British Heart Foundation – I hate heart disease

This advert shows how devastating heart disease can be and that it can affect anyone – but we're fighting back through research.

Each scene in the advert features somebody who has been affected by heart disease, including Claire, whose unborn baby has congenital heart disease, footballer Fabrice Muamba, who survived a cardiac arrest and Emma, who died when she was just 13 years old.

Watch Claire's story here .

Watch Emma's story here .

All the researchers featured are BHF funded researchers who are currently working on life-saving research projects.

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Why volunteer in our shops

Our retail volunteers in our charity shops across the UK, talk about the benefits of volunteering in our shops: from developing new skills to meeting people and gaining confidence.

British Heart Foundation – The Aorta

Dr Peter Vincent and Miss Ana Plata, of Imperial College, London.

Shortlisted for the British Heart Foundation Reflections of Research competition 2010.

The first animation shows the construction of a computer model of the body's main artery, the aorta, made by scanning a cast of blood vessels from a rabbit.

The second video depicts the movement of blood inside this model.

Atherosclerosis, a disease involving the build-up of fatty plaques in the arteries, is the underlying cause of most heart attacks and strokes.

Over the last decade, it's been shown that the onset of this disease depends on the way your blood flows.

A computerised representation of the structure of the blood vessels will help researchers accurately model blood flow so they can study its relationship with artery disease.

"Our BHF-funded research group uses advanced computational techniques to solve fluid dynamics problems in the field of biomedicine.

"These animations are the result of a strong collaborative effort between clinicians, biologists and engineers," said Ana Plata.

First video: P. Vincent, A. Hunt, S. Sherwin, P. Weinberg.

Second video: A. Plata, P. Vincent, A. Hunt, S. Sherwin, P. Weinberg.

British Heart Foundation – Sign up for our London to Brighton Bike Ride 2015

Celebrate the 40th year of our legendary 54 mile bike ride. Leave the buzz of the city behind you and cycle through country lanes, descending into a triumphant finish by the sea to help fight heart disease.

British Heart Foundation – London to Brighton Bike Ride 2010, James Crowe

Teenager James Crowe, aged just 14, completed the BHF's London to Brighton Bike Ride in June 2010. Congratulations to everyone who took part!

British Heart Foundation – London to Brighton Bike Ride 2008

A BBC News report from the start of this year's 54-mile British Heart Foundation London to Brighton Bike Ride on Sunday 15 June.

British Heart Foundation – Highlights from the Angina Monologues

Watch highlights from the Angina Monologues starring Victoria Wood, Jo Brand, Katy Brand, Andi Osho, Julia Davis and Jessica Hynes.

British Heart Foundation – London to Brighton Bike Ride 2012

For this year's London to Brighton Bike Ride supported by Santander, we asked you to send us video clips of yourself and your team mates during the ride.

Together with some clips we shot at the start and finish, we've made this film – A Million Miles in the Saddle. We hope you like it!

An extra big thank you to our film's star director/cyclists! The Knight Riders, Sara Dein & Jennifer Pear, Clio Barto, Thomas, Aidan, Joe, Harmeet Virdee, Mark Payne and the Santander team, Tony Galbraith and Neil Kelsey.

To find out more about our charity bike rides and how they raise vital funds to beat heart disease visit