What I Ate Today Starting A Diet

Since summer is coming I've decided to start a diet. I am however still planning on making gains in the gym and hitting PR's every week.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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What I Ate Today Starting A Diet

Since summer is coming I've decided to start a diet. I am however still planning on making gains in the gym and hitting PR's every week.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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72 thoughts on “What I Ate Today Starting A Diet

    1. If you are bed ridden for days please explain how that is not celiac? Typical gluten intolerance is described as people simply feeling bloated, fatigued (not to that level), and noticing added inflammation in their body through such things as joint aches. Being bed ridden from gluten is literally what happens when people with celiac eat it.

    2. It’s still possible I guess, but I haven’t been diagnosed after visiting several doctors. They just diagnosed me with severe gluten intolerance. I’ve been screened, I don’t have the typical genes for it, I didn’t have the characteristic intestinal damage, no one in my family has ever had it, blood work showed no signs of autoimmune disease, etc.

      The gluten free community online, however, is like 80% people who are either misdiagnosed or do not have Celiac disease, and many have the same symptoms I do. My husband ate gluten all the time before meeting me. He’s been gluten free for over 2 years now but just the other day accidentally got contaminated at work and felt sick the whole day. He obviously doesn’t tolerate it anymore.

      It’s just annoying to read people with no personal experience tell the hundreds of people their illness, which they deal with every day, doesn’t exist just because some studies say so. Obviously there’s something to it when people swear by the fact that gluten of any kind makes them terribly sick. Proteins, and how our bodies react to certain types, are very complicated and doctors are learning more every day.

    3. There’s only two reasons to avoid gluten:

      1. You have an actual disease that makes you sick/dead when you eat gluten

      2. You’re a complete idiot that believes every fad that you see

  1. Were any of your comments deleted by Vegan Gains?
    Were you shadowbanned?
    Share your experiences here (Before he deletes it.)

    1. _DackJaniels_

      You make far too many false and baseless assumptions for me to have any kind of civilised discussion with you.

    2. _DackJaniels_

      bro ur getting angry and emotional over a strangers comments on the internet sit back and reflect on that please

  2. Na Leute, was geht so ab? Wieso habt ihr diesen Kanal abonniert? Ich habe ihn abonniert um etwas über Ernährung zu lernen!

    1. lol why are you stuck in the 1800, you fucking man child. He does groceries because HE CAN. a partnership is not mother/child relationship part deux.

    2. mightytaiger to be fair, that didn’t stop until around the 1950’s the point is completely relevant though.

  3. I know you do bodybuilding but you seem ridiculously obsessed with protein. You truly do not need an insane amount of protein. You also eat the most bland meals ever.

    1. Yeah, that is what I meant. Protein powder, kale, lentils, and fried plantains can be good, once in a while, or with other things, but just that three times a day? Anyway he has subsequently uploaded a video explaining the 180 grams of protein (about 30 percent of calories) here, and possibly the added coconut oil (about 15 percent of calories here from just coconut oil). I don’t think the underlying evidence is strong enough and in that video he even emphasizes the need for carbs, and you can’t have it both (or should I say three) ways, but ok he on a “cut”.

    2. Weinhold Don’t harsh him man, he’s vegan isn’t that what matters? I pay no attention to protein myself, but there’s no sense in criticizing others for eating lots of vegan protein.

  4. You have opened my eyes to how healthy a vegan idea is yes you come of strong but in the end I know you mean well lol

  5. If i recall right, you used to eat lots of veggies/fruit and no protein powder. But now you’re drinking 100g of protein powder and alot of hight protein foods. What happen? was the whole “you dont need that much protein” bs? what made you change so much?

    1. Tired Ric Might remember it wrong but he said he focuses more on weightlifting and stopped mma therefore less cardio+ more Protein dueing a cut helps to supress appetite

    2. hes bulking aka trying to put on more muscle which requires adequate protein intake. Before the protein increase he was heavily into cycling and other types of cardio which requires adequate carbohydrates. It really isn’t difficult to see that his changing diet is tailored to his change in training

    3. Richard probably weighs 90-95kg lean, and an athlete needs 1.4-2 grams of protein for lean body mass. At max he would need 190g’s, and minimum 126g’s. I’d say it’s over what he needs but who knows.

    4. when you are on the gas and make a ton of muscles without eating a large amount of protein you can claim that you don’t need a lot of proteins to gain muscle and your manipulations are successful because the average human being is superficial.

      He obviously cycled off and doesn’t want to recycle for whatever reason (probably in his videos where he talks about his mental health problems btw). So he upped the protein intake to compensate the lose of muscle. You can clearly see what I’m referring to in this picture for example.


  6. So your girlfriend sits around and does nothing all day, while you bring the money home and hit the gym hard? That’s pathetic..

    1. – – He overeats. Even though it doesn’t necessarily manifest as a weight problem for him, it’s still very taxing on the body to consume so much food. I know, I have been a skinny overeater my whole life. It’s not necessarily fun. It catches up to you.

  7. You could cook the lentils and make it into a soup with onion, garlic, spices, tomato. And if you wanted, you could slice the plantains thin and deep fry em to make plantain chips, but make sure the plantain isn’t ripe. Also kale could be ground up with lemon, garlic, spices, herbs, and made into a tabbouleh salad. Or I like to grind the kale and make falafel out of it.

    In case you wanted to switch up your menu a bit.

    1. Baked plantain chips taste better imo… but great suggestions. He used to make make great recipe vids but I’m sure he’s much busier now.

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