Vegan Gains Worst Of The Worst

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According to some I'm the worst of the worst.

Reg Flower's video:
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Poltergeist soundscape:

Vegan Gains Worst Of The Worst

According to some I'm the worst of the worst.

Reg Flower's video:
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Poltergeist soundscape:

74 thoughts on “Vegan Gains Worst Of The Worst

    1. Anthony S So first I was Muslim and now I’m Mexican? But yes, I would love a taco, with an extra scoop of meat please.

    2. I love Puebla. It’s one of my favorite cities in Mexico. I also have spent a good deal of time in Cuernavaca and Obviously DF, which is no longer DF, yes?

    1. agreed. His skits are now gold. In fact i would say that imo all aspects of his videos have been consistently improving video after video since i started watching a few years back.

    1. Do it man! Don’t listen to these guys. Do make sure you do your research though. Don’t go into it blindly or you will most likely fail.

  1. Reg flowers should not have went after vegan gains considering vegan gains has the facts, is a savage, and will prove you wrong. Hopefully the flower guy learns his lesson and doesn’t make another fucking video.

    1. Oh you goddam stupid sonofabitch you, you hid behind this phone long enough why doncha get in your shitty pickup and drive down here lemme beat the hell outta you and maybe you’ll be satisfied

    2. Come and get me. You can do that! Hey, bring your telephone with you… and you can hide behind it while I beat your goddamn head soft.

    1. uck You Lol “satire”. Vagina gains is pretty bad at it and whenever he does so he really does show his true colours as a psychopathic fucktard. Filthy frank on the other hand is easily identifiable as satire and irony.

    1. +justanotherutuber3 because its awkward and annoying? And he isn’t a ‘bit close’ his fucking breath is fogging up the camera

    2. So you fucking speak with people in real life like that too,they’re in your face fucking spiting on you,i don’t know about you but i talk normally with my friends where we don’t touch our cheeks in a conversation.

    1. Kreig: no voice, i wont kill mr Stevenson!
      Inner Voice: but he isn’t innocent.
      Kreig: i cant hear you!

  2. a couple of days a guy at work said that it is good to eat meat from cows because their farts are bad for the environment. funny what kind of excuses people find to justify eating meat

    1. Mudvein lmao fat fucks like him are exactly the reason why so many cows are being bred, thus why its bad for the environment.

    2. How can someone’s ignorance be able to continue the suffering and killings of people? How is this allowed ?and yes people meaning cows

    1. Yo you call yourself vegan, but you keep raping people with your logical arguments. Yo bruhh stop hurting their feelings. #PlantsHaveEmotionsTooAndTheyWritePoems

    2. Vegan Gains yeah thats great actually. just the cow in that ad is so ironically funny. I really appreciate what you do. I hope you are surrounded by loving people and get all the support needed.

    1. Scott Gay stupid people believe themselves to be smarter than they actually are. they have the audacity, not logic

  3. Richard, have you ever heard of Claudio Bertonatti? He’s a naturalist from Argentina. I came a across this LinkedIn article titled “The Confusion of Veganism.” He claims that eating a plant-based diet will not prevent the death of animals and that vegans still contribute to the death of animals through indirect means.

    1. That’s like saying not killing people does not prevent the death of people and everyone contributes to the death of other people through indirect means. Absolutely meaningless statement.

    2. forgotmynamification The Meat, Egg and Dairy Industry works on a supply/demand basis, so that loss of profit from non-vegans going vegan and the increase and expansion in vegan alternatives does help. As for the indirect harm, merely being a human is exploitative. There’s no way around it. Living in a house, having running water, electricity, it all leaves a footprint. The point of veganism is to reduce that to the best of our ability, and we know dietary means is one of the, if not the, most easily controlled source of suffering we can obliterate. That guy can eat a bowl of dicks. ???

    1. How many black men do you know that willfully point on dumbass SJWs? It’s not a Streisand effect when Vegan Gains clearly intentionally attacks the illogical values that SJWs believe in. You’re absolutely asinine to think that this is any way a benefit for social justice or any leftist??

    2. @TheGareBear: I was speaking more in general about channels that constantly whine about “SJWs.” And most black men I know, both online and IRL, actually have real concerns, interests, and issues or make videos about either real problems in the world or comedy or something similar. And do you know what the Streisand Effect refers to?

  4. Social justice is a backwards concept anyway. Of course lazy and ignorant people will want to reap the rewards of other people’s labor. Socialism eradicates individual justice.

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