British Heart Foundation – Highlights from the Angina Monologues

Watch highlights from the Angina Monologues starring Victoria Wood, Jo Brand, Katy Brand, Andi Osho, Julia Davis and Jessica Hynes.

British Heart Foundation – Heart to Heart with Julia Davis & Jessica Hynes

Jessica Hynes and Julia Davis talk affairs of the heart with the British Heart Foundation for the Angina Monologues.

British Heart Foundation – Life-saving science, Elizabeth’s story

Elizabeth Scarr had already suffered one heart attack.
And when she began to experience neck and shoulder pain some time later, she was diagnosed with unstable angina and admitted to hospital.
Her medical history has become part of a massive database of over 100,000 patients which helps improve treatment for heart disease sufferers all over the world.

What Causes Heart Disease?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America, it kills over 600,000 Americans each year, and coronary heart disease is costing Americans 108.9 billion dollars each year. So what exactly causes heart disease and can it be avoided by simple diet and lifestyle modifications?

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What Is Heart Failure? | Heart Disease

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So what is heart failure? Also known as congestive heart failure.

Well at its very core, it is any condition in which the heart muscle function is not enough to keep up with the demand. What we really mean, however, when we talk about heart failure is a weakened heart muscle. And this can come from a lot of different causes.

One cause may be a heart attack, which has weakened the entire heart or parts of the heart. A second cause may be conditions which directly attack the heart muscle. These can be a variety of different toxins that poison the heart muscle. Things like excessive alcohol or certain chemotherapy agents can directly attack the heart muscle's function.

A third class of causes of heart failure would be infection. Some viruses can do it, such as HIV and hepatitis, and other different types of infections can directly attack the heart muscle's function.

Some basic signs of heart failure would be effort intolerance, the ability to exert yourself. Another one would be frank shortness of breath, either at rest or, again, while you're exerting yourself. And the third most common sign of heart failure would be edema, or swelling, of your legs.

So if you're having any of the signs or symptoms of heart failure, your doctor may want to do some basic tests, such as cardiac ultrasound, to see how your heart muscle function is working. Basically that is what heart failure, or congestive heart failure, is.

Symptoms of Heart Failure | Heart Disease

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So how can someone know if they have heart failure? Well heart failure is really any condition in which the heart is not able to keep up with the demands of the body. Most of the time, we're talking about a weakened heart muscle, and this can have a variety of different signs or symptoms.

The most common of which would be effort and tolerance, or the inability to exert yourself, shortness of breath, or swelling in the lower extremities, or legs. If you describe any of these symptoms to your doctor, he or she may want to start with some basic tests to see how your heart muscle is functioning. They will listen to your heart, do an EKG, and oftentimes, go on to do a cardiac ultrasound, or echo cardiogram.

Heart failure has a spectrum of severity. It can come in mild, moderate or severe. And oftentimes, the mild stages may have minimal or no symptoms. The good news is there is treatment for heart failure and there are ways to prevent your risk. So the classic symptoms, in conjunction with a doctor's evaluation would be how to recognize if you have heart failure.

Ralph Episode 4: Facing Heart Disease Together

Ralph retired early due to his angina, but found incredible support from his family and friends. As a doctor, Ralph understood the importance of sharing details about his angina attacks with his cardiologist. Ralph was dedicated to taking an active role in managing his heart disease.

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If you have angina that does not go away with rest or nitroglycerin, get emergency medical help right away. If you still have angina even though you are getting treatment, talk with your doctor about your options. The information on this video does not take the place of talking with your cardiologist or healthcare professional.

Acute Coronary Syndrome and Heart Attack

– This 3D medical animation shows the coronary vessels in the heart and the different ways they may become blocked. The symptoms of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) are depicted. The animation finishes up with common treatments for acute coronary syndrome and heart attack.


Women’s Heart Attack Symptoms vs. Men’s | Heart Disease

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So regards to heart disease there can be some basic difference between men and women. First of all, like a lot of times in life the classic symptoms are in common. In men we classically describe he symptoms of heart disease as squeezing or burning substernal or below the chest pain. Women may have their symptoms show up a little differently. Oftentimes its a vague sense of discomfort in the chest when they exert themselves. Sometimes the symptoms can be sharp. They're not always exertional and may often be associated with shortness of breath as oppose to frank chest discomfort.

The way heart disease develops in women may also be different. Heart disease often comes on later in life after menopause and can show up with more diffuse blocked arteries as opposed to one single artery that has a major blockage. It is also very important for women to get screen for heart disease. We know now, heart disease in women has been under recognized and now we realize that just like for men its' a major concern.

Luckily screening is easy. You see your doctor and he or she will do some basic test to help screen you. It is also important for women to control the major risk factors for heart disease. That would be high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lack of exercise and smoking. We used to think that certain hormones would help protect women against heart disease, like estrogen. We now know that this is not entirely the case and women can develop heart disease even before menopause occurs. So it is very important that like in men we recognize the signs and symptoms of heart disease in women and treat them aggressively.

Heart Attacks in Women; Heart Disease Symptoms in Women: Chest Pain, Nausea, Indigestion – Dr. Mache

Click for instant access to 10 save your life tips. Learn all about heart attacks in women. Chest pain, nausea and indigestion may be a heart attack. Symptoms of heart attack in women explained. Puja Mehta, MD explains at North American Menopause Society NAMS.