Tim Shieff Thinks Earth Is Flat

Timothy "Livewire" Shieff is a well known vegan free running world champion and American Ninja Warrior finalist. One thing you may not have known about him is he believes the earth is flat.

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London Real's video:

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Tim Shieff Thinks Earth Is Flat

Timothy "Livewire" Shieff is a well known vegan free running world champion and American Ninja Warrior finalist. One thing you may not have known about him is he believes the earth is flat.

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
London Real's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYcnLj8suLw

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69 thoughts on “Tim Shieff Thinks Earth Is Flat

  1. tells us how stupid it is and shows us fake nasa footage to prove it. 1000s
    of satellites but not one in sight

    1. Blake, seriously, of course the Earth looks flat at 37000 feet. You’re
      only 37000 feet above an oblique spheroid with a diameter of some 8000
      fucking miles. Travel a couple of thousand miles above our surface and
      report back.

    2. the University of Kansas proved the state of Kansas to be empirically
      flatter than a pancake………….. and railroad tracks are laid with near
      zero grade for hundreds of miles. your ignorance is

  2. The way Tim explains it in his vlogs is less about the theory of the earth
    being actually flat, but the human ability to discard everything you have
    been taught and open up your mind to new truths and possibilities. He’s
    such a thoughtful and unique person and i love the way he challenges

    1. They think the light from the sun acts more like a flash light where light
      hits concentrated spot rather than in sphere emitting light from all sides.

  3. This flat earth crap is usually driven by religious stupidity to justify
    the dome/firmament model of the world described in Genesis. These
    conspiracy nuts are usually closet Creationists.

    1. +vickmackey24 I see, great points, when I said you were generalising
      conspiracy truthers it was because you said “these conspiracy nuts are
      usually closet creationists” which sounded like you were saying all
      conspiracy truthers are loons who are also creationists.

    2. +Daniel Awake no it just shows we have a higher intellect than you if you
      seriously think that because of the big words he’s just trying to sound
      smart than that’s explains Everything. I can’t tell if I’m being trolled or
      if you really are those idiotic religious people +vickmackey24​ is talking
      about. Either. Way youre primitive mind can’t understand what were saying.
      You and +shrek diesenhower​ will make a perfect pair.

    3. +vickmackey24 Well “These” followed by “conspiracy nuts” could either mean
      all conspiracy people or just the flat earther kind, it wasn’t that
      specific, but regardless, I totally agree with what you meant anyway.

  4. Hey Richard, I think you should stick to videos about Veganism because you
    have no idea about the Earth you are living on. For those of you with an
    ounce of critical-thinking left in your indoctrinated globe-heads, please
    watch my video “200 Proofs the Earth is NOT a Spinning Ball,” and you will
    see you are clearly living on a flat, motionless Earth, just as Mr. Tim
    Sheiff has correctly and courageously exposed. Peace

    1. +Paradox Child Ugh! I should have checked for mistakes before re-posting
      that (grammatically speaking)! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Bad Paradox Child!
      Bad! Oh well, the point I am trying to make should get across — the
      mistakes I made whilst doing so should be irrelevant.

    2. +Eric, it was while investigating Flat Earth and scrolling through your
      channel that I stumbled upon your “Stop Eating Your Friends!” video and
      went vegan overnight. So, thank you for that (and all your Flat Earth

    3. +DelicateSparrow Eric has some got information, but he is a proven woman
      beating, lying shill. Listen to other people, the people he calls shills
      for starters, those are the people with actual information, not just
      plagiarized info like eric.

    1. Why are you buying the religious propaganda?
      Don’t you know that’s what the demon run churches want you to believe?
      That’s why all these american churches that support the republicans in the
      demon congress are trying to spread the flat earth idea.

      Shapes are a myth!
      Be open minded!

