Jacksepticeye Is A Nazi

Jacksepticeye has thrown PiewSiePie under the bus claiming he deserved getting slandered by the media for making politically incorrect jokes.

H3H3's video:
Sargon of Akkad's video:
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Intro: Puritania by Dimmu Borgir
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Jacksepticeye Is A Nazi

Jacksepticeye has thrown PiewSiePie under the bus claiming he deserved getting slandered by the media for making politically incorrect jokes.

H3H3's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLNSiFrS3n4&t=130s
Sargon of Akkad's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dC5LyaCdpEI
outro: Beef by KRS-One
jacksepticeye's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLE_za2YWsQ
Intro: Puritania by Dimmu Borgir
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44 thoughts on “Jacksepticeye Is A Nazi

  1. I’m salty the fact that Richard sticks up for pewdiepie. A selfish man who makes fun, and cusses out women. For example, he bashed sorsha just for stating that he should go vegan.

    1. Lord Lazy He defended himself against girl who has millions less subscribers than him. Ok I guess if a dog pees on my leg. Let me pee on his head.

    1. Axl Dave dogs are actually omnivores but they have a wolf dog and that baby is definitely a carnivore! Hell my dog is a Yorkie and could technically be very healthy on a vegan diet, but I don’t want to take the chance.

    2. +Christine Reed
      I think it’s more that dogs are just greedy. I used to have a dog that would root through the bins to eat snot out of used tissues, but I certainly wouldn’t say he was a snotivore 😛

    3. Christine Reed I love Yorkies! (Honestly I love all dogs, lol) Do you have any videos of your dog on your channel? If so, I’m subbing; I like watching dog videos! Re Lucy — wolf dogs are omnivores BUT they require meat to be a much bigger proportion of their diet than other dogs require. I’ve met some vegan dogs, but none of the dogs whom we’ve rescued over the years have been vegan. It’s possible to have a vegan dog — Bramble lived to age 27 as a happy vegan dog — but, like you, I’m not going to risk the lives of our dogs by taking that chance. There aren’t many peer-reviewed studies on vegan dogs. Greetings to your dog from ours! ????

    4. StillShiningTV ah thanks! What’s this about her referencing charlie… did the vegan cheetah make a video about it or was it just a live stream?

    1. Rodrigo Ducardus Well there’s a big difference between jacks audience and pewdiepies audience… Jacks audience is filled with a whole bunch of 10 year old kids about to go through puberty while pewdiepies audience is a whole bunch of 18 year olds stating how stupid jacksepticdick is…

    1. Solar Snivy I’ve never heard of this guy until now and I watched jacks whole video and I didn’t see anything wrong with it. This guy DOES need to get punched haha

  2. Uncalled for dude like seriously if you’re going to make a video like this at least get your facts straight. First off Jack never threw Pewds under the bus he just said that Pewds shouldn’t have done that but that he knew instantly his mistake. Second, screw you man that can be reported as slander and you can get arrested for that. Lastly Jack has gotten many people from the brink of suicide (me included) he’s done more for the world than you ever will and if you can’t see that then that makes you just as bad as “Killer Keemstar”.

    1. A person wasting their life playing video games day in and day out is what saves people from suicide? How sad… Whoa whoa whoa wait… Are we talking about suicidal adults? Or mentally impaired, spoiled 10 year old brats who are abused by their aggressive, unstable, alcohol and drug addict parents? Probably the latter.

    2. I have diabeetus Just because you don’t like his content doesnt mean others are the same. Very black and white thinking you have their

    1. Can u not hahaha so it turns out VG is an animal abuser and tortures and kills more animals than most meat eaters for his dog. he’s been exposed. the irony is hilarious

    2. KaleBer the dog isn’t vegan it’s a Wolf dog. they tried to feed it a vegan diet and it got sick, so they now feed it raw meat. they literally have more meat in their freezer than a kebab house! they also lied about adopting the dog they bought it from a breeder. go watch vegan cheetahs video for all the proof.

    3. Yeah, I already started watching it before you commented.
      I’m sort of skeptical. But Jasmine really fucked up that’s for sure though.
      I wonder what Richard and Jasmine intend to do about this.

    1. The title is directly related to the content of the video so no it’s not click bate. And yes thanks for noticing every youtuber wants to make views. You should be a detective.

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