The Truth About My Dog

There has been a lot of lies and slander being spread around about my dog so I wanted to clear some things up.

Intro: Puritania By Dimmu Borgir
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The Truth About My Dog

There has been a lot of lies and slander being spread around about my dog so I wanted to clear some things up.

Intro: Puritania By Dimmu Borgir
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Discount Code: Gains10
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87 thoughts on “The Truth About My Dog

    1. +Goujiki​ actually you only need to drink when thirsty our body has real special ‘detectors’ for when we are hungry. Isnt oatmeal good? Why do some vegans (not saying all) just believe whatever they read on the webs

  1. This is disappointing Richard, you know it is unethical to buy instead of adopt and that other animal lives are not less important than one’s beloved animal.

    1. Why can’t you people have a mature conversation ? State your opinion , but do some research and not just jump to conclusions.

    2. It just goes to show you that all these “self-righteous” individuals don’t even adhere to the principles they attempt to impose upon others. That’s why I live by my own principles & anyone who tries to judge them have their own issues which they are hiding in order to try to feel “morally superior” because they aren’t happy with their own lives.

    1. The Plant Based Progressive You’re not in a weird matriarchal parallel universe that is forcing you to date controlling women, if you think all women are controlling your life, then don’t date them! Bitter people like you are just pushovers that take no responsibility for their actions and the kind of people they let in their lives.
      Have you heard the saying:
      “Tell me who five of your friends are and I can tell you who you are…”
      Humans have free will and they can choose to keep people or let them go… If you don’t have the willpower to seek out the good women you’re just a weakling…

    2. The Plant Based Progressive Well I’m very contempt with my life, not the crying about anyone treating me miserably.
      Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, it really sounds like you haven’t been lucky at all.
      You seem like you’re going through some kind of “PTSD”.
      I actually really don’t have much more to argue about… I’m really sorry if the majority of your relationships were poor.
      I guess some people just experience bad things over and over again.
      But there’s no curse, there is no doom.
      I’m really not speaking for all women though, I’m just speaking as a person.
      To live a better life it’s kind of nice to remember no one actually has any kind of control over you.
      Really, I mean this…
      I thought I was controlled but really? No way.
      Maybe you’re focusing too much on the negative…
      I mean now I’m really curious to know what could cause someone to feel the way you do? It must have been tough…

    1. +Race Lever you’re replying like a politician avoiding every point made.

      Do you hold the position that domestic cats pose an ecological threat large enough to warrant elimination?

      Maybe you can answer one question with a straight reply. If you just want vague mental masturbation, then I’ll just give up.

    2. I’m starting to think that you are intentionally trolling me around in circles.


      the options for answering are YES or NO.

    3. Conscious Conscience

      You keep speaking falsely and claim I said things I did not..

      It’s also you who has avoided answering my direct and fair questions…

      What part of feed and fix do you not comprehend…You keep leaving the complete statement out… are you doing it purposely because it changes the dynamics of what I am saying to assist your point…

      You also have failed at proving your position is ethical…

      What is your ethical basis for killing an innocent cat…

      Or if you prefer it left alone… What is your ethical basis for letting it kill the many other animals and then breeding to add to the death and suffering indefinitely???

      Would you consider sterilization and not feeding and just let them hunt on their own to kill perhaps more than if you feed them??? They do kill without eating ya know???

    4. +Race Lever sidestepping the question again as usual.

      What the cat does or doesn’t do in the wilderness is irrelevant. YOU paying for the raising and slaughtering of equally sentient creatures is unethical.

  2. So you can justify a non-vegan diet for your dog but there is no way to comprehend that just MAYBE a vegan diet isn’t fit for certain humans??? Today is the day you PROVE that your logic is flawed…

    1. Omnivores can survive on 100% plants & 100% animals under the right circumstances. I would have tried some other vegan foods & some other ways of preparing the food. Some way, it would be able to work, for certain.

    2. +Danny Borke
      Okay. But trying to find the exact vegan dog food that may or may not work in getting the dog healthy may be time consuming and when your pets life is on the line, you may not have that luxury. And since dogs are omnivores, I don’t blame Richard and Jasmin going straight to the meat. But none of it really matters now, they said the dog is healthier anyways. And none of this gives any credibility to VC’s nonsense umbrella concept. You either believe that the unnecessary exploitation of animals is wrong or you don’t. If you do, you wouldn’t knowingly eat or buy animal products that which is completely unnecessary like Charlie.

