Linus Pauling: High dose vitamin C is a cure for cancer, AIDS and heart disease!

Linus Pauling was a great scientist who was one of few people who won double Nobel Prize, for chemistry in 1954 and peace in 1962. But Unfortunately he was very wrong on the claims of vitamin C therapy.

Linus Pauling: High dose vitamin C is a cure for cancer, AIDS and heart disease!

Linus Pauling was a great scientist who was one of few people who won double Nobel Prize, for chemistry in 1954 and peace in 1962. But Unfortunately he was very wrong on the claims of vitamin C therapy.

39 thoughts on “Linus Pauling: High dose vitamin C is a cure for cancer, AIDS and heart disease!

  1. Makes me so mad they put bald kids on TV asking for donations for Cancer
    research when they already have a cure. Shame on all those Doctors

    1. Yeah but it’s just nonsense. To say “each his own” is just more bullshit.

      Jesus also said, Slaves obey your masters even the cruel ones. So yeah…
      dont ruin it with religion bullshit

    2. i am a christian and that mad me laugh so hard. so true. the “so yeah…
      don’t ruin it with religion” because even though i am high on weed, i know
      i am watching a video on vitimin c, so this guy is right this time.

  2. Dr. Linus Pauling was right about Vitamin C, but no nutrient works in
    isolation. While Pauling was alive the differences between Vitamin D3 and
    D2 were unknown. Dr. Pauling did not advocate supplementing Vitamin D
    fearing overdose.

    We now now it is nearly impossible to OD on Vitamin D3, the sunshine form.
    Furthermore most modern people are deficient in D3, likely Dr. Pauling and
    his wife were, too. And Vitamin D3 has been discovered to be anticancer, as

    Supplementing at least C, D3, the Bs, A, and E, along with eating well
    organic if one can, and avoiding highly-processed foods does promote
    vibrant health and long life.

    1. +shreyas Sudhaman I take oral C but I’m well. Were I sick, depending on
      with what I’d do my best to get it IV, too.

    2. +shreyas Sudhaman When I want to take a lot of C 10 grams or more a day I
      mix powder with diluted fruit juice grape or orange or cranberry or some
      combo, whatever, and add a bit of baking soda to take down the tartness.
      Otherwise I take tablets cuz of being lazy. So far my digestion is good
      enough that I’ve no problems absorbing vitamin pills.

    3. +shreyas Sudhaman I gauge it roughly. One level tsp, or slightly rounded
      equals 1000mg powder or 1g, depending on the powder or crystals.

  3. It’s funny because I just watched your video and came away with a different
    conclusion. Just because his wife died of cancer (77 btw) does not mean
    Vitamin C doesn’t help or that she wouldn’t have died sooner with other
    medicines. And it certainly doesn’t mean he’s wrong about strokes and heart

    1. +Renaissance Man Actually after Pauling became interested in health and
      nutrition at age 65 he ate well, exercised, and in addition to 18 grams C
      daily took a multi vit/mineral, A, B-complex and E daily, too.

    1. +Raymond Jensen They can’t patent a vitamin. No money in it for them if
      they cannot patent it.

    2. Agreed Vitamin C would stop their sales. But Vit C is not a cure until we
      have proper clinical trials. Why is it that every study I read gives no
      clear benefit against cancer. According to some studies, it does have
      effects of lowering side effects of some drugs, though. But no effect
      against cancer has been demonstrable in human trials so far.
      Do you have any study which show the efficiency of vitamin C?

  4. what????????? cheap treatment for Cancer……You can get killed for that.
    Of course they will try everything to shut him up. They want billion of
    dollars for research.

    1. +Goh hock siew Swanson vitamins sells good quality vitamins and supps
      online at good prices. Lucky Vitamins and iHerb also have good prices and
      there are others, but I keep coming back to Swanson.

