I’m Sick Again

I was too sick to film today so I decided to upload this boring vlog.

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I'm Sick Again

I was too sick to film today so I decided to upload this boring vlog.

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75 thoughts on “I’m Sick Again

    1. Vegan Gains
      Richard, try taking a 30 second cold shower every morning. I live in shitty UK weather region but it boost my immunity like crazy. Seriously Im the only one who is not constantly caughing.
      Also consider veggie juice fasting when you are ill. For like 24 hours only. Just a piece of advice from fellow vegan 🙂

    1. vanchark its funny you call me uneducated when im actually educated, and i want to know your education and how many lines you understand in these studies.Pls explain me 🙂 but let me guess, you have 8 grade education and just googlesearching things like every vegan

    2. Its the fact he doesnt follow a high carb low fat and protein raw alkaline plant based diet hes vegan but it doesnt mean he eats 100% clean

    1. +renaissance1 2
      The sock puppet storm has subsided! adrian thanatos, silvernemesis, and odin ragnarok disappeared from vg’s channel. Their accounts probably got removed. The survivors’ comments lost some likes.

    2. And you are an angel right? You definitely jack off to guro doujins and pedophile hentai porn, dont lie. Who are you to tell he’s sick in the head? ?

    1. +The real pizza boy You won’t get heart disease if you’re healthy. You can be healthy and eat meat. Of course if all you’re eating is cheese burgers then of course you’re going to have heart disease. You’re taking statistics from people who are obese and live very unhealthy lifestyles, and from that you say meat causes heart disease.

  1. pretty crazy how a vegan keeps getting sick, meanwhile an avid meat-eater like me never gets sick. U vegans are pathetic betas

    1. Jacqueline Jordan
      No you aren’t lol. While he is a fucking dumbass, having a anime profile pic still has nothing to do with masculinity. Stay out of this thread you cum dumpster, men are debating here.

    1. 1 dave wel cancer is developed through a distortion in the body that started as a disfunction in the mind,all diseases are cause by a disfunction in the body and allot start in the mind,most people stil dont get that youre state of mind shows in the state of youre body its all about body/mind disfunction that why its called dis-eas. yes a good diet helps youre body and mind but its stil the mind that controles what happens in the body because youre body does what the mind tells it and what the mind believes.
      thats what the placibo effect is also all about,the mind creates the reality.

    2. Pls stop answering, you are uneducated and believe everything on the internet,i dont rly care about people on vegan diet (here are no “vegans”)

  2. Vegan gets a cold it’s because of the diet.

    Meat eater gets cancer, heart disease and dies, definitely genetics nothing to do with diet.

    -Meat eater logic

    1. quatros1000 I also know vegans who have passed early from cancer. Diet was not mentioned except to say ….AND they were vegan on the list of reasons this shouldn’t have happened. This is reverse logic. Correct reasoning: “well she did drink and smoke a lot and had gone vegan for 5 years, but cancer wasn’t in the family and her siblings are all healthy”.

    2. Johnny Garcia Vegan logic – meat eaters are automatically sicker than vegans. I’m never sick. I eat meat all though very rarely. I stick to a plant based diet.
      Vegan logic – vegans are immune to heart issues, all kind of diseases etc. Tell me what is the most common death amongst vegans?

    3. Really depends how you eat if you follow a strict high carb low fat and protein raw alkaline plant based diet and use foods that decrease your chances of getting lets say a cold you will have a VERY small chance of gettigg sick… hes eating processed vegan sausages theyre healthier but not exactly healthy.

    1. milk jar shut up pencil neck, I hope the next cow you try and kill boots you and you crumple like the little fool you are.

    2. soccerman182416 #2 “Debate” implies the other side is open to reason and willing to present evidence to support their claims. With milkjar i think that would go nowhere.

    3. loosepieces I have watched a vegan gains debate here is how it went, opposing presenter makes an argument, Vegan Gains says it is a so and so fallacy, now repeat that for and hour and you have a vegan gains debate.

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