No Bull$hit Debate Challenge

No Bull$shit was reluctant to agree to the live debate but right now we've settled to host it on Sunday June 11th at 4pm eastern time US/Canada

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No Bull$hit Debate Challenge

No Bull$shit was reluctant to agree to the live debate but right now we've settled to host it on Sunday June 11th at 4pm eastern time US/Canada

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outro: Beef by KRS-One
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67 thoughts on “No Bull$hit Debate Challenge

    1. vegan gains can fight my 7 foot tall 320lbs new zealander friend legit i will set it up if he accepts

    2. The people saying physical fights are for primitive retards are generally the emasculated guys that couldn’t handle a physical altercation even if it presented itself in an emergency situation, physical or not, we live in a world of conflict. Every organised fist fight I’ve been into when I was younger has resulted in mutual respect and/or friendship afterward. It may not be the best way to go about it, a rushed short-term fix but when both parties agree to it I don’t see much of an issue especially when it’s done in a controlled environment where no one gets seriously injured due to ‘spectator refs’, just don’t go beating your wife or worse cause you couldn’t vent your frustrations otherwise. Also it’s pretty pathetic that you would talk about using weapons after saying physical fights are for retards, so you’re basically implying to end someone’s life with a weapon rather than having a bit of a physical scuffle. I can’t imagine how weak and fragile one must be to have this kind of viewpoint.

      +TheLuiscelaya “what does beating up someone accomplish?” Well, if 2 people are calling each other pussies, why not actually meet up and find out? otherwise don’t call people pussies if you can’t say it to their face. If neither still backs down then they can settle it the old fashion way like men and possibly shake hands when all is said and done.

    3. Vince K That’s why I said it is stupid to fight him because it doesn’t solve anything. It’s my opinion of the matter.

  1. You can hate on this guy all you want but until you eat 1,999 calories instead of 2,000 to confuse the body then you aren’t a human.

  2. I still remember the quote: “You have this picture of a computer therefore you have no credibility” – No Bull$hit 2017

  3. I know everytime there’s someone new to debate we all say they’re dumber and dumber but I’m jaw dropped on how fucking stupid this No Bulshit guy is. Like how does this spastic have %1 of credibility after his response to Ask Yourself!?

    1. No you are just visualizing them as lesser than you because it fits the narrative you have developed in this Vegan echo chamber

    2. sh4rk sh4d0w Sorry man but that’s not it. They are incredibly stupid. If you can’t see that then I’ve got bad news for you.

    3. sh4rk sh4d0w
      No, he was refuted multiple times in the stream. Alleging that people are suffering from some sort of cognitive dissonance makes no sense. Prove it or let us assume your drivel is mindless.

  4. LOL he is prob googling “best arguments against veganism” and only seeing pictures of bacon. dude is fucked!

    1. @Nathan Williamson
      Oh hell, no fucking doubt man. I thought the exact same thing, perfectly imagining him jumping head first into google.
      “Aha! I got it.. The answer is bacon tho!”

    1. Jim Bam didn’t think that was possible til now least this guy is smart enough to duck and run away

    1. TitNinja I don’t know. maybe that the prey we as human decided to attack back in the day. even so what’s the differences between us killing and say a lion killing a zebra etc

    2. L H vegans believe that we should abstain from killing or using animals to whatever extent that we CAN. Eating meat is not wrong in and of itself, but if we have the necessary plant alternatives to survive without meat we should just let the animals have there own lives, free from captivity and slaughter. It’s about not causing harm unless necessary. Thanks for the genuine question

    3. Tonne Fan OK but to be fair in western society. animals are not “slaughtered” its a quick painless death. And isnt meat not a good thing to have in a balanced diet

    4. L H try researching this at the American dietetic association, the academy of dietetics and nutrition, or the national center of biotechnology(which I believe is a research center, not a specific nutrition organization) there’s more and more evidence that vegans can be healthy, and that veganism may even provide protection against many diseases. But it’s really the fact that veganism is adequate that I care about, whether it’s healthier or not is not important on the topic of ethics. There’s millions of us, and I myself have not died of malnourishment yet lol

  5. Yah go Vegan Gains!! No Bull$hit is about to get fucked (in the non consensual metaphorical sense of course)

  6. I am subscribed to ‘No Bullshit’ and like his videos and opinions on particular topics.However, veganism is a topic in which you cannot refute or criticize in a negative way.

