VeganCheetah Abused His Girlfriend

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Charlie just recently had a messy breakup with his girlfriend but it looks like he's trying to hide the ugly truth.

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Charlie's video:
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VeganCheetah Abused His Girlfriend

Charlie just recently had a messy breakup with his girlfriend but it looks like he's trying to hide the ugly truth.

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Charlie's video:
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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41 thoughts on “VeganCheetah Abused His Girlfriend

    1. Jasmine Hope Borland they’re both abusive. I know guys with abusive girlfriends too. they’re extremely childish.

    2. Jasmine Hope Borland actually, that “poor girl” is the abusive, she tries to be the victim but she isn’t, neither is vegancheetah, but Elena is the worse.

    3. She wished a painful death upon his already deceased mother and called an African american lady the “n” word and other racial slurs. Neither is innocent.

    1. +Blackbean Burger why do so people like you get so protective over women? I see women slapping, shoving and pouring drinks on men all the time yet nothing happens to those women…why are women entitled to special treatment?

  1. Thank you for making this video. Well done! So glad u r calling him out on his manipulation and bullshit.

    1. You need to make videos. You’re so funny witty and hot. Lots has been happening on vegan social media. LOTS

    1. +gisforgary Richard clearly doesn’t have ASPD. He has empathy. He does care. He has his issues for sure but he’ll overcome them, underneath the bullshit, he’s a good dude. With Cheetah, I see no evidence that he was BPD. He doesn’t have abandonment issues, he doesn’t have identity issues. He does have a lot of symptoms of NPD, that’s true, but I would say it’s more likely he has ASPD than NPD, although it could be either. Certainly not BPD though.

  2. I don’t believe women who make abuse claims unless there’s solid evidence. Too many women lie for sympathy, manipulation, attention, revenge…

    1. LeDubKitty Maybe he thinks Charlie is lying the entire video was about Charlie’s account of events not hers.

    2. There are different kinds and levels of abuse. We have an admission (which is solid evidence) that he spit in her face…among other things. You don’t do that for any reason in a relationship. That’s abuse.

    3. +LeDubKitty ‘But I think it’s kinda fucked up to say you don’t believe them unless there’s proof’ – innocent until proven guilty…oh and too many women do lie about being abused/raped.

  3. “Yes I spat in her face, yes I put my hands on her and dragged her through my home, yes I poured beer on her” anyone that still supports him after he made these comments need a psychiatric evaluation. Richard he doesn’t do it because he knows he can get away with it. He does it because he hates women, he thinks he’s better than them and that they deserve this kind of behaviour.

    1. I think you’re being illogical, Ezra Moon. That persond didn’t say they don’t have self control, he said people don’t have the willpower not to snap in these kinds of situations and I tend to agree. Most people don’t. They don’t wanna call the cops because they can “sort this out between themselves”. You know that’s true.

      He doesn’t hate women IMO. It seems to me you hate men and like to project your own insecurities and prejudices onto him because he fits your stereotype of an assholish guy. I think he’s telling the truth.
      You’ve obviously been burnt by a guy who lost his cool or something, otherwise you wouldn’t immediately side with her. Well, you’re a woman, and women tend to side with other women’s opinions. I’m not being sexist, I’m just saying. It’s true.

    2. Ezra Moon You saying that says that your emotions just prevented you from acting logically. You just killed your own argument, that was fucking amazing. I’m amazed at the level of cognitive dissonance you possess.

  4. She seems every bit as “abusive” as him. You can tell by the way she’s literally screaming like a toddler she’s fucking insane. Don’t stoop to his level VG. This is not some one-sided abuse situation and you know that. Yes he’s slandered you in the past but you’re better than that.

    1. +fk humanity it happens a lot in domestic violence cases, both are the abusive ones and take turns playing the victim.

    2. Maybe she’s “screaming like a toddler” because he abused her and she was abused before? I don’t think screaming in response to being abused makes one “fucking insane”. I don’t know, just a thought.

      “This is not some one-sided abuse situation and you know that.”

      And VG and you “know” that this is two sided with absolutely no evidence whatsoever? Interesting…

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