Will Rich Piana Wake Up?

It's starting to look like Rich Piana might not ever wake up.

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Will Rich Piana Wake Up?

It's starting to look like Rich Piana might not ever wake up.

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90 thoughts on “Will Rich Piana Wake Up?

    1. He is a vegan right now since he can’t eat or drink at all and If he stays i coma too long he’s gonna end up a vegetable.

    1. what about all the animals lives that were at stake that this mother fucker ate with no regard to ethics or the karma that he would bring upon himself.  also why are you so upset, do you also take a bunch of gear but think it does not have consequences? Keep sticking that needle in your buttcheek bro everything will be ok when you die before you hit your 50s

    2. LeN nie Interesting, I will. I do know that if you damage your brain with drugs or go through trauma the chemical imbalances can be very hard to correct; sometimes impossible.

    1. Iaqh I think it was one of the videos where they first met in belgium and she was laying down and he zoomed in lol

  1. His gf probably influenced him to take coke, to expedite his mortality. You know those cunts always trying to chase his money.

    1. triger1 girlfriends can get money, it depends how long they been together and other factors, it’s entirely possible.

  2. His heart got bigger due to Growth hormone abuse wich is a protein hormone and not a steroid.
    Rich said that he stopped using it, but the damage was done, and all the steroids abuse (Testosteron and others) the shitty diet did not help his already damage heart..

    1. Bubbl3Bubbl3gum thats true but its much more complicated than that. Heres an example.

      Your tongue is a muscle thats extremely heavily used…24 hours a day. When ur asleep, eating, talking etc. Yet while on steroids….do we get hypertrophy of the tongue?? No we dont. Why is that? Well, for the same reason that our hearts dont grow 8x the size when on heavy anabolics like our quads do. Androgen receptors are not equal through out the body. Usually the shoulders and traps have the densist collection of androgen receptors if im not mistaken. Which…in turn is the first body part that most people notice growth in other people who are using anabolics. And also, a body part that can get massively out of proportion in many many bodybuilders….to the point were ive heard of some pros only training delts once every 6 weeks.

    2. Vanilla Gorilla what I mean by enlarged heart is your heart may have to pump harder to deliver blood to the rest of your body, enlarging and thickening the muscle. High blood pressure can cause the left ventricle to enlarge, causing the heart muscle eventually to weaken.

    3. Vanilla Gorilla high blood pressure does cause what is called enlarged heart aka cardiomegaly. Left ventricular hypertrophy is also referred to as enlarged heart caused by high blood pressure so you sir are the idiot.

    1. Hey Richard, maybe god don’t exist in the way that most people think. But one thing that exists is good vibes, and you shouldn’t discourage people to sent some vibrations to the guy.

    1. Steve S he’s dead inside – he ate a lot more plant based but was too weak to admit it. Closet plant based Pete

    1. ady gombos u can easily disprove unicorns but u can’t God. There is a chance(however small) that past literature and claims about God have some merit. A unicorn and God is a false analogy.

    1. Kye Thompson Eggs are some of the best foods for going down well. I have a friend who got his esophagus and stomach destroyed from accidently swallowing acid and had major surgeries and one of the only thing he can eat is eggs. They slide down nice. I also heard a story about a guy who got brain damage from a car accident and got his senses all screwed up and all he eats is eggs because everything else makes him throw up, no joke. ditching meat and some dairy is one thing but eggs are awesome. that would be the only thing I couldn’t give up if I went vegan.

  3. I’m eating deep fried butter and deep fried steak coated in refined sugar right now. My goal is to get a heart disease.

    How well am I doing?

    1. Abs
      I really feel bad for you , dying at age 40 or 50 from health issues is not so sudden it is slow and painful for you and your loved ones. Besides living a vegan life style if far far more fun , fulfilling , flavorful and tasty.

    1. There’s really no need to feel bad. It’s entirely his own fault for being in this position. If he dies because of his shallow ways and vanity, no one should feel anything for him. A dreadful way to live.

    2. akroma12345678910 depends on the life you lived. Piana has had a way cooler, more fun life than I ever will. I’d rather die in my 40’s than live to 70 with a boring, normal life

    1. J Homosexuality has been proven to cause the most STDs. During the AIDS epidemic, it was mostly the gay community that had it and even now remains that way. The rectum isn’t lubricated and tears easily causing anal fissures, bleeding and infections, it is obvious using medical science to figure out that sodomy is unnatural and dangerous. The bible is against the practice of sodomy for one reason, and that’s that it is dangerous. There is no bigotry in facts and this also proves how ahead of its time these scriptures were.