    1. +Temple of the Animal Souls Please accept Krishna into your heart, how
      could a billion hindus be wrong. What do you have to lose? Or are the
      billion hindus wrong? The authors of their bible said they were talking to
      god, so it’s gotta be true…..right?

    1. I’m trying to find you something you can relate to quickly. I just sent you
      a 35 minute video. oviously you didn’t watch it. maybe youtube blocked it.
      search for the youtube channel ODD REALITY. he’s pretty good and has some
      information you would like if you want to know the truth

  5. Usa spends 18billion dollars on fucking “space travel” to further explore
    this exploding clusterfuck of nothingness.
    18billion dollars that could help solve so many fucking problems here on
    earth. This is a fucking money laundering hoax and you indoctrinated fucks
    are too blind to see

    1. +dumb gal research who owns the money supply for each country and who funds
      wars. This aint a joke gal! We goyim are in trouble

  6. Tim isn’t stupid. He’s smart, but just, very “open minded”. He’s smart in
    the way of movement, and understands his own body and emotions very well,
    to the extent he’s won championships in parkour, lead the European Ninja
    Warrior champion team to victory, won the UK ninja warrior championship,
    he’s been able to branch out and succeed in other sports, such as climbing
    & running. He was smart enough to understand the responsibility that comes
    with power and influence over the parkour community to promote healthy
    lifestyle. He makes some very rational arguments that go against dogmas in
    the vegan/liberal communities, like why we need a military, whilst
    acknowledging the nuances of the debate.

    It was his open mindedness that brought him to veganism, but also lead him
    to promotes breatharianism and believe flat earth. My point is that he is
    smart but he will sometimes believe what he wants to believe. I guess you
    could call that compartmentalisation.

    1. +stumpz

      also one more bonus for you. Google a 2007 Image of Earth and look at the
      size of America. Then google a 2012 Image. lol America nearly quadruples in
      size and takes up 3/4ths of the Earth. If that’s not proof enough these
      images from NASA are fake then idk what is

  7. People are so gullible they’ll believe anything nowadays. The scientific
    facts are there. The earth casts a round shadow on the moon. If the earth
    was flat the shadow wouldn’t be round. Common sense.

    1. Oh wow, I remember you, you used to be a troll on Rusell Brand videos. I
      see you’ve moved on to bigger and better things.

  8. I don’t know what shape it is but I certainly don’t believe it to be a
    planet like we are taught. Maybe with a little research, some open
    mindedness and critical thinking for yourself you might see the truth too!

    1. Amazing how you manage to contradict yourself. First you claim that you do
      not know, then you urge him to do research to see the ‘truth’. So what is
      this ‘truth’, I thought you said you didn’t know?
      It’s like deep down you know how incredibly stupid this is, and you are too
      embarrassed to directly say that you believe it’s flat, so you play this
      stupid game of beating around the bush, and making it look like you’re
      merely asking questions, but that’s not the case.

    2. I think all the Flat Earthers of this planet should gather around and
      figure something else out: an entirely new, different model of the entire
      universe, after debunking every single theory in physics, including the
      string theory.

      All Flat Earthers have one thing in common: a belief in an inexistent,
      omnipresent being who designed everything around us. How come? Well, check
      this out.

      The Flat Earth theory doesn’t come from the 21st century. As a matter of
      fact, it is much older than that. Sumerian old.
      Like, around 5 000 years before Jesus old.


      Anu represented the dome around the flat earth, all the way through
      history, until finally, one day a man named Aristotle provided evidence
      that the Earth is round/spherical on empirical grounds 330 years BC. Flat
      Earth came back, along with God and Satan in the Bible.

      One can choose to believe in a flat Earth, but one must dare to debunk
      modern physics.

    3. Tim, there is no substance to your argument there. If the Earth were any
      shape other than a sphere, it wouldn’t cast a continuously spherical shadow
      on the Moon. That’s the simplest proof there is. Much respect, but I don’t
      think it does much good to doubt EVERYthing.

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