Roaming Millennial vs Vegan Gains

Roaming Millennial normally talks about politics and culture, but now she wants you to know how much she loves meat.

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Vegan Diets Suitable for all stages of life:

Diet and risk of iron deficiency:

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Roaming Millennial vs Vegan Gains

Roaming Millennial normally talks about politics and culture, but now she wants you to know how much she loves meat.

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Roaming Millennial's video:
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outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Research Referenced:
Cholesterol and Atherosclerosis:
Vegan Diets Suitable for all stages of life:
Diet and risk of iron deficiency:
Vitamin K:

65 thoughts on “Roaming Millennial vs Vegan Gains

    1. Shannon Goatright vegan gains totally proves her points on the toxic attitudes that many vegans have by acting super antagonistic and violent.

    2. Shannon Goatright I could see what you are saying if he didn’t act like this all the time even in his other videos

  1. You have never said anything to make me consider veganism. Every single argument is void. Noble sacrifice made by the animals. This guy just butthurt cause theirs no real argument besides feelings. Circle of life bro just accept it

    1. Vegan Gains you fucking idiot chump
      I started killing more animals after watching your videos I fucking love killing animals

    2. Vegan Gains bruh not every fucking farm is like that. We actually let our cattle roam free and live decently before eating it. Just a bullet through it’s brains is enough. it tastes better once you’ve created a bond with it?

  2. Went vegan today after finally depleting all left-over animals products in my house; What supplements do I need? Just b12 and omega-3?

    1. no need for omega 3 supplement- can get that from fruits, veggies, flax seeds and chia seeds. you CAN take a b12 supplement, OR drink soy milk fortified with b12 or put nutritional yeast on food, which is also fortified. alternatively, if you want a natural source of b12, you can eat fermented foods such as tempeh, natto and certain types of seaweed which are all quite high in vitamin b12

    2. I would say take a well rounded multivitamin if you are worried about it. There are the Deva multivitamins I believe unnatural vegan takes those. However realize that by becoming Vegan you are already doing so much for your health. The World Health Organization did say that processed meat (bacon etc.) causes cancer and that red meat (beef, pork, lamb, etc.) is a probable carcinogen meaning it probably causes cancer. In addition I would check out forks over knives as every vegan seems to recommend that one. Good on you for taking a step towards bettering your own health plus caring about the welfare of animals, and the environment.

    3. Multivitamins can do more harm than good. Because they contain excessive amounts of vitamins and minerals, when you take them for a long period of time they can become toxic. Besides, food has all the nutrients that come in Multivitamins.

    4. You might want to check out Butyric Acid supplements, especially if you prone to inflammation and irritable bowl syndrome.

    5. In my opinion I only take B12. This is because the soil is depleted from all the overgrowing of crops for feeding to the animals, it’s actually from the dirt, meat just has it in as the animals are injected/fed B12. :]

  3. Yep, cows chickens and pigs are slaughtered by the thousands every day to feed us. And I don’t care. Is it morally right? No, but it keeps humanity going. I know you want to pretend we live in some world where we can all just go vegan and be happy, but the fact is there’s too many people, and I don’t know if you’re familiar with overpopulation, but it’s only getting worse. How are we gonna feed the billions more people that will be here in just 30 years? Tofu? We need to kill animals to survive. Animals kill animals all the time, and that is a perfectly good justification, it literally is what we do to. And by the way it’s ironic that you of all people love calling non-vegans psychopaths considering your history buddy.

    1. Yamiteru Iori I’m all for healthy living, and I do think that the first world such as Western Europe and to a lesser degree the US has more of an ability to go vegan. I personally wouldn’t myself, but I can see why the argument is made and I agree with many points. All I’m saying is we have to remember that people living in less fortunate areas need all the food and nutrients they can get. If they have to kill animals to get meat so that they can feed themselves and their families, then that is what needs to happen. Maybe in the future we can find a better alternative, and I would be all for it. But it’s too unrealistic, naive, and illogical to think the whole world in 2017 can be sustained by a plant based diet. There are too many variables an obstacles as of now for that to happen.

    2. Yeah I agree that people in remote places don’t have a choice while the only eatable thing out there is animals – like deserts and so.. but on the most of the Earths surface there aren’t this extreme conditions, so again the pattern with “an animal costs more land and food than the food itself” applies.. so as for me and from this perspective it’s illogical to not go vegan / plant based diet if the weather conditions allow it

    3. Caesar, actually animal agriculture increases world hunger; it doesn’t decrease it. Take all the starving people living in 3rd world countries for example. All the food that could of gone to them is going to live stock instead, so we can eat meat and dairy. Not only that but it also causes an overwhelming amount of deforestation that leads to lost of habitat for other animals that can lead to extinction.

