Pig Truck Crash

Pig Truck Crash

Pig Truck Crash

A pig transport truck recently crashed due to reckless driving and a pork producer had something very interesting to say about it.

Pig Truck Crash

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Pig Truck Crash

Pig Truck Crash

Pig Truck Crash

Pig Truck Crash

A pig transport truck recently crashed due to reckless driving and a pork producer had something very interesting to say about it.

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Pig Truck Crash
Pig Truck Crash

67 thoughts on “Pig Truck Crash

    1. Conscious Conscience that’s completely different now you are waging
      people’s life and animal’s at the same level. Animals don’t contribute to
      society humans do.And in that retrospect why there isnt a group of people
      who hunt down predator animals they also kill other mammals this world is
      ment to kill to survive.

    2. MozesTheBackStabber are you saying contribution to society is the basis for
      moral inclusion? if so do you support exploitation of elderly with
      dementia, mentally handicapped etc.?

      are predatory animals a basis for moral behavior? if so, you must condone
      rape, murder infanticide etc.

    3. Why are you placing animal slaughter in the same line as people with mental
      or physical disabilities?

      I just used predators as an example to showcase that you cant stop the
      killing in the animal kingdom its disgusting in a way but its NATURAL and
      how the world works.

      I have some what empathy towards the animals but i wont cut down on such a
      vast food supply. Condone rape, murder 4 real m8 how can you imply
      something so grotesque ?

    4. +Conscious Conscience
      We can’t have a society in order if we went around eating each other, but
      its ok to eat pigs, so go make a bacon sandwich and enjoy, nom nom nom

  1. My heart was bleeding when I heard of this… Where is our compassion? We
    don’t have to be a part of this cruelty. Going vegan makes a difference.
    Only compassion can stop this madness

    1. You kill your own food? Or do you go to the supermarket and buy carcasses
      wrapped in plastic there? Or does you mom buy the carcass and cooks it for
      you? Like a real warrior.

    1. Ak Luke I cut sugar out and choose a high fat diet and my acne cleared my
      mental health improved lost weight and sleep 10x better .

    1. Matilda187 voteing for Donald trump would be a good and bad thing but if he
      is chosen Obama will declare MARSHAL LAW so face it hide your guns the U.N
      that are here will send you to a FEMA death camp if you resist them and the
      New Order.

  2. Mr. gains. Bradley Martyn makes comments almost every other video about how
    he’d like to be vegan, the vegan stuff he eats and blah blah but still
    hasn’t made the plunge. Idea for new video?

  3. Hey Richard , just an idea you could do a series of videos for begginer
    lifters/vegans giving advice on sets , reps , exersises , cardio and more.

    1. I would love this! I’ve never been into weight lifting before and I know
      basically nothing about it; I’m mostly just an internet and video gamig
      nerd. I’m 19 now and I’d really like to get into shape but I’m really not
      sure about anything tbh. A video for beginners would be amazing!

    1. +Jonathan Reyes So your best guess is that a hardcore animal lover who is
      willing to go to jail to help animals, would be poisoning these pigs?! It’s
      called the Toronto Pig Save, not the Toronto Pig Kill. It is absolutely
      authoritarian to arrest someone who is giving WATER to a thirsty and
      injured being condemned to die.

    2. What? Those animals did nothing wrong. They’ve been abused by the humans
      whom she was threatening their whole lives and about to be killed by them,
      and it doesn’t make sense to you why she would rather inflict harm on the
      humans than the victim? You think someone who’s pleading for justice is
      taking things too far? I think people who treat life as a facet to be used
      at their own whim are taking it too far, even though it shouldn’t be taken

    1. Key Smith Loves You Blacks definitely commit more crime then whites. Just
      go to ANY black neighborhood and see. Stereotypes exist for a reason

  4. we need a vegan ISIS style group to start executing the staff of slaughter
    houses it only seems fair they get what they dish out

    1. +Illusion of Life Obviously, you did. Don’t let reality trigger you. We’re
      animals surviving, day by day.

  5. Well Vegan Gains, you just convinced me, I’m going to go vegan. Sorry for
    ignoring it for so long. Thanks for getting the message out there.

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