No Bull$hit vs Vegan Gains Live Debate

No Bull$hit fails to defend the animal agriculture industry.

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No Bull$hit vs Vegan Gains Live Debate

No Bull$hit fails to defend the animal agriculture industry.

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65 thoughts on “No Bull$hit vs Vegan Gains Live Debate

    1. Wrong, I could easily win. The reason VG wins is because he has these morals and values. I do not. So I cannot lose. So you’re wrong.

    2. M J Grasscutter i mean its not that simple. Especially if agree to the hypotheticals that VG shows you would end up looking insane. Also morality is not as subjective as you think. If it really were serial killers wouldn’t be demonized like they are cuz “morality is subjective”.

  1. So according to no bullshit, vegan gains is a hypocrite for saying eating meat is immoral when it’s not a need while feeding his dog meat, which is a need for his dog to be in good health. Fucking idiot.

    1. Bullshit also doesn’t understand how context works, which is apparent throughout the entire debate as he keeps accusing Richard of “putting words in his mouth” when Richard is really only rephrasing his bullshit statements into their next logical implications, pointing out double standards & logical inconsistencies

    2. Anon Maxima Yeaa, he definitely couldn’t follow the hypothetical questions at all. He would argue that hypothetical questions are “inconsistent” in context of eating meat to slavery (even though the hypothetical was consistent in appealing to popularity), yet later on he would dismiss specific contexts about hunting for survival, which is inconsistent to western civilization having access to plant options. Logic is above this guy.

    1. Yeah, I think Bullshit didn’t quite understand what vegan means. Asking someone who is against killing animals for no reason if they’d kill an animal for no reason wasn’t his brightest move.

    1. The Fruitcake i know, i personally wouldnt eat lab meat, i currently only eat fish because im not allowed to be fully vegan, but i plan on going vegan when i leave for college. But apparently we should have supermeat for pretty cheap within the next 10 years

    2. Heimwrit _ uh, VG never said humans and non humans are the same. Lol. At least you know that you can’t win a debate like this.

    1. +toxin it is meat eaters educated on the consequences of their food choices that are blind to the truth

    2. Re: _lol you actually think bacon is going to kill you, GTFO_

      Hahaha you do realize bacon and other processed meats are classified as a class one carcinogen by the World Health Organization?

  2. It felt like No Bullshit was trolling a bit to much there.
    he even started lying, you should have ended it far sooner, he just tried to claim that he won the debate and that he debunked animal rights, hope he listens to this and realizes that he isnt all that bright on this subject.

    1. Matt Richards – It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make anti-SJW videos (as No Bullshit clearly demonstrates), and there are plenty of intelligent anti-SJW channels out there that don’t decide to rail against vegans or veganism with the most inane arguments imaginable.

  3. I know crab isn’t healthy bc of pollution and such, but I’m considering becoming a Green Crabatarian. You know, for the greater good.

    1. +Luis Amador ye similar to angel i got sick of arguing and stuff. I know most of the stuff already that was posted there so I didn’t see a reason to stay.

  4. No Bullshit’s Highlights:
    “I’d have to google it.”
    “Tribe of deer”
    “Stop using college debate words.”
    “I don’t know whether it’s unethical to tranquilize a human, kill, and eat them.”
    “Green crabs”
    “I ‘SAID’ that…”
    “Killing 10 humans isn’t any worse than killing 1 human.”
    “Would you gas a rabbit? Like if it was coming into your house?” -> “I’d probably just take it outside…” -VG
    “Your dog tho…”

  5. I’m not even vegan but I understand why vegans are so angry. NOBS’s stupidity makes me wanna give up on humanity.

  6. When no Bs was talking on Warski live a few days ago no Bs said I’m gonna destroy Vegan Gains and then it just turned out the opposite lmao.