    1. Maybe the way these youtubers attack veganism indicates that these “skeptics” aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box.

    2. Absolutely nothing is exempt from criticism or debate.
      Negative or positive you can’t say that someone’s argument is moot simply because the topic at hand is so pure or whatever.

      If you watch NB’s channel or any other “Skeptic” channels then you should know that dude.

    3. CondescendedWow Of course, but the point is that there are basically no sound arguments against veganism.

  7. “No Bullshit” represents everything wrong with the anti-SJW community. They go after these intellectual midget SJWs, most of whom are very young and don’t know any better, and now that this has gotten stale they’re trying to attack legitimate causes like veganism, which is rooted in logic, facts, and truth and has been around for centuries. And now they are being exposed as fucking morons.

    These channels are toast, at least for me. I could never stand the smug and unwarranted sense of self-importance and satisfaction most of them exuded. They all think they’re fucking Carlin because they took on some of the easiest targets imaginable. What a joke.

    “No Bullshit” might be the worst of them all because he embodies all of these qualities, but he copied everyone else in the community, adds quite literally nothing but cringe to it, and is now making money off of it. He’s a fucking leach. An unoriginal, unintelligent twat. Can’t stand people like him.

    1. You do realize that existence of humans are very harmful to animals? Even if whole world would go vegan, we would still pollute, build and expand, and cause death and suffering of other animals.
      We would have to poison and kill those animals who would eat our crops and they would do that to survive and we would kill them because of it. We would destroy and pollute their habitat and just by living they would suffer.
      At the end it is might makes right, or we humans should commit collective suicide.
      Why should animals suffer because of us? Why not just kill ourselves and then no animal would ever suffer because us.

      Here you another problem.
      Human existence and survival is not necessary. So by killing an animal, in any way, shape, or form, is unnecessary suffering and death caused by humans.
      Animals which suffer and die so you could eat your plant based food died for something unnecessary, they died unnecessarily.

      Another unnecessary problem….If you think that it is ok for animals to die and suffer so you could survive, then you ought not to take a calorie more than what you need.
      If you want to eat some vegan cupcake and that is unnecessary for your survival, that is just for your pleasure and taste, then animals died and suffered so you could eat unnecessary cupcake.
      So you should either go freegan and eat from dumpsters, or should eat food what is necessary for your survival, not a bite more, not a calorie more.

      So either you will kill yourself, or you are a speciest who supports “might makes right”, or you would ignore that problem, but then you would find a problem of your unnecessary existence and then again suffering and death of animals unnecessary, just so you, unnecessary being, would exist and if you even ignore that problem, then you have problem with veganism that you should eat from dumpsters, or be very restrictive on the food you eat.

    2. Just because we can’t eliminate the harm we do to animals doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t attempt to minimize it. Veganism isn’t perfect: for example, insects are inevitably killed accidentally. There is a spectrum of vegans, but the majority(I would say) find that avoiding animal exploitation (food, clothing, testing, etc) does almost entirely reduce the immoral act of harming them, and so we should do this. I think you imagine vegans believe veganism is perfect. I do not. However, it is a step in the right direction.

      “Human existence and survival is not necessary”
      …what? If we look at existentialism, then its difficult to justify any moral principle. Do you really believe in that? It’s a fun philosophy to study, but in practice, it makes any lifestyle difficult/impossible.

      And yeah, there’s A LOT to talk about with veganism+ethics alone. These are just a few of my ideas to answer your questions.

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