      The question is now whether Richard knew the dog was from a breeder initially or not. If he did, then I’d question him being a vegan. We don’t know the full truth. Thanks for being professional.

    3. Bare in mind we are all assuming Richard is even telling the truth here. If Jasmin and Richard’s story don’t add up, then somebody is lying here. We may never really know the full truth.

    4. The raw meat may or may not have helped aswell. We don’t really know for sure either way. But I don’t see any good reason to give the dog meat, when dogs clearly can live on 100% plants. I would probably have the dog checked, to see what was wrong with it or what nutrients it may or may not have been missing, and then make a very good plant-based diet for it to fix the problem. In the end, if it was a digestive issue, that some nutrients from the plants for some reason, wasn’t absorbed properly, I would go for supplements, since it is not because the dog isn’t mean to eat plants, there is just something wrong with the digestive system. But any ways…

      Yep, you are right about charlie. I think veganism is a teleological moral & ethical stand(like all other stands should be), but he is abusing the definition of veganism. There is nothing vegan about eating cheese, just because the restuarant “accidentaly” served you cheese. & there is nothing vegan about buying noodles with chicken, just because you like it – even if you throw it out.

    5. +Cam Yeah, something doesn’t add up. We will find out soon enough. No matter what happens here, we need to remember, that everyone can make mistakes, and as long as they change, then they should not be demonized.

  3. Don’t worry Richard nobody is judging you for having a freezer full of meat and thinking you are a fake vegan. You are protected under Vegan Cheetahs umbrella ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂

    1. Chris Cross

      You still miss the point and avoid direct answers…You also talk about using plant based as an insult then use Vegan as one against others .. These things say more than your words do… no need to respond unless you need the last word… I’m not here to type 30 comments just to get you to answer a couple of simple fair questions you avoid…Also you should avoid being insulting if others aren’t giving you good reason to…

      You also say you want Vegans to be inclusive but then keep saying we are sanctimonious pricks when you have no true reason to say so… How does that help the animals and make Veganism look and be more inclusive…. Hypocrite much

      You are the one being a prick… You should work on that… 😉

    2. Vegan Gains has to buy and feed the dog meat for survival so it doesn’t make him a non-vegan in that aspect and therefore doesn’t need Charlie’s umbrella nonsense (which is for non-vegans). Charlie on the other hand, knowingly ate and buys animals products that which is unnecessary but still continues to call himself a vegan even though it’s contrary to the definition of what it means to be a vegan. That’s the difference.

  4. The point is YOU are now the fake vegan YOU buy meat weekly and while the dog should eat the correct diet YOU have lost your moral high ground. Maybe that umbrella concept looking a little bit more comfortable for you now

    1. Richard Bequette No. you just made no sense, by your logic he wouldn’t be vegan either if he didn’t buy meat and feed the animal vegan food, which hurt it.

    1. +Vlad Tepes
      Being vegan means avoiding the unnecessary exploitation of animals, not about being perfect. In the case of providing an animal with the diet it needs, it doesn’t conflict with anything. In the same way that accidentally eating a piece of meat as a vegan doesn’t disqualify you as it was an accident. Vegan Gains did not intent to get a dog in which it he would have to feed it meat. It was an unfortunate circumstance because of his wife.

    2. +Sarbear

      Then he should allow his wife to ruin his vegan lifestyle.

      She gives him 0 credibility here. He will never be taken seriously again.

      Only by the people who will continue to call him out on his BS.

      But everyone else will just pull the wool over their eyes and say to themselves.

      “I contribute to the Animal Industries, but i’m still Vegan”

      “I contribute to the Animal Industries, but i’m still Vegan”

      “I contribute to the Animal Industries, but i’m still Vegan”

      “I contribute to the Animal Industries, but i’m still Vegan”

      “I contribute to the Animal Industries, but i’m still Vegan”

      Fucking hypocrite.

