Sorry But I’m Going Insane

I'm having some mental health problems from too much stress and I have to dial back the work load.

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Sorry But I'm Going Insane

I'm having some mental health problems from too much stress and I have to dial back the work load.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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55 thoughts on “Sorry But I’m Going Insane

  1. Some of the things you mention – particularly detailed auditory and visual
    hallucinations – have nothing to do with overwork or stress. They’re signs
    of much, much more serious oncoming problems – signs that you’re about to
    become a real, immediate, physical danger to yourself and the people around
    you. You should drop everything – literally everything – and check yourself
    in somewhere to get them addressed by professionals.

    1. Steve Donoghue sounds like skitzophrenia.

      which can be very serious left unchecked. from what I have heard about it.
      people who suffer from it. struggle to know what is real an what is a

    2. It’s quite true, man. Literally drop everything and let Jazmin take care of
      you. You don’t have to go check yourself in tho, don’t listen to this guy.
      That’s what wives are for.

  2. Aww you’re over worked are you? Bless. It must be hard sitting behind a
    computer all day. Try working a construction site for a week then talk to
    me about hard work.

    1. This argument is kinda silly because not all office work is the same. Some
      office workers do the 9-5 without worry beyond that for their day, while
      others, say senior management, work pretty much round the clock even when
      they are “vacationing”.

      While construction workers do face personal stress, the point is that
      people in office jobs in important positions have to take both personal and
      work related stresses home with them. People who run construction companies
      or something to that effect will have similar issues to deal with.

      So I’m not really saying which one is easier, from my experience I thought
      working construction was easier but then again, that was when I was just
      working on a team without any actual responsibility. Depends on your role
      and what people expect of you.

    2. +M J Grasscutter why do u think your own concept of “funny” is uinversal?
      thats a better question bc its actually interesting.

    1. Eddy Olayo vegan gains is the king of haters…… what do you mean haters
      get to him? vegan gains does absolutely nothing except insult others for
      his job. now he wants sympathy? pathetic.

  3. does your woman support you?does she cook and make you feel special at
    times? or does she put more baggage onto you? ask yourself that. it’s very

    1. Very good point. I ‘m personally wary of marriage. I saw a picture of my
      brothers wife kissing another man on the cheek in a facebook photo. It made
      me just not want to deal with marriage.

    2. Rock-E Oldboy this is a good point. If after marrying her your life has
      only gotten worse, not better, and she’s fighting with you, then she might
      not be wife material. Jasmine, I recommend to
      be a better wife for Richard. He really loves you and would do anything for
      you, you should do the same for him.

    1. Vegan gains work is similar to an entrepreneur. He doesn’t slave at a desk
      all day doing mindless work for 8 hours. He’s thinking hard about
      everything he does because he knows that if he doesn’t perform, he starves.
      Being a Youtuber is not even comparable to a regular job.

  4. Why don’t you buy a power rack and set of Olympic weights and dumbells and
    then you can show professional quality video of exercises showing the
    potential VEGAN GAINS? The main thing missing from your Vegan
    Bodybuilding/Fitness channel is tips on bodybuilding and fitness.

    Im not vegan but I still check your videos because occasionally they are
    funny or educational. The over-the-top approach to get people to switch
    from eating meat to going vegan is about as effective as calling abortion
    “murder”. It only undermines the facts by drawing attention to non-facts.
    If you really want to convert people to vegans then you need to have
    balanced information about the benefits and include topics like how the
    Inuit people survive without eating plants.

    Us non-vegans would love to see you actually show yourself making some
    vegan gains.

    1. DeepSpace Ⓥ, I think the main argument about the Inuit is they had no
      choice, and their lives would have been much shorter if they were
      vegan….unless they migrated to a place with veggies all year round.

    2. He makes videos that go in depth about why veganism is good, its just that
      in most of his videos he doesnt have the time to explain everything.

    1. you don’t know what you’re talking about. there is no such thing as “real
      work” and “not real work”. you put yourself inside of a box and can’t think
      outside of it.

    2. ricolini70 I know more about work than you obviously do you lazy prat. Only
      a clueless welt would say what you say. Get a real job you kmob

    3. l Noncurable l he is a lazy girly welt and you are a clown for supporting
      his pathetic life style. He is so socially inept, he is a druggie and can’t
      get a proper job. What does this as clown really contribute to society
      outside of a cringe bunch of vegan butt boys circle jerks

    1. +TheSanchezzs Actually he is right, the industry for foods outputs and
      makes a set amount of food based on percentages of sales. Sometimes based
      off whole years. So if everyone in this chat stopped eating meat it may
      save 1 animal ever 2 years. The sad truth is a massive percentage of whats
      made is thrown away or just rots somewhere and is never used. So do some
      research before you laugh at him being right.

    2. TheSanchezzs Incorrect. We live in a global world now. Supply and demand
      ISN’T going to work. Unless you have the balls to ambush thousands to
      possibly millions of companies go right ahead and believe that.

      You’re basically admitting you’re against mass production yet without it
      you wouldn’t even be vegan! Who’s the stupid one now?

    1. Kerendips wtf is wrong with you, wishing death upon people is a lot worse
      than munching on a cheeky wee steak… hmmm… I can taste it now…

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