Markiplier Wants To Ban Guns

Markiplier has some interesting ideas on firearms control.

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Markiplier Wants To Ban Guns

Markiplier has some interesting ideas on firearms control.

Markiplier's video:
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93 thoughts on “Markiplier Wants To Ban Guns

  1. I hate the “ban assault rifles” argument. If death reduction is your end goal then handguns are what you should be going after. Either plant your flag in the total gun control argument or don’t bother. Virtue signalling BS.

    1. Banning any inanimate object and expecting violence to magically be reduced is irrational and the result of using emotion over reason. You can not change human nature with feels. In the US, if you remove violence cause by drug prohibition the rate of gun violence goes WAY down. And people want the same capricious, arbitrary, and cruel government to have exclusive possession of deadly force? When courts have decided that law enforcement is not obligated to protect you? Uh, no.

    2. @ Tom Gary, assault rifles are not banned. Civilian possession of those made after 1986 is not allowed, but if you have enough money and can pass the background check you can buy machine guns. Aks me how I know.

    3. @ Alexander While you are at it look up how many people defend themselves with firearms every year. Or do you even care?

    4. @ Normaali Ihminen You mean that city with incredibly rigid gun control? Chicago? That was sued successfully to loosen them?

    1. *If everyone chooses to throw away other people’s opinions and reasoning based on arbitrary notions like color of hair, then we would never progress*

      *Get logical*

    1. I also like guns, but just in a gun shooting area, where is respectively safe. I am a former military person and guess what we could not carry loaded weapon 24/7. Why? Because our superiors knew to where it would lead to. Most suicides and homicides are not coming from gallows or bridges jumps 😉

    2. Vegan Gains

      Hypothetical: “I purchase and consume animal products.”

      “I value holding rights above harm reduction/prevention. You can’t prove that my subjective values are incorrect since they are objective.”

    1. I still have him beat with my 23′ video today, with a ton of clips of cheetah, and health-ranger, trump, Alex Jones, then I conquer all.

  2. “This is just you admitting how litte you know and how little you actually care.” Little bit of projection I see? Weird how even if you disagree with Markiplier, Vegan Gains ends up being wrong in every single one of his points no matter which way you slice it.

    1. Vegan Gains Yes. You did explain that his position (and mine) would only stop a few deaths and that handguns do kill more people even in specific shootings. The argument that is being put forth against assault rifles is the same that I would put forth as to why you shouldn’t own a personal tank. Tanks don’t kill a lot of people in America, but the stance we have isn’t strictly what kills more people. It’s the actual practical use of these weapons. It’s a moral stance against things like Assault Rifles. You did provide evidence but I don’t consider it meaningful for when you are arguing against a position that isn’t being put forth. Handguns kill more people. Cool. But that isn’t where the argument against assault rifles end

    2. ScaryLapis, we in europe laugh our asses off when looking at the USA. USA: has a fuckload of guns for everyone, including so many death’s by guns each year. The netherlands: You even have to have a licence to have air gun. Nobody has real guns or wants to have a real gun. Very few deaths each year because of guns. usa: NAHH GUNS ARE FUN PLZZ I WANT TO HAVE THEM AND I HAVE TO DEFEND MYSELF WITH THEM BLABLA BLA PEOPLE DIE NOT BECAUSE OF THE GUNS BUT OF THE PEOPEL BEHIND THE GUN… So fucking dumb

  3. Why is it you base your stance on gun control merely on opinion rather than evidence but criticize others for doing that when it comes to veganism. A bit hypocritical isn’t it?

    1. You’re entitled to think that but I’m not going to sit here arguing with you about gun control all day because it’s a waste of time. My original comment wasn’t to spark a debate as such, it was merely questioning Richard why he takes a ‘rights and freedom’ approach when in my opinion is no different to when people use the ‘but bacon’ argument against veganism.

    2. Rights and freedom are a lil more important than bacon arent they?
      I cant see anything contradictory here.
      As always nothing in response to my argument

  4. Banning guns would be effective to reduce the chance of psychopathic people from getting them… the way, the latest school shooter bought he’s gun legally.

    1. Modern Vegan yes and when the government goes tyrannical, every single person is at risk of death. That s why we have gun rights. To protect against tyrannical government and to protect against criminals.

    2. *HAVE ANY* of you heard of the Sutherland Springs church shooting in Texas?? It was a civilian named *Stephen Willeford* that aided in taking down the shooter *WITH A GUN.* This story didn’t blow up because it doesn’t match the narrative that the media follows.

      Can you guys use your heads? FBI has allowed shootings to happen when provided clear indicators on a shooters’ social media or YouTube that they intend on harming people. There’s SO MUCH more wrong with people today that has nothing to do with the guns.

    3. The media CHERRY PICKS what information will impress you in a way that you’ll support the governments’ desired actions. A long time ago, my brother’s classmate got shot and killed at the school they attended, and it never blew up. Shootings are happening all the time; THEY CHERRY PICK.

  5. Wait a sec… you’re criticizing Mark for using the parkland shooting to talk about gun control. Did u not do that too? Or did you randomly decide to talk about it on stream

    1. @Axis Horn You know you could argue VG defending veganism is virtue signaling lol.

      “Virtue signaling: the action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character or the moral correctness of one’s position on a particular issue.”

      Markiplier was just explaining his views. If you think he’s completely wrong fine, but anybody expressing their views could be considered “virtue signaling” TBH.

    2. Darth Traplord Well if you look at the definition again, it says that you talk about something to/for the purpose of showing how much of a good person you are. VG doesn’t talk about veganism to show he’s a good person, but rather to spread the message and call out people who are misinforming people

    3. @Axis Horn “or the moral correctness of one’s position on a particular issue.” That could definitely apply to VG defending Veganism.

    4. Darth Traplord I completely read over that part. I guess he does virtue signal, but at least its not to show that he’s a good person or something dumb like that

  6. There’s MANY news outlets that are saying the same thing but NO let’s go after one of the kindest YouTubers on the platform. You are the Onision of Vegan channels.

    1. He got his weapon taken off him because of his use of satire and dark comedy in his videos. He got all his weapons back months ago.

    2. yea air guns he has. None of those are actual guns and he should not have them back they are still weapons and him threatening people with them is insane. The kid can’t talk gun control when he is exactly the type of person who has gun rights taken from them. but continue being a sheep and thinking everything he says is correct

  7. Mark has a heart, so he thinks about people, you have stated that you hate people so you just want to argue. Gun bans and buy backs have been shown to work. Another example of you trying to stay relevant by attacking big YouTubers.

    1. “Another example of you trying to stay relevant by attacking big YouTubers.” He literally admitted at the start of the video that he’s doing exactly that, so where are you going with this?

    1. I should really choose the youtubers i watch better, since I simultaneously watch his videos, and hbomberguy’s videos, and on rare occasions where I’m feeling cynical – vegangains.
      It often feels like sometimes I’m making the objectively bad choice (Bad taste).

    2. haha, it doesn’t take any intelligence to throw petty insults, now you have had a laugh.. could you please voice some opinions on what he said in the video?

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