Mom Tries To Get My Video Taken Down

Someone I criticized is trying to get my video taken down by filing an illegitimate privacy complaint. Please reupload the original video to your channel to insure it stays on the internet and you can also check out the original video on my facebook page.

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Doc Testosterone Worst of the Fitness Industry

Doc Testosterone claims to have a Ph.D in neuroscience. Let's see if that taught him anything about nutrition.

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Alzheimer's vascular disorder:

Gluten and the brain:

Whole Grains prevent type 2 diabetes:

Low Gluten diets increase type 2 diabetes risk:

Cholesterol and atherosclerosis:

Saturated fat and diabetes:

USDA dietary guidelines change:

YouTube’s Being A D!ck

Youtube recently changed it's algorithm and it has effected many youtuber's views. Luckilly this hasn't had a significant impact on me so far but I would really appreciate it if you like and share my videos and be sure to turn on notifications by clicking on the bell next to the subscribe button.

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British Heart Foundation – The Aorta

Dr Peter Vincent and Miss Ana Plata, of Imperial College, London.

Shortlisted for the British Heart Foundation Reflections of Research competition 2010.

The first animation shows the construction of a computer model of the body's main artery, the aorta, made by scanning a cast of blood vessels from a rabbit.

The second video depicts the movement of blood inside this model.

Atherosclerosis, a disease involving the build-up of fatty plaques in the arteries, is the underlying cause of most heart attacks and strokes.

Over the last decade, it's been shown that the onset of this disease depends on the way your blood flows.

A computerised representation of the structure of the blood vessels will help researchers accurately model blood flow so they can study its relationship with artery disease.

"Our BHF-funded research group uses advanced computational techniques to solve fluid dynamics problems in the field of biomedicine.

"These animations are the result of a strong collaborative effort between clinicians, biologists and engineers," said Ana Plata.

First video: P. Vincent, A. Hunt, S. Sherwin, P. Weinberg.

Second video: A. Plata, P. Vincent, A. Hunt, S. Sherwin, P. Weinberg.