What Am I Building?

I'm building something big!

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What Am I Building?

I'm building something big!

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outro: Beef by KRS-One
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82 thoughts on “What Am I Building?

    1. Actually, by the very definition of veganism, using wood from forests causes deforestation and unnecessary sentient deaths when companies send workers to plow over the area with big scary machines. Think of how scared those baby animals will be when they’re separated from their mothers! You vegans are the dumbest cult ever invented.

  1. Hey @Vegan Gains richard, Ive been vegan for about 2 months now. I have more energy and improved my bench by 10 kilos, TY for teaching me the vegan path

    1. SnubieZ jajajajajajauajajauajajajajajajajajajaj hohohohoho you are full idiot sounds so funny lovely touch hahah

  2. 14 seconds in and hearing the 80’s porn music and I’ve already figured it out. Mobile rotating fidget spinner triple tip dildo mount for your vegan leather suit gimp nights with the husband.

    1. Paul Olsen
      normally i dont like these type of race baity comments but i laughed so hard that i would feel bad not doing so

    1. But he’d have to save this dimensions animals first, unless he’s going to that dimension for help

  3. No grass, no fresh air, confined to a cage .. animals aren’t supposed to be in cages. Are you at least gonna adopt rather than finance the industry of reproducing bunnies?

    1. Jacob Schadler he keeps pandering to all jasmine wants. they should have waited until they have a garden to get a rabbit then they could build a large hutch with a large grass run. They are the most irresponsible pet owners. Considering they are supposedly vegan too it is unbelievable ?

    2. Can’t really argue against saving bunnies life even if they have to live in a cage. Most humans would rather get life in jail than a death penalty.

    3. I have a Flemish Giant and he has a luxurious cage, more of like a house but rabbit sized, as there is no wire netting. He can also walk out and walk into sand and grass and has all the room to run and dig in the sand and grass. He gets the best food and fresh water every day and I am sure he is one happy rabbit, at least he seems happy. It’s sad to keep rabbits in a cage in an appartement or any place where they can’t go out. I don’t believe Richard would do this, if it were not for his girlfriend. He probably knows well that it’s wrong.

    4. Rabbits are smaller than us, so a cage like that to them would be equivalent to about my room. I spend my whole life in my room, and I’m okay.

  4. I bet hes buidling a separate house for Bill Gates to live in so he doesnt have to hear someone play LoL all day.

  5. Keeping bunnies in a cage is fucked up, I really don’t like this. Poor bunnies will have to live most of their fucking lives in there.

    1. Jacob Schadler I thought Jasmine was alright before. If she really did decide and or influence this, I really don’t like her now.

    2. +WilfredINK well the bunnies are going to get murdered if they don’t take them. It’s a decision between keeping them in the house and putting them out in a park somewhere. But who knows the situation in toronto with animal control. They might be trying to get rid of all their bunnies. I feel like this bunny house might be okay if they can let them out of there every so often, but we’ll see how they manage that with the dogs.

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