Social media for interventional cardiologists: rewards and risks in daily practice

Simon Walsh, UK, interviews Pascal Meier, @pascalmeier74, Switzerland, about the potential of social media to contribute to overall education and knowledge of interventional cardiologists, and to actually improve the clinical management of patients as it facilitates the exchange of knowledge. However, the use of social media is not without risk…
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Dr. Samin Sharma on Interventional Cardiology

Mount Sinai's Dr. Samin Sharma discusses interventional cardiology, which focues on diagnosing and treating heart disease by invasive procedures, such as cardiac catheterization and stenting. Dr. Samin K. Sharma performs over 1500 complex coronary interventions annually (the highest in the country) while achieving an extremely low complication rate. According to New York State Department of Health reports, he has the highest angioplasty success rate (lowest mortality less than 0.1 percent) for an interventional cardiologist in the state since 1994. Under Dr. Sharma's leadership, Mount Sinai Heart has become one of the best and busiest centers in New York, providing excellent care for all types of simple and complex high-risk heart patients. In addition to coronary interventions, Dr. Sharma specializes in the non-surgical treatment of mitral and aortic stenosis (balloon valvuloplasty).

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ESC TV 2015 – ESC Andreas Gr√ľntzig Lecture on Interventional Cardiology (Session 763)

Dan Atar (Oslo, NO)
Jean Marco (Martres Tolosane, FR)

Dan Atar (Oslo, Norway)
Bernhard Meier (Bern, Switzerland)
Jean Marco (Martres Tolosane, France)

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J. Patrick Kleaveland, MD – Interventional Cardiology – 369

J. Patrick Kleaveland, MD, leads our interventional cardiology program, which is in the top 11 percent of hospitals in the nation doing the highest volume of interventional procedures. This innovative program offers the most advanced therapies and procedures to treat everything from heart attacks to complex coronary blockages. Meet more of our surgeons at