    4. Caesar You do realize that we spend resources to feed these animals to feed us right? If we stopped eating animals, we would have more food for ourselves.

  4. Being vegan doesn’t make you the best person in the world… Really, your only arguments are ‘dumb b*tch’ and showing videos of pigs dying.

    1. Mr. White guy You misunderstood my comment. My point is that vegans can do bad things, but that doesn’t mean veganism isn’t morally superior to eating meat, just like the fact that people who don’t rape can still do other bad things doesn’t mean that not raping isn’t morally superior to raping. The idea that one can’t claim to be more ethical than another person in some way unless he/she is more ethical than that person in every single way is utterly illogical.

    2. Oombadoomba My bad sir/madame. I got a bit confused and caught up with all the militancy in this comment section.

    3. There are many valid arguments for being vegan, and depending on your reason for being vegan, but no one ever listens so I’m sorry if that’s all you can hear. Her video is bad because it’s a generalisation to a group of people, who aren’t personally attacking anyone, only voicing their views. Non-vegans are the ones who get aggressive towards vegans because they don’t want to hear what they have to say, in fear of it hurting their egos once they point out that their justifications for contributing to animal cruelty are poor once looked into and analysed in depth.
      Her video is just another example of someone retorting because someone threatened her image of being righteous by pointing out flaws of an action she takes part in.

    1. Maybe its the other way around. vegans get teased for their lifestyle, and try to justify their humane actions, and before u know it the stereotype was formed. The first time i told people i was going vegan i was eating lunch with my friends, one of them offered me pizza, and i said” naa thanks, i decided to go vegan”. They laughed in my face, then asked me where i got my protein from. Also don’t be rude, some people care very much.

    2. of course not, thats not what i was saying. It’s impossible to talk about veganism without offending people who aren’t vegan, you are saying that their lifestyle is wrong, for example, when people ask me why i went vegan, i give them my honest answer ‘because i don’t want to support animal cruelty’, of course this is insulting, as im essentially saying that they do support animal cruelty. then they go off and tell their friends how rude and arrogant vegans are, and so the circle continues.

    3. Oak Tree Cows are still not sentient as us, you know. And the unwillingness of this community to understand this different starting point for meat eaters is why many automatically label you off as militant assholes.

  5. The problem with vegans:
    1. They threaten your comfort
    2. They threaten your laziness
    3. They threaten your intelligence
    4. They threaten the system
    5. They threaten your constipation

    6. They don’t have egg farts

    1. +Mr. White guy If you actually watched this video, we already AGREE that animal life does not equal human life, why does this justify slaughtering them unnecessarily? She can’t discuss the benefits of veganism/a vegan diet because she’s ignorant on the subject (clearly), how can you combat torture in the meat industry if the end result is their death? By that logic I should be able to kill children as long as they didn’t suffer before hand. All animals are sentient, all animals can feel pain, all animals want to live. All she did was pay lip service to the idea of veganism, but she doesn’t really care, and it’s mind boggling you can’t see this.

    2. but we aren’t killing them unnecessarily. we kill them for food. and there is a HUGE difference between killing a child for no reason and killing a cow for food.

    3. But we do not require them to survive so it is unnecessary. We have healthier alternatives that don’t cause death/suffering (humans included not only animals) and destruction to the planet. Think about it.

  6. I think she hit the nail on the head with her video title, actually. Vegans, for the most part, feel like they are morally superior to anyone who isn’t vegan. They tend to put themselves on a pedestal, which is pretty damn narcissistic. If you want to live a vegan lifestyle, great. But stop acting like you’re so righteous.

    1. Dakari Ford most vegans say that because people give them the attention they want when they say that. You should try listening to what vegans have to say before shutting them out completely.

