Vegan Scum: Plant Eats Part 1

Plant Eats is a vegan youtuber who slanders animal activists over petty jealousy and attention.

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Vegan Scum: Plant Eats Part 1

Plant Eats is a vegan youtuber who slanders animal activists over petty jealousy and attention.

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89 thoughts on “Vegan Scum: Plant Eats Part 1

    1. +VeganRevolution People like you are the reason I disassociate myself from the label ‘vegan’. Absolutely idiotic and embarrassing behaviour.

    2. Also, PJW is not all bad, he isn’t really a sidekick he knows AJ is just an actor selling fear-porn. PJW has some good videos on migrants, islam, celebs, sjw-s, but that’s about it.

    3. Proof positive vegan youtube is primarily made up of a bunch of B12 deficient attention seeking hobnobs. All you ever do is suck your own dicks and alienate every other sane person contemplating veganism.

    4. even if hiler may have been vegetearian for the last few years of his life(some accounts dispute this) he was never vegan. veganism did not exist until a year b4 his death(Doubtful he evereven heard the word vegan) and vegetarianism is nowhere close to veganism if you understand what vegaism is.

    1. Led Samsung you know nothng of the history of veganism if you think it’s not about animals. from the very first issue of The Vegan News in 1944:

      The unquestionable cruelty associated with the production of dairy produce has made it clear that lacto-vegetarianism is but a half-way house between flesh-eating and a truly humane, civilised diet, and we think, therefore, that during our life on earth we should try to evolve sufficiently to make the ‘full journey’.

      We can see quite plainly that our present civilisation is built on the exploitation of animals, just as past civilisations were built on the exploitation of slaves, and we believe the spiritual destiny of man is such that in time he will view with abhorrence the idea that men once fed on the products of animals’ bodies. Donald Watson

    2. that guy Donald Watson wanted veganism to be a diet. That’s why he quit the vegan society after creating it. At best, it’s a healthy diet. Except it isn’t for everyone.

    3. that guy
      Oh u again, the frustrated wannabe expert in science but only knew LIBERAL ARTS. LOL
      U see how stupid u r. Ur spitting shi8t again. LOL

    1. +True Darkness <--- the sort of vegan that's always breathing down other vegans necks to see if sus is 'really vegan'. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back.

    2. it’s boring. I want vlogs, my sweet boy Jasmine, what I ate today,and how rabbits and dogs shitted all their apartment

  1. When a vegan gets to the point of doing harm to the vegan movement for their own personal “fame and glory”, that is just sad

    1. Lichtblick I asked him for 50 push ups which I did & he is yet to put up! I guest he can’t get his little wankers from the keyboard!

    1. Dylan Griggs Please back up your claim he’s a homophobe. He works amazingly hard at delivering correct nutrition information supporting vegans and I’m incredibly thankful for him

  2. 10:40 – Hahaha yeah, he called that ‘Fitness Perfection’ dude a “genuinely concerned fan.”
    Either he is deliberately lying or doesn’t check the “info” he gives out at all. Either way – it’s idiotic.

    I used to be subscribed to him for some reason and watched every now and then, but his recent “call outs” were just showing how pathetic he is.
    According to him being a fulltime activist who dedicates his/her time to spreading a good message is less worthy of being able to live off of, than a grocery market employee or a banker.

    1. I know you stole “pragmatic” from me, too, dude. But I dont hate! ShitkhuntFC? I’ll take it!!
      Yeah Solipsism will make Eisel le Pew rage. It appeals to his pseudo-intellectual narcisscism 😉

  3. I’ll pop over to his channel dislike a few videos and make fun of his square head and Ken doll hairdoo while the kettle boils.

  4. Hey Richard I call you an idiot even though you have severe mental problems. Does that reflect poorly on my character?

    You have great character though. Making snuff of your grandfather’s death to post on the internet.

    You were posting that video to show what meat does people. Now you have to show us what veganism does to people. You need to make a video of your hemorrhoid ridden anus spewing blood out with exertion until your anus prolapses into a rosebud that jasmine has force back in with a plunger while wearing a gasmask to block out the vile odor of your putrid vegan gi tract that he says she has to quarantine the bathroom after because veganism is good.

    It would be the only honest option at this point.

  5. This shithead with the ill-fitting Clark Kent glasses pisses me off so much that every time he touches them I want to stick my thumbs in his eyes. He is the *VOICE of TREASON*

    1. Yootoober 95 You mean because it’s the meaning of life? The continuation of life is the real meaning of life, otherwise life would not exist. ?????

    2. Yootoober 95 getting checked up isn’t even comparable to a vasectomy(the closest comparison would probably be a guy getting his prostate checked which doesn’t result in any pain, permanent sterilisation or anything. It’s just awkward). There’s a list of different complications that all cause a lot of pain both short and long term. A guy I know had one and regretted it as he said if he knew it was going to be that painful he wouldn’t have had one.

      Now obviously it’s not bad for some and extremely bad for other with complications. The chances of a complication are really high btw, large risk.

      Kids are a good thing; obviously not young making terrible life decisions but in general having kids is a really good thing.

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