    3. +Jessee’s Life when did i say she surprised him? I said she wanted the dog. Have you ever been in a relationship? Theres a thing called compromise

  5. I hope I don’t get attacked for defending you since 90% of the comments I’m reading don’t agree with you but I have been vegan for 15 years, and don’t feed my dogs vegan because they are carnivores. If the dog can handle it, fine, but my dogs can’t. If being an ethical vegan means caring for animals then I care for my dogs by not starving them. Secondly, half of these shelter dogs people say are more important to take in than breeder dogs ARE breeder dogs like lucy who were dumped there bc the breeder wasn’t profiting off them. I feel that all animals deserve a home despite how they came to exist. Yes its better to save a dog than create a new one, but sometimes those created (bred) dogs will become the euthanized shelter dogs if they are not taken in by families before then. I think shitting on a guy for saving the wrong kind of dog due to its source is diverting from the bigger issue of factory farmed animals who are being bred literally for death. i can see why some would be annoyed over his choice but we should really be happier that lucy has owners who love her, and focus on the factory farmed animals with no one coming to save them.
    ****(For some reason I can’t reply to comments on this so ill respond here. I am not a breeder I rescued the pregnant dog. Perhaps dogs are omnivores, but I said *my* dogs bc they rejected a vegan diet. For the more extreme vegans telling me i cannot be vegan and own dogs, we are two different breeds of vegan apparently, i for one believe that if a homeless dog is brought to me I should do what I need to in order to care for them properly. Ill call myself plant based from now on since people would rather police the terminology of someone like me who doesn’t consume animal products rather than go educate someone who eats a omnivore diet (like you should be doing.) can’t say I didn’t see the attack coming but really guys, freaking out bc I’m a vegan with dogs is pretty shitty since there are millions of non-vegans you could be lecturing right now rather than me.****

    1. Diet classification is mostly based on behaviour, so a panda having carnivores feature eats more bamboo because it has lost the umami taste receptor and the gut microbiota favours the bamboo, it breaks down cellulose. Dogs are omnivores, dogs don’t need meat as the pet food has all the nutrient in them, VG fed Lucy meat only to solve the digestive issue. Meat doesn’t have any health ingredient not found in plant discounting vitamin B12 as that is a bacterial product. So there is no reason to feed someone meat.

    2. this is unrealistic as hell…basically making it and you stupid. Why not just spay all your family members that aren’t vegan? They’re leading to bigger issues than owning a dog/cat. Just…dumb. Dogs and cats will be here forever as pets/companions so might as well rescue one and show it a good life. That would have a bigger impact than not owning one and spewing illogical comments all over youtube

    1. The meat he would be getting would already be from a dead animal, so how would letting his dog die “help” the cause of saving more animals?

    2. Percy Possum bro take also peoples jobs away. All those animals will die. One would invest any money to euthanize them. They will starve to death.

  6. So just because some ugly blond guy finds out that Vegan Gains buys raw meat. He goes crazy and makes five, four hour streams. If my main rabbit got sick, honestly, I would have to do anything to help her. That’s what you do when you love someone, but what would that iduot know about that? He does some blond moron, honestly if I ever see him or her I’d smash both their heads to pulp.

    1. The Vegan Muscle insulting his looks what are you 5? Jazminne and Richard didn’t have to get a dog and worst of all a wolf dog, and just expect it to live on vegetables I mean this animal is part wolf c’mon what did they expect!? Richard loves blaming the breeder but the truth is no one forced them to purchase this dog and the way they went about it saying we “adopted” her.This is a perfect example of spitting up at yourself, they are full of it and now they will be getting licked by meat breath for their vanity of having an exotic pet.And these breeders only keep producing these animals because of fools like these Wich will pay big money for the sake of looking cool.

    2. I thought your profile pic was a girl showing her boobs sideways but with no nipples. i was so confused. where did the nipples go? how is that “vegan muscle”?

  7. The Vegan cheetah’s said you feed meat to your dog. Is it true? Ah it’s true…. SO YOU TOO BUY MEAT. SAY WHAT YOU WANT: YOU BUY MEAT LIKE ALL THE PEOPLE YOU’VE BEEN INSULTING FOR YEARS. Shut up now, you hypocrite.

