What I Ate Today – Belgian Junk Food

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Today I went to downtown Antwerp to try out some Belgian junk food (Vegan of course). It's pretty easy being vegan in Belgium.

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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What I Ate Today - Belgian Junk Food

Today I went to downtown Antwerp to try out some Belgian junk food (Vegan of course). It's pretty easy being vegan in Belgium.

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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69 thoughts on “What I Ate Today – Belgian Junk Food

  1. I honestly can’t help but laugh at the vegans that actually think there
    doing something good for the world

    1. You aren’t saving any animals. That’s just a nice little fairy tale vegans
      like to believe in their head to think they’re doing something good. That
      cow that could have been killed for you will just be killed for someone
      else. That’s life boys and girls.

  2. Vegan Gainz when will you try the Ethiopian Crackhead diet? M’Tard has been
    on it and has some real serious Gain. Over 25% BF!!! It piss

    1. ik weet niet zeker, maar als je geloof mij niet kan mijn niet schelen, ik
      weet mijn nederlands is slecht maar sommige mensen wie woon in nederland
      spreek bijna geen nederland (zoals in amsterdam toch, ) ik wil beter leren
      in de toekomst

    2. Believe me when I say there are no Vegan places that serve Vegan
      bitterballen, Bami and the fries aren’t Vegan either

    3. AHH SO MANY LETTER ICONS in the comment section
      And you can get vegan ones (= Just cause you live in Belgium doesn’t mean
      all the restaurants serve the same food.

  3. Jasmine, take off your glasses and rub the lens with your pinkie twice in
    the next vid if VG is beating you.

    1. +Yassir Harit Figures the person who has a kid is advocating child birth.
      Cancer. Vegan Gains had a vasectomy anyways because he knows (I’m assuming)
      of how stupid of a choice it is to create new life.

    2. +livingstonem10 What’s wrong with having a child if I and my partner can
      take the responsibility? You must be very insecure and anxious to have such
      a dark mentality.

    1. I think it’s fair to say that most healthy vegan food resembles peasant
      food. That’s how I feel anyway with most of my dishes. It’s mainly a one
      bowl affair and it’s usually stodge. This makes me feel like I’m doing
      something right though – the kings and queens throughout history usually
      went down with a bad bout of arse cancer.

      My one bowls taste bloody tasty as well (in spite of appearances).

    2. +bert or maybe care enough about animals not to make them suffer?
      vegan food is bad because there isnt such a big demand of it, if we were
      all vegans, believe me most foods would be amazing (not that they arent rn)

    3. +Itwaz Itis if the food is tasty and healthy that’s all that really
      matters. My food isn’t always the nicest looking. But who cares. I am not
      cooking food at a fine restaurant. Really I would bet that most home cooked
      food isn’t that special looking.

  4. What’s with all the plastic water bottles? If you’re trying to get people
    to go vegan you should also make sure not to promote plastic as plastic
    waste kills millions of animals every year and harvesting the oil is
    actually the cause of a lot of sea animal death too. Not saying you
    shouldn’t use plastic as obviously that’s nearly impossible in the modern
    world, but everyone knows about metal and glass water bottles that you can
    use over and over for the rest of your life even. Check out the doc Plastic

    1. +Vegan Gains A better option would be those large 5 gallon jugs. That’s a
      bit more environmentally friendly than small bottles.

    2. +Vegan Gains Belgian tap water is clean, if you’re worried about it you can
      get a filter to put on the tap.

  5. I really think people are just making comments about her because it’s the
    cool thing to do now. There’s nothing masculine about her features or her
    body. She looks no more masculine than any other woman you see on the
    street. I seriously don’t get it.

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