    2. Roney Farjani lmao… don’t you know intelligence is relative though? that we have certain standards of intelligence that are biased towards the traits of the human species? but picking these traits as making a being “intelligent” but not others is actually quite arbitrary? so, you cannot say that humans are OBJECTIVELY and absolutely more intelligent or “superior” than all other species, because other species have abilities and we don’t. it’s so egocentric to think YOU’RE the “most evolved” out of the 2 million life forms on earth and when life has existed for billions of years and modern humans have only been around the last 20,000 years. besides, evolution has no goals or levels, so it’s impossible for any species to be the “most evolved”

    3. Dakari Ford it’s so egocentric to think YOU’RE the most superior life form out of the 2 billion that exist when you haven’t even studied ecology or other species in depth. I bet if you did you wouldn’t be saying that. evolution has no goals or levels so it does not make one species more superior than another objectively. you’re using your own standards of intelligence that are biased towards homo sapiens, but I may as well use totally different standards to conclude that bees are most intelligent, or whales or elephants or whatever. because its RELATIVE

  7. “Veganism is a very difficult thing to argue against, it’s simply the philosophy that it’s wrong to cause unnecessary suffering and death to animals.”
    Now I don’t want to call Richard out on being hypocritical but does he actually do everything he can to not cause unnecessary suffering and death to animals?

    If you read this and can honestly say that you do everything on this list, then you can say what you like, but if you can’t hypocrisy is the only call.

    Does he sweep the ground in front of him to make sure he doesn’t kill any insects? If not he is causing unnecessary suffering and death to animals, Jains do that.

    Does he buy food that is only organic and from biodiverse farms? 
    If not he either contributes to a chemical mass murder of animals or a slow starvation of a whole group of animals by depriving them of a niche by making a monoculture.

    Does he live off the grid and only use energy from his own sustainable source? If he isn’t he is directly contributing to what many to believe could be a mass extinction event led by human greenhouse gas emissions. Even if we were to say that Richards power came solely from a HEP dam, the area flooded will have had 100’s of millions of animals there.

    Does he swat or shew away flies, remove wasps nests from his home, get rid of ants crawling into his cereal, use any form of insect repellent or even leave outside lights on causing a draw to local species of moths at night? If he does any of those things there is an unnecessary burdon to place on animals, either leading to their death or suffering.

    All of these things are unnecessary, there are people who do every one of those things, but the majority of vegans don’t. If you don’t why don’t you? Because it is too tough (impractical), every one of these is practical to a group of people.
    So the real point is the majority of vegans are happy to live perched on a pedestal calling others out for their misgivings, while simultaneously going against their own principles day to day.
    That is why the ad hominem attacks come, being preached at by people who don’t subscribe to their own philosophy is overbearing. Please see why the Catholic church isn’t very popular when they preach about sexual misconduct according to the bible.

    EDIT: It seems a lot of people seem to think I’m saying that it is wrong to eat a vegan diet. I’m not, in fact, saying that. If you can see me saying that anywhere do try to find it and I have written too much in this thread explaining to people that I eat a vegan diet myself. But I don’t actually do everything it is practical for me to do to not cause unnecessary suffering and death to animals. I also don’t preach to people either.

    1. “. There is a higher lower pleasure separation”
      Which dosen’t make any sense at all, its just some cognitively dissonant nonsense mill came up with to reconcile his belief that the action which produces the greatest net pleasure is the most moral with the fact that the actions which produce the greatest net pleasure can sometimes be actions which produce pleasures he finds distasteful for some reason.

    2. Ahhh you say that but it links into a fully developed conception of liberty. You need to read it to understand how good it is. Much better than the philosophy that it’s wrong to cause unnecessary suffering and death to animals.

    3. +Foamastuh: But not according to a utilitarian perspective. Because there has to be rationality in order for you to get to the higher pleasures afforded by a true conception of liberty.
      Please read on Liberty and utilitarianism, you don’t have to agree with them but understanding them is useful no matter what. There are sparks notes of them, that are pretty good.
      Then you can stretch into deontology or virtue ethics, they are worth knowing about.

  8. Wow, I only made it to the 3:57 mark before Vegan Gains’ oversensitivity turned nasty & vulgar.

    1. So you dont wear trees i presume? you dont use wood? You dont eat plants or drink medicine? I want to know what kind of species you are bro

    1. But you can’t just take away something that is essentially keeping them alive. You also can’t ignore the millions of people that rely on livestock.

    2. proud meat eater is a sign of backlash – sign that the dominant culture feels threatened, that’s like homophobes talking about being proud heteros: )

    3. Kala Stay Yes you can. Millions of people relied on slavery. When it got abolished, they had to rely on something else. Same goes for non-human slavery aka animal agriculture.

    4. Winston Smith well said on slavery. they had to chenge to money tactics sence they fegured we fegure it out.

  9. *calls girl a psychopath for eating meat*

    *complains about being called militant and extreme*

    Vegans everybody

    1. Oy vey, the _only_ place you can get protein is in meat! You can trust the (((meat industry))) to deliver the iron you need, goyim!

    1. I have gigabit internet so it only takes a minute or two. It takes much longer for youtube to process the video however.

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