  7. Humans are herbivore and NO we don’t need to eat animals to live BUT if we don’t eat plants we DIE! So because small animals die in growing PLANTS, are you asking us to DIE! 98% of all animal suffer is
    there is not one fvcking scientist on earth that is telling vegans are destroying the planet. It’s animal agriculture. NO BULLSHIT is a fvcking moron and you vegan gains doesn’t know how to tell this dumbass he is a moron like I would.

    1. And by your neanderthal logic Lions should have brains ten sizes bigger than ours… We have bigger brains because of STARCH! you dumbass.

    2. ? You tripping? I don’t eat animal products. I’m stating a fact. Humans are omnivores and not herbivores. Look it up.

    3. William C. Roberts MD ‘only herbivores get cardiovascular disease’

      World reknowned (sic) cardiologist shatters human omnivore myth in one sentence

      William C. Roberts MD has five decades of experience in the field of cardiology, written over 1300 scientific publications, a dozen cardiology textbooks, and has been editor in chief of the American Journal of Cardiology for a quarter of a century. He is arguably the most highly regarded cardiologist in the world today.

      In his editorial “The Cause of Atherosclerosis”, published in the peer reviewed journal Nutrition in Clinical Practice, Roberts states that there is a single, sole cause to heart disease: cholesterol. If your total cholesterol is below 150 and LDL is below 70, you are essentially heart attack proof. What is the cause of high cholesterol? Saturated fat and animal products:

      Atherosclerosis is easily produced in nonhuman herbivores (eg, rabbits, monkeys) by feeding them a high cholesterol (eg, egg yolks) or high saturated fat (eg, animal fat) diet‚Ķ And atherosclerosis was not produced in a minority of rats fed these diets, it was produced in 100% of the animals! Indeed, atherosclerosis is one of the easiest diseases to produce experimentally, but the experimental animal must be an herbivore. It is not possible to produce atherosclerosis in a carnivore‚Ķ”

      He elaborates in an earlier editorial:

      It is virtually impossible, for example, to produce atherosclerosis in a dog even when 100 grams of cholesterol and 120 grams of butter fat are added to its meat ration. (This amount of cholesterol is approximately 200 times the average amount that human beings in the USA eat each day!). (The American Journal of Cardiology, 1990, vol. 66,896.)

      He then utterly annihilates the human omnivore myth in a single sentence. here it is:

      ***Because humans get atherosclerosis, and atherosclerosis is a disease only of herbivores, humans also must be herbivores.***

      At once the insanity of our times comes into razor sharp relief.

      Some may debate whether cholesterol is the sole cause of heart disease. It does not matter, the fact remains that atherosclerosis occurs only in herbivores.

      If humans were physiological omnivores, heart disease would not exist, let alone be America’s #1 killer for over a hundred years.

      It may not be the least bit hyperbolic to say that the existence of heart disease in humans is proof that we, as a species, are vegans.

      In any case, a low fat vegan diet has been proven again and again to be the cure for heart disease. A mountain of clinical evidence supports this.

      According to Roberts, those who are utterly immune to heart disease without the use of statin drugs are pure vegetarian fruit eaters. His own exact words. fruit eaters.

      So in addition to never losing an argument with a meat eater ever again, we can rest assured that according to America’s top cardiologist, our diet of choice here at 30BaD ain’t so crazy at all compared what the myriad of people pretending to be meat eaters are doing.

  8. Invading species are such a real life problem!
    Every evening when I get back from work I see 3-4 deer sitting on my couch and eating my food while watching Breaking Bad. Damn, they even got to my Gardeins!

  9. Easy, the animal agriculture business gives jobs to hundreds of thousands of families around the globe, the end.

    1. He only appeals to certain context where it is morally justified to kill animals but completely ignores every single other context where it doesn’t morally justify to kill those animals and then goes back to that certain context and that is his argument. He completely ignores every single other picture

    2. I just finished watching the debate and VG won, BS literally, hold the L, ignored VG questions for an hour straight and went like “ooohhh so now your going back to…”

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