A Life in Cardiology: Chapter 1 | Across the Ocean

Eugene Braunwald, M.D. and Douglas P. Zipes, M.D. sit down for a discussion at ESC 2013.

A Life in Cardiology – Chapter 1 | Across the Ocean
Being born in Vienna, then fleeing to London, and eventually to New York.

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Heart Bypass Surgery (CABG)

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This video, created by Nucleus Medical Media, shows a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) procedure used to combat coronary artery disease. Beginning with a midline sternal incision, the heart is connected to a perfusion machine which will take over the duties of the heart while the surgery takes place. Two different grafts are used to bypass the blocked coronary arteries: the internal thoracic artery from inside the chest wall, and the saphenous vein from the leg. After the procedure, the heart is shocked to restart its beating. A drainage tube is left at the incision site to drain away excess fluid. The animation continues to show two other types of approaches to a coronary artery bypass graft, off-pump bypass surgery and minimally invasive bypass surgery.

This is similar to the procedure performed on former president Bill Clinton and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Private patient unit: cardiology investigation suite

This short video will introduce you to Dr Joseph Davar and Dr Tim Lockie, consultant cardiologists at the Royal Free London. You will be shown around the cardiology investigation suite in the private patient unit and learn about some of the procedures undertaken there.

The private patient unit (PPU) at the Royal Free Hospital is part of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. All money generated from treatments provided at the PPU is invested in our hospitals and our high-quality healthcare services. Find out more about our leading private healthcare expertise:

Veterinary Cardiology

Explore Research at the University of Florida: Small animal veterinarian Dr. Amara Estrada’s research focuses on a specific type of heart disease called dilated cardiomyopathy, most commonly seen in Doberman Pinschers. Estrada hopes to help Dobermans live longer, healthier lives .

Invasive Cardiology Unit of the University of Szeged

Our agency has made an introductory film about the Invasive Cardiology Unit of the University of Szeged

Ügynökségünk készítette a Szegedi Tudományegyetem Invazív Kardiológiai Részlegének angol nyelvű filmjét.

Social media for interventional cardiologists: rewards and risks in daily practice

Simon Walsh, UK, interviews Pascal Meier, @pascalmeier74, Switzerland, about the potential of social media to contribute to overall education and knowledge of interventional cardiologists, and to actually improve the clinical management of patients as it facilitates the exchange of knowledge. However, the use of social media is not without risk…
Read an interview with Pascal Meier conducted during EuroPCR 2015 here:

Cardiology Fellowship Training at the Heart Institute | Cincinnati Children’s

At Cincinnati Children's, in the Pediatric Cardiology Training Program at the Heart Institute, our goal is to train the future leaders of academic pediatric cardiology. We work to achieve this goal by providing a supportive and robust clinical population. Learn more about our program and why it's been such a good fit for our fellows.

Serdang Hospital Paediatric Cardiology Services

An overview of the setting up and evolvement of Hospital Serdang's Paediatric Cardiology Services as one of Malaysia's leading Ministry of Health Government tertiary referral centre for congenital heart surgery and various forms of treatment in the Paediatric Cardiology discipline.

This video was shot over a period of 3 days using a mixed footage from Canon 5D Mk3, Fuji XT1 and drone aerial clips.