    2. i highly recommend taking lysine and vitimin c mix and a liquid calcium
      isnt bad. you want all three for bones, teeth, gums, tissue formation,
      better, muscle formation, better cardio health. in canada i have found
      medi-C plus, but there are other products from the US that work, just have
      to find them. in some cases i believe products use vitimin c and lysine as
      key ingredients but they might not list them saying the “solution” ratios,
      really, are secret but really they are just using what works.

  5. Someday, we won’t see the liars on video anymore cuz no one will believe
    what they say ! At least they are kind enough to include Mr. Pauling.
    Obviously, given today’s work (ie: Dr. Thomas Levy), Linus was right and we
    would have had no more cancer if the satanists, excuse me AMA and media had
    just let out the truth. No shortage of liars in the main stream media even
    still today in April of 2016. Won’t be much longer though. The dollar they
    pay their henchmen is about to be worthless ! Good riddance !

  6. I’m ramping up from 6 to 12 Grams daily and it’s made nothing but positive
    changes. Poo – pooing that good man’s work will do NOTHING to deter me.

  7. ok there is a video on youtube where a guy from new zealand is about to get
    the plug pulled on him by the doctors and his family said give him high
    doses of vitimin c, and he lived. he had got this way from the swine flu.
    so if someone gets the swine flu and becomes a vegetable, and gets the plug
    pulled without getting vitimin C; you should be able to charge the doctors
    with murder.

  8. The problem is how the vitamin C gets into the system; if you need huge
    does then it must be injections or intravenous, but if it is just for
    normal illnesses, then the body will only process about 1 gram at a time,
    and put the rest into the bowl in eliminated quickly, for the body does not
    keep or store vitamin C; But if one takes 1 to 2 grams of quality vitamin
    C, and then waits 2 to 3 hours for the body to slowly be ready for the next
    round then takes agin 1 to 2 grams, this will get the maximun amount in per
    day. One can get about 8 grams per day into the body the hard way

  9. Works for me. I’ve had no heart disease and am two years older than my
    father when he had his second bypass.

    1. It’s good that you got cured. But it’s inaccurate to advocate a drug
      without proper clinical trials. Not testimonials and anecdotes. Trials. Do
      you have any?

  10. i cant belive ive stumbled on this vid..
    when i was a baby i developed scurvy and my family thought i would die ,,,
    as a last resort they pumped me full of vitamin c…. i am now fifty five…
    i will check with my surgery to see if they still have these records,as it
    was my doctor who told me about this

  11. A while ago due to poor cardiovascular health I began suffering
    debilitating angina attacks, progressing from stable to unstable angina in
    a matter of weeks and culminating in an attack so bad I was on the verge of
    calling an ambulance, just before the attack finally subsided. The very
    next day I began taking high dose Vitamin C – about 1000mg every 2-3hrs –
    within about 8 hrs, physiologically I could feel something had turned
    around (in the same way you know when you’re over the flu and on the road
    to recovery) – the ever-present ‘just below the surface’ tightness in my
    chest had disappeared and I started to feel really good – I then did the
    best yoga session I’d done for about 20 yrs, my joints and muscles felt
    amazingly strong and ‘well-oiled’ (vit c is essential for collagen
    production). After having several angina attacks per week it’s now been 5
    weeks since I’ve had one and I’ve not experienced even the slightest chest
    discomfort in this time. As far as I’m concerned these results speak for
    themselves. Don’t listen to the nay-sayers, they’re either willfully
    ignorant, brainwashed doctrinaires or paid pharma-shills. There’s an
    abundance of scientific data showing the benefits of high dose vit C
    therapy for many ailments. Vitamin C is one of the most potent fast-acting
    antioxidants available which is why it has such wide ranging efficacy. Do
    your own research and if in doubt ask yourself who profits from trying to
    discredit this therapy & research. Remember vitamin C therapy costs

  12. Vit C is awesome me & family all take it & if cold or viruses going around
    eee never get 4-6 grams ascorbate per day

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