    2. J Atheism has caused the most genocide and brutality in the world. Read this if you want to be educated.
      The Stalinist regime is one of the bloodiest in modern history and led to the entirety of the world being threatened by an autocracy armed with nuclear weapons and no qualms about brutal imprisonment and systematic slaughter of its own people. One of Stalin’s explicit aims was to eliminate organized religion and create an atheistic state.

      The majority of historical scholars assert that, despite his interest in the occult, Hitler was, in private correspondences, an atheist and one of his end goals was also the elimination of the church and either elimination of religion or subjugation under a faith that would better fit his survival of the fittest ethics. US military intelligence explicitly identifies this as an objective of the Nazi regime. I don’t think it’s necessary to go into the details of what Hitler’s ideals enacted.

      The French Revolution is one of the bloodiest periods of political upheaval in European history and the leading figures sought to eliminate the influence of religion in France entirely, leading to an atheistic state under Napoleon that sought to replace the notion of anything divine with a praise of humanity and human wisdom.

      There are further examples, but the point is: Yes, absolutely there are many atrocities enacted in the name of this or that religion. But A: The vast majority of such are based in a corruption of the actual religious tenants they purport to be representing (here, I’m speaking with most knowledge of Christian atrocities and tenants, as that is the tradition I am most familiar with) and B: I argue that these conflicts are largely a result of fundamental human vice and manipulation rather than actual, genuine enactment of a faith (as evidenced by atrocities enacted by those with no religious scapegoat or personal faith used).

      I just fear it’s short sighted to mistake the relatively recent (in the scheme of history) rise in atheism and agnosticism and relatively few opportunities (again, in the scheme of history) that atheistic and agnostic individuals have had to lead major powers for evidence that religion is the sole or even central cause of human conflict ascribed to religion rather than the hunger for resources and power sought to be thinly justified under religion.

      Additionally, it’s also worth noting that religious entities have founded and comprise the majority of charitable entities in the world. The vast majority of original hospitals, at least in the West, were founded with religious aims and bear religious names today. Most of the first universities were founded as an outgrowth of seminary or other religious training. I don’t nearly expect you to agree with me, but I would challenge you to look further beyond the easy answer that autocrats and dictators would like you to believe (as it validates their weak attempts at justification), that authentic religion is simply the reason for these acts of cruelty.

      I know that was long and rambling, but if you read through to the end, regardless of what you think of the thoughts, I appreciate it! 🙂

    3. Dillon, here’s the disproof of god’s existence. Just a bit of trivia before I fucking destroy you though: Science proves positive claims, logic and metaphysics proves negative claims.

      1. If that which begins to exists began to exist from nothing, then that which began to exist can have no cause of its existence.

      P1′: argument against creatio ex nihilo

      1.1. Necessarily, causes are affective iff they are acting upon things which are in existence.
      1. 11. Things which do not exist have no potency and cannot be caused to do anything.

      1.2. The cause of ex nihilo creation is causally affective on no existing properties or potentiality

      1.3. Therefore, there can be no affect of ex nihilo causation.

      1.4. If there can be no affect of ex nihilo causation, then that which begins to exist from nothing cannot have a cause

      1.5. Therefore, that which begins to exist from nothing cannot have a cause of its existence.

      2. The universe began to exist from nothing.

      2.1. Argument against an actual infinity
      2.2 argument against the infinitude of the past
      2.3 argument for the biblical doctrine of the sole ultimate reality and source of all contingency
      2.4 Scientific argument for the standard model of the universe
      2.5 scientific argument from the nature of the singularity as a mathematical limit
      2.6 conjunction of (2.5 and 2.6) into an argument for the beginning from nothing.

      3. Therefore, the universe has no cause of its existence.

      2. Argument from the finitude of time

      1. If a certain property of a being changes, then there exists time.
      2. God having chosen to create the universe is necessarily a property.
      3. Necessarily, for god to freely choose to create, the property of God’s not having chosen to create must change to a property of having chosen to create.
      4. therefore, for god to freely choose to create, there must exist time.
      5. Time did not exist prior to gods creation of time.
      6. therefore, god could not have chosen to create the universe.
      7. it is necessary for any being with free will to choose to do an action for the action or effect to occur.
      8. therefore, god could not have created the universe.
      9. if god could not have created the universe, then god does not exist.
      10. therefore, god does not exist.

      Now, go read a book, you spastic.

    4. K. Welcher, good point. i believe it’s more likely to happen in childhood, kids having a hard time overcoming the trauma. most gay people in my neighborhood attend church, despide church itself rejecting them as a new gender, some others just have or had bad parents

    5. Way to just copy and paste a theory from a neo science website. I hope your happy you just wasted your time, because I am.

    1. on a free speech website complaining about a form of free speech.. the irony. get off the internet mark. its not for you.

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