Jean-Francois vs VeganGains Debate

Jean-Francois believes animal agriculture is morally acceptable because it is preserving the existence of unique animal species.

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Jean-Francois vs VeganGains Debate

Jean-Francois believes animal agriculture is morally acceptable because it is preserving the existence of unique animal species.

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69 thoughts on “Jean-Francois vs VeganGains Debate

  1. This was a clear case of JF being a better debater than Vegan Gains. He didn’t win the argument though (unlike all those morons in the comment section of Andy Warsky are claiming) and his position is utterly ridiculous, but he performed well in the debate nonetheless. Watch the Ask Yourself vs. JF debate to see him actually getting nailed, although even there he manages to somehow weasel out. This guy is intelligent. Deceitful, manipulative and wrong maybe (at least in this debate), but very intelligent.

    1. Absolutely not Political Truth.. His positions were so badly thought out I cannot even believe you would call him “Intelligent”, you can’t claim he’s intelligent or very intelligent when he has such stupid views that can be so easily dismantled. I really bewilders me that you find him intelligent.

  2. Also some chicken once upon a time did not approach humans dude. Humans took the chickens cause they were bigger and stronger, to farm and eat them. It was never a chicken who once made the choice that he wanted that.

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    2. That is amazing 🙂 Considering your online income. You should really check out steemit if you havent already. And maybe even other projects like Viuly and Viewly who decentralize and monetize video sharing 🙂

    3. GeorgeK with his logic he doesnt respect or care about the individual. All he cares is keeping a species to keep existing despite how much suffering and pain it causes the individual. Whats the point of living if youre only going live a very small fraction of you estimated life expectancy. He is so hypocritical because the insane amount of livestock farming is the number one cause of species extinction by miles. All the land we are destroying kills off so many species a year. His main arguement is extremely hypocritical and views life in a very sadistic way.

    1. I don’t know man… that rap that no Bullshit did at the beginning of that debate. Like literally I thought it was a joke at first. That guy was the worst IMO. Milk Jar .. maybe on par.

    2. Oh my god yea, I watched the Milk Jar debate. That was embarrassing. Props to Richard for not losing his mind talking to these idiots.

  3. JF is clearly fat and unhealthy. He can continue to eat foie gras like he says. Hospital is his next step in a few years, and the world will be a better place without him. Keep it going JF!

    1. Muaru A lion doesn’t have too justify killing another animal because they’re in the wild; they have too kill to survive. Humans, atleast the ones in western civilization, don’t

    2. Muaru
      “Let’s admit it: you’re mad because he has a different belief than you”

      No, I am just genuinely creeped out by people who take advantage of mentally challenged girls.

      I have no problem with meat eaters. My whole family eats meat and I love them.

    3. ManuZero4 I’ve heard the court documents read by several people. Enemy’s and friends of JF. You’re claims are false.

  4. Humans are part of nature therefore all humam behaviour is natural therfore all human behaviour is morally right i mean honestly ????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Every sentence of that was either completely moronic, mindless hate, or so irrelevant it had no meaning in a discussion on morals in the 21st century. First of all, learn not to speak so emotionally, especially in hatred. That made you make many poor logical arguments here, it’s pathetic.

      Despite what you said, we don’t live in a “do whatever you want” world. The world has consequences, some of them by our own construction through laws. Why? Because we value morality. Why? Because we choose to live better than barbarically. Do I need to simplify this more?

  5. “If we didn’t breed these animals we would be committing genocide.” We’re already committing genocide on these animals. We simply have them in a place where we can do it over and over.

    1. From what i gathered he doesnt believe in morality and ethics. Why no one calls these “no ethics” guys out on it is beyond me. Do they really think humanity would be better off thinking like robots and not having empathy?

  6. 4:45 I went passed a few farms yesterday in the countryside they were all full of grass fed cows and it was freezing with heavy rain, the cows were all boxed inn like all grass fed farm animals are and they were all just standing up not moving looking miserable and looking like statues because there is no where to go no shelter to go under, they cant explore and find shelter beyond the fences they are all boxed inn so no farmers don’t provide shelter for grass fed animals

    1. Deadlift Devotion I guess if I give some poor orphaned children a better life and in say 5 years I eat them it’s okay. Thank you.

  7. PLEASE anyone who didn’t sign the petition linked in VG last video please don’t forget to sign it. It is nearly at 15,000 signatures.

    1. The petition is to ask the Canadian government to remove the license of this slaughter house and shut them down. I know it is hard to watch, no one likes watching it, but it is important to bare witness to what these animals are put through so we can speak out against it. VG video is only short, I urge you to watch it. If not then you can read a short description of what the petition is about on the petition page. Here is the link to the petition –

    1. JF, who I had never heard of until this, is a supremacist of stupidity. His “arguments” were pathetic. All I can hope is that reincarnation is real and he comes back as a chicken

    2. ssini o yeah he did win tbh. Although anyone who argues against veganism on this channel is never going to be recognised as the winner because this is a biased channel. Obviously

    1. U Khan – He’s out of shape because meat and dairy products are EXTREMELY fattening. The leanest meat you can find has at least 10% fat while the meats that 99.9% of the people eat are around 30% fats. The most widely consumed plant foods are only around 1-2% fats.

    1. Yea, so horrible to live long. Certainly no one would like this imposed on them. XD This JF guy is 100% troll. Either this or he’s not fully in control of his mental faculties if you know what I mean.

  8. The entire premise of JF’s argument is that *animal farming is the only way in which the existence of domesticated animals are prolonged* (even though animals where capable of surviving on their own, prior to the advent of farming). I found this debate interesting because it does not relate to the conventional arguments of ethics, environmental and health in regards to veganism.

    What intrigued me about JF, like other scientists, is that he does not ascribe any subjective value to morality, sentience, and even conscience. *His views only fall within the gnostic atheist paradigm* , and does not consider the spiritual and mystic notion that we are all connected; or that that consciencious is very real, even if you try opening someone brain. I still beleive that there is a big disconnect between him and what the animals are experiencing.

    If we actually cared about prologing the existence, why don’t we try consider adapting them back to the natural environment, incase the
    the human species will abruptly become extinct? Should we only consider advancing the R-selected capabilities of chickens, well above their welfare and happiness – for the sake of our selfish palatable desires?

    *Humans may be part of nature, but that does not mean that we have to be assholes* and disregard the vast ecological, ethical and health implications (by supporting an industry that intends to deceive the public that it is necessary to consume animal-products). JF’s arguments are devoid of any *moral subjective value* , even though it is very much relevant to existence, to which we still have to apply to

    1. Omardub15
      JF’s argument is that if a majority of the population became vegan then there would be no reason to keep breeding farm animals since we won’t need them for food. What will happen then is those farm animals will be tossed into the wild where they cannot survive which is essentially genocide. Every living being including plants has a desire to live and committing mass genocide is ultimately morally wrong and Vegan Gains sadly cannot answer this.

    1. there is nothing to debate here omegalul. This whole “debate” was a farce . Jean-Francois could have been destroyed in 2 sentences.

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