I’d be interested too. often I get home late and couldn’t be bothered with eating dinner. I have Orgain and it tastes good but I’m a female who knows zero about protein powders.

    3. Good idea the market is so saturated with these products it’s hard to find a good quality one without trying many. Maybe try checking reviews on amazon helped me out.

    4. He did two videos already about it. Cheapest protein you can find was his answer. He uses brown rice.

  3. I know this is unrelated, but how can you defend abortion if you’re a vegan? Many vegans even avoid killing insects, but how on earth is it OK to justify the killing of fetuses then?

    1. Why don’t you explain to me why having a shitty life is worse than death? You’re the one defending killing living beings, so you should be the one with the burden of proof. It’s not like I can fart out a magical equation to prove my point, and neither can you. But considering that most women who seek an abortion actually have the potential to raise a healthy child, death is an extreme comparison. I also defend significant social aid for mothers, which would ensure that the babies get enough food etc.

    2. Kimble

      Okay, finally you admit you can’t justify your opinion. Death is better than a shitty life, because in a shitty life your overall brain activity is negative (you feel pain, depressed, bored, victim mentality, etc) and in death your brain activity is neutral (there’s no brain activity). Oh look, I can explain my opinion, yay!

      Just because they have the potential to do it, doesn’t mean that they use it. Check out the statistics about abortions in the U.S. posted by our prolifer friend Alexander Patrick and skip to the “Why women get abortions” section. You’ll notice that “buying toys for the kid” doesn’t represent the reasons for women getting abortions.

      No one is using death as a comparisson. I clearly said that SOME mothers would kill the baby (homemade abortions) or pay someone to do it. Others would give it to another person, left him somewhere to be adopted, ignore him or mistreat him.

    3. Kimble 25 week abortions are allowed depending on the state, it varies by state. Why? Politics. A fetus relies on the woman’s body to survive, that’s where it lives, INSIDE SOMEONE ELSE’S BODY. It is NOT a separate entity until after birth. Banning abortion DOES rob a woman of bodily autonomy.

    4. Nuno, that’s not how you measure the value of life lmao. As you said, it’s an opinion. If two people lived exactly the same lives, they might value it differently. Opinions don’t need to be justified. This whole argument of death vs. shitty life is kind of pointless because most babies who are aborted wouldn’t have lived in poor conditions if not aborted. We’re not talking about third world countries, you know. If we look at the top reasons for abortions (wanting to postpone childbearing and money issues are easily the top ones), they don’t seem like things that would result in the parents mistreating or not loving the child. The statistics are on my side. The vast majority of the children would live in perfectly fine conditions.

    5. Kimble


      – 21% inadequate finances
      – 21% not ready for responsability
      – 16% woman’s life would be changed too much
      – 12% problems with relationships/unmarried
      – 11% too young and/or immature
      – 8% children are grown; she has all she wants
      – 3% baby has possible health problems
      – <1% pregnancy caused by rape/incest
      - 4% other"

      This statistic can be found in the Alexander's link, like I already said. First of all, lack of money doesn't represent the group, there are other reasons as common as lack of money, so stop foccusing on that and acknowledge the rest of the possibilities. Second of all, if the baby born, he would have poor financial conditions, his mother wouldn't be able to take care of him , she would be too young/ wouldn't care about him or he would live in a separate family. In some cases, chances are that there's a combination of some of those reasons. So yes, when your mother can't raise you properly, you'll have a shitty life and you'll be mistreated. What, "inadequate finances/ lack of responsability/ woman's life would be changed too much" doesn't look like a mistreatment recipe to you? If not, you must be out of your mind.

      The death vs shitty life isn't just an opinion, it's the main point of the discussion. That's what we're discussing here, in case you didn't notice. So it's being used as an argument isn't it? Therefore you need to justify it.

      Go ahead, tell me how I measure the value of life than. Do you have an explanation for this? Or are you just saying this because someone told you to say it too? Stop being a social conditioned sheep and start thinking for yourself.

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