SJW Says Fat And Dating Isn’t A Choice

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Riley J. Dennis is regressive SJW trans woman on youtube who has claimed that it's not your fault if you're fat and that if you have any dating preferences you are a bigot.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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SJW Says Fat And Dating Isn't A Choice

Riley J. Dennis is regressive SJW trans woman on youtube who has claimed that it's not your fault if you're fat and that if you have any dating preferences you are a bigot.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
Riley J. Dennis' youtube channel:
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86 thoughts on “SJW Says Fat And Dating Isn’t A Choice

  1. Hey man I’m 13 and love working out I am starting vegetarian lifestyle.
    Your my favorite YouTuber. Please reply make my Christmas and ignore the
    haters your an amazing person. I love u man.

    1. I played in it in 2008 from 2014. I quit playing it because I realized what
      it did to me and how much time it wasted. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great
      game and everything, but the community is so bad. The way that you’re
      representing it right now is definitely proving my point.

      Hopefully you’ll grow up by the time you’re 15/16 and quit swearing at
      strangers online behind a computer screen.

    2. TheOfficialPiccoloJR yeah you don’t have to state you’re 13 because your
      profile pic is already stating it for you lmao

    1. not sure if my 5 inch skinny penis can give this an upvote or not? its only
      like 3-4 inches since i gained weight and got depressed

  2. She’s not that big of a youtuber.You’re just gonna bring her more attention
    and help her earn more money by spouting her bullshit with this exposure.

    1. +Oat Eah No. Gender Dysphoria is a mental disorder solved by transitioning
      to a state where they no longer suffer from dysphoria.

  3. like your channel because you’re transparent…. you really say what you
    think, and thats a good thing… hard to find something like that in this
    nowadays world of fake smiles and white teeth. Thumbs up for you.

  4. Great fucking video Richard! keep fighting sjw and feminism, so that
    veganism doesnt get put in the same basket.

    1. Cole McInnes Then you’re against capitalism. In order to dismantle factory
      farming you must first destroy capitalism. By the way, if factory farms
      didn’t exist would you even be vegan? Probably not.

    2. +Nike No man, without property rights capitalism wouldn’t exist. Capitalism
      needs rules to function. Would it be okay to say all black people from now
      on need to be our slaves and we can buy/sell black people? No. That’s not
      capitalism. Capitalism does come with rules. Capitalism =/=anarchism. The
      slave trade was done under apparent capitalism. Their capitalism allowed
      them to buy and sell black people. If black people were insentient then
      this would be okay, however they are clearly sentient and obviously laws
      should be in place to make sure they are not used as slaves. It is
      anti-capitalist to force someone to do something they don’t want to do, ie.
      the 56 billion animals killed every year. They don’t want to be there.
      Capitalism needs to consist of only mutually agreed upon conditions between
      the buyer/seller and worker/employee.
      Your claim would be 100% true if animals weren’t sentient. We could
      buy/sell them as commodities, however they happen to be 100% sentient with
      the ability to suffer greatly.

    3. Nick Miller don’t try to fight capitalism to destroy Animal AG.
      Start burning slaughterhouses, burn enought of it, and it should be okay
      for a while.

  5. I’m sorry but I’m fat and cringed at her video. It’s not going to help
    anyone. I know I’m responsible for my weight gain. It’s my fault and I have
    to get my self control back. I gained due to an ugly cycle of restricting
    and binging for nearly 4 years. Now I burn 1500-2000 calories through
    exercise daily, eat healthy and down 50 pounds. If you have a goal, you’ll
    do anything to reach it. Good video! (:

    1. +zomge zomge So you think I’ll never get self control back? I’ve improved a
      lot when it comes to not restricting and binging.

    1. +M J Grasscutter Well for once he quit being the crybaby and made fun of
      the crybaby. I’m sure next upload, he’ll be right back to being a crybaby

    2. +M J Grasscutter I told you the reason I watch is to click on the the
      video, click the thumbs down button, and then exit the video. Hurts his
      rankings by just a little bit, and that’s what I’m here to do

    3. +Scuba James Great stuff, keep it up. I hope you’re proud of yourself. Just
      know that you that you have no right to complain about someone who actually
      does something with his life.
      Even better; you say you upvoted this video when you just now stated that
      you only dislike his video then exit the video. You oppose your own
      statements. It means that you do watch his content. How else did you know
      to upvote this one video? You are a liar and a hateful dumbass. I like
      haters, I just don’t like liars who don’t even agree with themselves.

    1. +Nick Miller Expect vegans don’t act like them because we actually have
      science and reasoning to back up what we say 🙂

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