Upper Body Workout Bench Press Gains!

The bench press use to be one of my weakest lifts but now it is quickly becoming one of my strongest.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Upper Body Workout Bench Press Gains!

The bench press use to be one of my weakest lifts but now it is quickly becoming one of my strongest.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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63 thoughts on “Upper Body Workout Bench Press Gains!

  1. Every time I feel down in the dumps and feel like there is no purpose in life, I get a notification saying that vegan gains uploaded a new video. Thank you for giving me a reason to not blow my brains out man

    1. I do have two of them and here in Austria you normally walk with special mountain/trekking-shoes on the mountains, I do use my five-fingers and when you walk a mountain for the first time you get hell of a sore because you have to walk totally different and strengthen a lot of muscle tissue that is barely used with normal shoes.

    2. Graa i have sum , had em for years and love them. Wear em when hiking, swimming so i dont have to switch shoes (they can get wet)

  2. It’s called internal rotation of the shoulders , your chest and front delts are pulling your shoulders forward and inside because your rear delts are weak ! The way you fix that : Focus on the rear delts and make them stronger !

  3. You’re juicing. 235 lbs after 10 years of vegan gains is plain weak but from 185 to 235 in a few months is shady.

    1. He was a ballerina and now on the needle. He’s still a ballerina mentally wise that’s why his girlfriend (sorry man-wife) seems to have a higher testosterone level than him. By the way, you should go brush your teeth, your breath smells of cum.

    1. hey bro and coz i go to the gym and stuff so i watch these types of people, you lift too dont you?

    1. I don’t associate with people like you in reality. I can’t abide you. People who talk like you make me shudder because you’re socially stupid and constantly in need of showing people that you’re better than them in some way because your self-esteem is so deeply low. The way you talk isn’t the way decent human beings associate with each other. Literally this is a waste of time. Go and annoy someone your own age instead of trying to score points off middle-aged men.

    2. Whats wrong buddy, gotta write a long paragraph to pretend you are intelligent? What university did you go to, ya liberal cuck.
      Don’t worry, the conservative movement is rising, and soon within them we will revolutionize this world.

    3. Honest Man military and safety engineering here, what about you? 8grade like Vegangains? i bet you google your “science” and “knowledge” like every vegan uneducated braindamaged prick

    4. I’m not even arguing with you. You’ve come on someone’s channel to tell them how weak they are instead of offering advice and/or encouragement. That says it all to me.

    5. Honest Man this dude want to kill children and he is a fuking psychopat….and you mad because we called him weak.. great proof of stupidity

  4. Dumbell rows give you an insane pump? Well try cheat dumbell rows then or better yet, try rack pull above the knee which is INSANE for the upper back AND traps, Rack pulls above the knee is a very underrated lift that yields insane gains, its like pull ups+shrugs on roids.

    1. zukodude487987 You AlphaDestiny guys are starting to get ridiculous with these fucked up lifts…

    2. zukodude487987 I like Blaha, and I like Alex. That doesn’t mean they are free from the criticism of their supporters, myself included.

  5. You may want to get checked for scoliosis. People with scoliosis have muscle imbalances and hard time with bench pressing

    1. I think I might have very minor kyphosis. My spine sticks out a little more than normal on my upper back. Pretty sure I don’t scoliosis, I got checked for it in my early teens.

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