Is Creatine Safe?

Is Creatine Safe?

Is Creatine Safe?

Is Creatine Safe?

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Is Creatine Safe?

heart-disease - Is Creatine Safe?

Is Creatine Safe?

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Is Creatine Safe?

Is Creatine Safe?

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I recently mentioned some potential risks with creatine supplementation and I thought I should discuss this in greater detail.

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Research referenced:
creatine and water retention:

Fluid retention, sodium and blood pressure:

High blood pressure and kidney damage:

Is Creatine Safe?

I recently mentioned some potential risks with creatine supplementation and I thought I should discuss this in greater detail.

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Research referenced:
creatine and water retention:
Fluid retention, sodium and blood pressure:
High blood pressure and kidney damage:

65 thoughts on “Is Creatine Safe?

    1. Intracellular is the word you are looking for. Creatine was originally
      created as a product for increases endurance but its biproduct was
      volumization. If you are holding water extracellular it is more of an
      allergic effect, which can happen, but that is quite obvious as the
      allergen will press towards specific areas of the body. Not the body in

    2. The purpose of Creatine is to have more Creatine-phosphate to resynthesise
      Adenosine tri-phosphate in your body as the breakdown of ATP into ADP is
      what creates energy for our movements you spastic.

    1. Andrew Cramer spoiler: plants and vegetables don’t come out of the piñata.
      Just everything that makes up the psyche of vegan gains. Play times over

    1. +Clean Bodies Oh WOW. so Japanese people must live to 100 if they didint
      eat animal prouducts . rest of the diet is plant based ? In other words a
      balanced diet right. I don’t see why anyone would want to live passed 80
      anyway so who cares.

  1. Every point in this video is pretty poor.
    Your hole agreements based off Creatine causing a vary small amount of
    water retention “(Might) cause an increases in blood pressure.” Though
    typically it takes much larger increases of water retention to even start
    to see increases in blood pressure. Still you then use this to ramble on
    about all the negative sides of “high blood pressure” in a way thats
    intended to make your audience attribute these sides to creatine. Its a
    fallacy Richard.
    I could say apples have lots of sugar and then talk about the all the
    health risks of high sugar intake and my argument would be just as valid.
    Also when you say no one has ever won a gold meddle because of creatine, so
    you don’t need it. I could use the same logical fallacy to state no one has
    ever won a gold meddle because they got more then one hour of sleep. so you
    don’t need to.
    Im not going to list all of the many clinically proven benefits of creatine
    because I feel as a guy who does his research you already know them. Yet
    due to the fact meet is the primary source in nature for creatine it
    undermines your vegan ideology so such facts come as a threat.
    For a guy who often calls out fallacies I’ve noticed a trend of you using
    them yourself.

    1. cholesterol isnt found in plants either maybe you should go take a
      cholesterol supplement. we don’t need dietary cholesterol because our body
      makes its own and we don’t need creatine either. perhaps actual carnivores
      do though.

    2. Well said Lucas

      @Level Up Vegan
      The body does not produce as much creatine as it could handle, that is not
      the case with cholesterol.
      Supplementing creatine is way healthier than eating 500grams of steak every

    3. Tom Roth Can you read or eating vegan food have taken away your capability
      to decipher words and sentences. I said irrespective of how it is made
      richard wont like it because it not present naturally in any vegetable. If
      a product is associated with non veg food sources only you can expect him
      to be biased about it.

  2. vegan gains is an idiot for this one. he’s basically saying creatine and
    sodium has the same affects on the body as far as water retention but
    doesn’t elaborate on the type of water retention . how about you source
    some of the studies where creatine is taking by the elderly to treat
    osteoporosis because of increase in bone density

    1. thats right, he`s just talked and shown bs. all those “side effects ” he
      talked about to you guys are not even proven, and creatine DOES enhance the
      performance in your workout up to 10-20%. Its one of the most researched
      Supplements. He should rather stay at his jumpsuit marriage instead of
      talking crap

    2. you guys must not have even watched the video. he said you should avoid it
      if you are predisposed to high blood pressure because the water retention
      it provides is not healthy at that point.

    3. +MrLegitMafia​​ but there is NO evidence stating that creatine increases
      blood pressure. Vegan gains said that it causes water retention which in
      turn can cause an increase in blood pressure similar to what too much
      sodium does. But like I said before he didn’t differentiate the type of
      water retention it causes (intracellular) which doesn’t cause your blood
      pressure to rise. At the end of the day taking safe amounts of creatine
      (3-5 grams) is beneficial to you health and fitness wise for everybody. if
      you find a legit study stating otherwise, please enlighten me

    4. +M Davis what do you think about the fact that people say creatine is a
      reason for hairloss? ( its not proven maybe only for ppl who already have
      hairloss in their family tree, but still stupid in my opinion)

    5. +M Davis you are right about him not differentiating the type of water
      retention. there isn’t any studies that say it does. but i found something
      that says creatine increases the concentration of urine from the extra
      water retention in muscles which over time the concentrated urine can lead
      to a reduction in kidney function. there isn’t much other then that i could

  3. Thanks for making this. ALL the broscience out there assures creatine is
    safe. However my doctor made me stop taking it due to elevated levels of
    creatinine which stresses the kidneys.

    1. Vegan Gains yes. Anyone who has frequent water retention, can be assured
      that, that is the precursor for damaged kidneys. While the other conditions
      I have mentioned before, are a no brainer to stay away from creatinine.

    2. Hans Wurst who are you talking to? Because your comment doesn’t respond to
      my comment by any means….it has nothing to do with the creatinine levels
      already in the body. Nothing at all. The reason has to do with the
      structure of that particular creatine molecule and its inability to be
      fully eliminated out of the body through the filtration of the kidneys. Any
      real research done on this supplement easily shows how and why it is not
      good for anyone with weak kidneys, period.

    3. Clean Bodies. i certainly wasn’t responding to you. Unlike a “Nutritionist”
      i have recieved actual medicinal training. And yes, there have been
      reported cases of renal failure with people who were ALSO supplementing
      creatine monohydrate. BUT not a single study could proof a connection
      between creatine (as long as it is not contaminated with byproducts)
      monohydrate supplementation and renal failure. Yes, creatine
      supplementation raises serum creatinine. But it is pretty obvious why that
      is and NOT harmful in itself. We are talking about not even 20% increase in
      serum creatinine. renal failures have values of 10-20 TIMES (2000% i.e.)
      the levels of creatine, urea and uric acid (uremic syndrome). Also creatine
      monohydrate is proven to be the best transformable form of creatine, being
      able to raise lvls of serum creatine PHOSPHATE. whatever you were trying to
      say, would you mind backing it up with some research at least?

  4. Instead of making a video on just the facts just like on everything, why
    don’t you go over the dosage amount? of course for example saying a burger
    will make me obese, eating one a month obviously won’t affect me on that.
    That’s just an example of course, everything to an excess can cause those
    damages but moderation is also a factor

    1. I suggest you check out Cory McCarthy’s channel, he goes over this with
      If I recall you can take up to 30 g a day, without any adverse side
      effects. (If it’s a good product)

  5. Hey I just want to say that you lose credibility when you say it doesn’t
    give you a performance boost I I’ve noticed an increase in the intensity of
    my workouts as well as a 2-5 rep increase per set. All of this will result
    in more muscle breakdown for better results. NO its not “steroid” worthy
    improvements and NO they will not ban it and label it a drug because it’s
    NOT a drug are you serious? It’s in both meat and produced in our body what
    makes you come to the conclusion that they would classify it as a “drug”

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