    1. nomenome But he is still contributing to animal cruelty no matter how you look at it. which is hypocritical because he talks about everyone else

    2. Devon Tillman so let the dog get sick and die then? He’s not being a hypocrite because he’s feeding an animal that *actually needs meat*. What is so hard for you to understand?

    3. vidguru0062 No its called give the dog away to someone who can provide for his needs. Them having a fridge filled with meat goes against litterally everything they preach

    4. Devon Tillman he gives the dog away and it still eats meat what is your fucking point here. He is NOT going against what he preaches because he never suggested not giving an animal food it NEEDS to survive. Regardless of who owns this dog it would still be “contributing to slaughter” again so whats your point here exactly. Also they never knew the dog was sick….

  8. *You didn’t name The Vegan Cheetah because he made a very damming video about you two and your dog. I was a fan of yours, but you’re a pretty big hypocrite and your channel was brought up by exposing other people… Pretty ridiculous.*

  9. Sorry but how is it wrong to be taking a free dog from a breeder who wants to get rid of it because she’s sick??

    That’s just being a step before the shelter so you make sure she doesn’t go to the shelter.

    Richard, I think you are doing the best you can in the situation!

    1. Kim Birdwonders I agree 🙂 haters don’t want to acknowledge that though. they try to say that he’s a hypocrite, completely disregarding the fact that he had no choice but to feed his dog meat where as human beings can choose what to put in our bodies. anything to make themselves feel better. some people just don’t think.

    2. Brittany Howard well that simply does not make any sense at all…
      First of all why buy a dog from a breeder in Denmark when they could have easily adopted or bought a dog in Canada.
      Second it is a dog and forcing a dog to eat vegan based diet is just wrong when it is scientific fact that dogs are carnivores.
      And third lying about adopting the dog, this whole situation is just stupid and silly.

    3. Jón Viðar well, first of all, if you did two seconds of research, you would know that dogs are omnivores not carnivores. second of all, did you even listen to what he had to say? he only got the dog because nobody else wanted her cause she was sick. that’s wrong how? lastly, it’s true that not every dog can thrive on a vegan diet but some can. the oldest dog to date lived over twenty years and he was a vegan dog. and I’m not even asking you to take my word for it. you can look it up yourself if you want.

  10. 1. Jasmine misses her horses.
    2. Horses eat grass, hay and feed (grain).
    3. Jasmine wants a dog because she misses her horses.
    4. Jasmine “acquires” a dog from a breeder who exploits animals.
    5. Dogs eat meat.
    6. Jasmine and VG have to purchase meat and animal based products for the dog to eat.
    7. Pets are an extension of their owners.
    8. Ja and VG are participating in the death and suffering of other animals in order for the dog to live a “normal” dog life.

    If one bases their entire YouTube presence on being vegans as Ja and VGs does and then buys meat and meat products for what ever reason. Where is the compassion for these animals? What did you expect would happen?

    1. bill ards right?? omg, they are human, lets just be brainless and repeat what charles says!! People are really dumb. this still shocks me how easy it is to get a bunch of people worked up and forget what positive things vg has done. all cheetah does is take , destroy and lie

    2. Guess you purposefully left out the part where he says they are using meat leftovers. That means it isn’t fit for human consumption. It would just be thrown in the trash if humans didn’t own pets. But of course if you included this important fact you could no longer justify your self righteous indignation.

    3. Etienne-Emile Antikatastaseis

      I guess you missed the part where this leftover excuse turns to total bullshit. The quoted neckbone is not leftover food for animals. Check your supermarket. And look at the freezer…then repeat the leftover nonsense while trying to keep a straight face.

    1. +Vegan Dreams​ hey man I like all of you. I enjoy watching you Wren Cheetah VT Martin. Pretty much everyone. I try to be mindful of bias and actively fight against it. It’s a good idea not to get too wrapped up in the “drama”

    2. I agree, that is why i am taking a week off and going to plan a different course when i get back…..More like 80 percent good stuff and 20 percent drama….

    3. Vegan Dreams yeah man you gotta be mindful of when it becomes too much and make the decision to take a break. I too have taken breaks 4 or 5 times since last summer cause I noticed it was getting into it too deep

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