Tim Shieff vs Vegan Gains

Tim Shieff has responded to my criticisms of his belief that the earth is flat, so it's time for round 2. Critical thinking and scientific understanding is something Tim Shieff severely lacks.

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Tim Shieff flat earth interview:
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Nasa Climate change evidence:

Animal agriculture and GHG emissions:

Tim Shieff vs Vegan Gains

Tim Shieff has responded to my criticisms of his belief that the earth is flat, so it's time for round 2. Critical thinking and scientific understanding is something Tim Shieff severely lacks.

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
My previous Tim Shieff video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZHzZbsIaZw
Tim Shieff flat earth interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYcnLj8suLw
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Nasa Climate change evidence:
Animal agriculture and GHG emissions:

45 thoughts on “Tim Shieff vs Vegan Gains

    1. Massive amounts of rain forest are currently being destroyed due to it
      being one of the largest commodities for oil. Millions of animals are
      looking for new habitats due to the destruction of land for palm oil trees.
      Bet you didn’t think of that you dumb fucking vegan.

  1. You criticise people for using the straw-man fallacy yet you yourself use
    it towards the end of the video. He never said anything denouncing the
    holocaust/ global warming yet you go off on a tangent discrediting him as
    if he has. Although I obviously disagree with his views on the flat earth
    theory let’s debate what he actually said rather than conjecture. I also
    don’t know why you’re talking about the environmental impact of animal
    agriculture when he IS a vegan so obviously knows? I like you both as
    youtubers but feels you’ve gone somewhat too far with this attack and are
    arguing against something he hasn’t actually said. Bit disappointed.

    1. People who believe the earth is flat have abandoned reason. They believe in
      impossible conspiracy theories. It is clear to see what the end-game of
      rejecting reality is. This is how cults work.

    1. For the record I’m against and believe in Geo-Engineerng and SRM and I’m
      under the notion that there are aerosol deployment programs occuring

    1. And telling someone to be close-minded is open-minded. And settling on one
      being either is close-minded. And settling on the fact you will never be
      too much one or the other is REALLY close-minded! Aaaarrrgghhh!!!
      Triggered!! Triggered!! Triggered!!!!!

    2. +gear head9186 I was commenting on one of the “most” common deceptions of
      argument. No need for the triggering, lol.

  2. why get so imotional bout what he believes, dnt give me wrong ii know the
    earth is round by observation on how the earh behaves sea lvl on and on.
    but if he believes its flat big deal.. so he has a lotbof influence and can
    get others thinking like him. well mabe they deserve to think like him if
    they believe him. how is that going to destroy the earth? wars are
    destroying the earth with all these spycos in power. pushing viganisim is
    an honorable role/action your taking and ii respect you for it. however
    there’s way bigger fish to fry than him and even biger to burn.

  3. the thing Tim is trying to get at and the thing you miss is that you
    personally have no evidence as to the earths shape, if the Holocaust
    happened, etc. Other than evidence given to you which could of been fake. I
    don’t believe that this is happening but I also don’t deny it like most

    a great example is last thursdayism. there is no evidence to disprove that
    everything wasnt created last thursday. look it up.

    1. +LuRockz I said I don’t believe in any of it. I just understand people that

      There is no evidence to disprove that everything was no created last

      North Korea is actually a great example. The people in there have been
      fooled into believing a lot of what we know is bullshit. And im sure they
      have been given “evidence” especially in the form of stories. So whats
      stopping all of us from being fooled into believing stuff that we have no
      evidence of apart from photos, videos and stories. People in North Korea
      probably believe they are free and that their leader is amazing.

    2. +Ascendz Ryan
      “I said I don’t believe in any of it. I just understand people that do.”

      They believe in these things because their skepticism and doubt has lead
      them too far astray, and with a little convincing, they’ve lost it. I
      understand people that believe in bullshit too, but what brand of bullshit
      and how far down the barrel is to be determined through research on their
      bullshit. Understanding them isn’t hard, infact, I understood that with
      little to no effort.

      “There is no evidence to disprove that everything was no created last
      This is called *The Burden of Proof fallacy*, watch me do it too: “There is
      no evidence to disprove that you don’t have a horde of gremlins under your
      bed that cannot be detected by any means, but are responsible for only your
      family’s misfortunes.”

      “North Korea’s population has been fooled to believe in a lot of bullshit”

      North Korea has very limited freedoms, we on the other hand, do *NOT*. This
      is what separates us from them, we do not live under a strict dictatorship
      in which our ideas are molded and fabricated.

      A video exposing the government would not last a minute in North Korea,
      whilst a video “exposing” our government would last years and even thrive
      off of the “muh skeptikal tinhat” community.

      People once in position (CIA, FBI, Jewish “career actors as you fucks would
      call them”, etc.) are capable of coming out and exposing fraudulent ideas
      after they have reached an old age where they would die soon anyway. All of
      those old people who have told their story about living through the
      holocaust (call them career actors for this particular situation), they are
      *OLD*, they will *DIE SOON*, why don’t they come out and expose that the
      holocaust is all just a lie?

      Same goes for NASA workers and all the other employed space explorative

    3. +Wishez I cannot stand by to see false ideas spread, it makes me livid.
      This is the internet, things get a little bit off the rails, bad ideas are
      shot down daily, maybe you should go smoke a bowl and not read a
      controversial comment section if they bother you.

  4. We all know the only reason why VG keeps making videos agains TS is because
    Jasmin is in love with TS as he’s more spiritual. Lol

    1. Pretty obvious that’s what’s going on here. Tim is better looking AND more
      popular. Gains is SO jealous that he’s making pro-vaccine videos while
      still claiming to be vegan LOL

    2. +blakmira Maybe he’s making responses because TS is a complete nut case and
      he’s afraid that people will listen to TS and think he speaks for the vegan
      community in general. Which would make us all uneducated nut cases.

  5. You can’t promote the science and research that proves a plant based diet
    is superior, but then go on to deny all other science and research.
    Sometimes the only thing I have in common with other vegans is just being
    vegan …

  6. I am now a subscriber. Your material in the past has been alright but I
    respect that you are out to end stupidity. Vegan or Not. Keep up the good

    1. In a world full of people thinking they’re right when clearly there is
      something wrong with the environment which we’re responsible for
      creating… ? Bruh, you can’t end the buffoonery. We all in the same slate
      together, except we’re looking outside ourselves when the truth is inside
      ourselves. Why? ‘Cos we’re told to. Huh.

  7. Why are you taking what he says so seriously? It was an open minded
    conversation. An intelligent person realises there could be more beyond our



    It’s a very primitive thing to seek a community, a tribe, but some of you
    have to understand that this is NOT a community. Eric Dubay is your well
    known tinfoil hat wearing charlatan, and the holocaust just has too much
    overlying evidence to brush over and just say, yeah it’s fake because I
    watched a holohaux video hhhe.

    Bad ideas are *NOT* safe from criticism and if you came here for an echo
    chamber, you’re fucking delusional.

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